“Could ever a mother forget about her own children or not feel moved to compassion for those very children of her motherly entrails?” And if any of those children, eventually, falls gravely sick, what would her compassion be then? The Holy Mother Church abhors sin and the terrible evil it entails in God’s light, yet with heartfelt tenderness and affection loves every sinner with a motherly heart. The Church, with the same wisdom of the Father knows and penetrates into how every soul has been created and for what purpose, which is why She loves all sinners with the very love of the Holy Spirit and seeks them so that none of them may be lost forever. The motherly and merciful entrails of Mother Church are the proof of God’s selfsame mercy.

How profoundly and beautifully does Mother Trinidad succeed in presenting this reality through her words!



“A soul’s worth”


God is Himself infinitely happy, eternally blissful. He is Himself without the need for anything or for anyone, in such a way that what He is, He is Himself of Himself, in Himself and for Himself, having, through the perfection of His being, His very perfection in three Persons. […]

Oh, Infinite Love, uncreated and eternal Happiness, Father so gracious, Father so kind, who, having no need of us whatsoever, looks at Himself in Himself, in what He is Himself, into His reason for being, in that which makes Him be God, and, manifesting Himself in creative will, reproduces Himself in finitude as those rational creatures whom He wants to make “gods by participation” and “His daughters” ! And, on so creating them, He makes them kings, for they have come into being as the human expression of divine majesty itself. […]

No material thing is God by participation; everything expresses Him, but nothing contains in itself a reflection of what makes Him be God, since material things have not been created to partake of divine life. […]

Today, while reading these sentences refering to the enemies: “With fierce hatred I hate them, enemies I count as my own,” my whole soul cried out saying: No! how could I ever despise someone who has been created by God and called to be Him through participation…? Should I abhor the soul created to eternally rejoice in God and to be a kiss of love in His bosom, the image and daughter of the Most High, someone who lies in such a pitiful state of sin and is on the path to perdition? How many are walking towards the end they were created for…?” […]

I also know that You want to save them all; You have created us for Your glory, to partake of You and to make us blissful. But, oh terror! Sin, which opposes the infinite holiness of the sovereign Majesty, is terrible, and the justice of God our Father, is infinite…. […]

I see souls, heads of foreign nations, completely taken over by the devil, and through whom the evil one rules half the world…. Enough to make us die of sorrow as we weep for them…! Because not only are they themselves on the path to perdition, but they also are a stumbling block and cause the ruin of others….

How sad is the state of a soul in mortal sin…! And will I hate them still…? No! Instead, I will love them with all my heart because they are my children, children of my bosom of mother-Church, children who, fleeing from the flock of the Good Shepherd, nourish themselves, like the prodigal son, on the food of swine, leaving behind the nourishment of Life that my Holy Mother Church has in Her bosom…! […]

I hate sin; I abhor it and detest it with my whole being; but, because the sinner was created by God, made in His likeness to partake of Him and to rejoice in Him, I love the sinner with my whole soul. And all of me, full of compassion, cries out: “Son, come to the Fount of Life, where by means of the Sacraments you will be able to partake of the living God, and thereby to emerge out of this death in which you find yourself, so that you can be happy here and in Eternity, giving to God the glory that He expected from you…!” […]

Dear soul, whoever you may be, consider that you can lose God forever, and that, if you lose Him, it will be through your fault…. Come…! turn toward Him, cast yourself into the arms of Infinite Love dripping blood for you… for your love only…!

Some time ago, on running into some people – who in my view were in mortal sin – I felt an inner voice telling me, inclining me towards them in compassion and forgiveness: “For them I have shed all my blood…”. […]

Many times, on seeing God’s greatness, I have understood what a soul’s worth must be, if the Uncreated One, the quintessential Happiness, became incarnate and, died on a cross to save it. […]

I have also seen the difference between a sinful soul and the devil; one is completely distinct from the other. The soul living in sin fills us with compassion, and the devil fills us with hatred; the devil can have no remission, while the soul, as long it is on earth, can take the path of salvation. We must love these souls and use all means to save them from this pitiful state in which they find themselves…! […]

How and when will we be able to understand the great benefit of the Sacrament of Confession, which cleanses anyone who approaches it…! Wonder of God’s love for man, who gives that very man the power to forgive sins and to make the sinner become His son…! God knows what a soul is, and what Heaven is; that is why He uses all possible means, in order to save it, even His very death…. […]

We should not fear the atomic bomb, nor those instruments that kill the body but cannot harm the soul…. Fear lies in having souls taken away from God; souls that were created for Him, to be “gods by participation” and “His children”, and who can lose Him forever…! […]

You, by a special grace, might surely be saved; but what will happen to those daughter-souls of yours who are entrusted to you…? Who does not have, in one’s own family, someone who is heading towards the path of eternal perdition…? And yet, you still have time to look at yourself…? “The children of darkness are more astute than the children of light…!” […]

Oh, if we only knew what a soul in sin is…! We have no enemy other than the devil and sin. It is as if all souls were crying out to us: “Let’s see what you are doing… what do you busy yourself with…? See, I am dying and I need you; don’t look at yourself! Come and save me…!” […]

My God, souls for Your glory, and Your glory for all souls! Let no soul remain without knowing of Your joy, so Your joy can make all of them blissful…! […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

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