We have almost reached the 70th Anniversary of that day on December 7th, 1946, when Mother Trinidad, at the calling of God at the age of 17, consecrated herself to God forever. We warmly invite all of you to join us in our thanksgiving to the Infite God for all that He has done in the soul of His “little One” for the good of the Church and for the greater Glory of God!

Let us also commend Mother Trinidad to the Lord in our prayers, she who being now an elderly person and 87 years old, keeps on repeating with the same intensity as she did then -or even more- those same words she said at the very moment when she surrendered herself to God; words which she has been continuously uttering ever since then and throughout her whole life:


We will offer you now an extract taken from one of her letters where she herself recounts what took place on that very day:



     «[…] I shall begin by reminding you yet again of what it was like for me, only seventeen years of age, on the eve of the day of the Immaculate Conception; when, being with my brother Antonio in our family shoe shop in Dos Hermanas, at noon, as the bells rang announcing the feast of the Immaculate Conception, my soul, for the first time in my life, felt totally invaded by God; with such a powerful presence of on High, that I thought I would die of love and pain.

   Of love for God, who swept into my poor and limited soul with the power of His presence in irresistible force, choosing me from that moment on to be solely and exclusively for Him.

     I recall that the atmosphere of God’s closeness was so powerful, that, without ever having perceived Him, I was certain that it was the very God, flooding me with His presence, He who swept upon me to possess me totally, and from that moment on I would give myself to Him exclusively, to fulfil His eternal plans for me.

     In such a way, that I did not know whether I was in Heaven or on earth, because I felt as if I was outside myself, and flooded, invaded and carried away by the immensity and greatness of Infinite Might, Who sealed my soul branding it with the demand and stamp of being solely and exclusively for Him; separating me completely from everything earthly, and choosing me to be His, exclusively His!, to the praise of His glory which He was demanding from me in this way, and which was making me die of delight and pain.

inmaculada     Of delight, because of the supernatural nature of what was happening to me; and of suffering, because of repentance for my past life, which made me promise God with all the strength of my being that I would be His for all of my life, totally His!

     Thus I was weeping at length and bitterly for my sins, promising Him that I would never offend Him again; whilst I felt myself dying of delight because of the extraordinary presence of God that was permeating everything.

     ¡And this was the eve of the Immaculate Virgin!

I spent that day more in Heaven than on earth, as I have already told you on other occasions.

And the following day, during the celebration of the Holy Mass at nine in the morning in my Town’s parish church, I consecrated myself to God for all of my life, before the image of the Immaculate Virgin, that was on the High Altar.

I want to communicate to you, beloved sons, that from the eve of that day, and for a whole month, I lived under such a powerful presence of God in my whole being, that, setting me aside from everything that had been created, God was with me in my heart, in my soul, enfolding my whole being; and I was dwelling with Him and in Him, and He, with me and in me.

I will not go on any longer, because all of you, very beloved sons, know well what happened to me on this day, because of the accounts I have given in various ways; although I shall never be able to forget the eve of the Immaculate Conception of 1946, and the actual day of the Immaculate Conception, the day of the Queen of Heaven, Mother of the Church and Queen of the Universe, and Mother of all men because of being the Mother of God and Mother of the Church”.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia