March 18 enshrines a transcendent significance for the life of Mother Trinidad and also for her mission concerning the People of God: it is the key that unlocks the meaning for us to start understanding the action of God in her soul and what the arrival point of the same can be; thanks to it, we can also draw light that may illumine the conclusion of our own journey.

“The greatest day of my life!” she called it, which can only be compared with the eternal Day in God’s company in His most clear light, yet both days will mutually illuminate each other.



An excerpt of the book



The first thoughts that are gathered in the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer) and many themes of “La Iglesia y su misterio” (The Church and her mystery) are dated back to the year 1959.

Whoever has attended “The Plan of God in the Church” or the “Days of retreat on the mystery of God in the Church” which The Work of the Church organizes as events of its particular apostolate, or whoever has listened to the talks of Mother Trinidad, would have heard her recall the memory of that year. It is because it has had a transcendent importance in her life. It marks in her a summit to which all the former time ascends, as in a preparation, and from which flows, as from a great slope, all her subsequent living and doing.

In the year 1959, and especially on a particular date, on the 18th of March, as a change took place –I would say a substantial change– in the spiritual physiognomy of Mother Trinidad. Suddenly she found herself introduced in the divine mysteries to understand, contemplate, live the infinite treasures that are enclosed in the bosom of the Church.

Here and there, throughout all her writings, are found traces or references, more or less veiled, to that being introduced by God in his intimate life: to be “deepened” in the mystery of his trinitarian communication, “to surprise” there, “to understand without the things from here”, “to see without concepts”, “to adore”…

Attracted by the beauty of your face, I went deep into your mystery so profoundly, that I surprised your eternal Being in infinitely spiritual boiling of light and love. (20-8-61) (From the book “Frutos de oración”, Fruits of prayer, n. 364)

When I went deep into the sacred mystery of the Divine Family, I got out of my depth and found myself deeply immersed in the Sancta Sanctorum of the Eternal Wisdom, where the Father, bursting out in Word of fire, is spelling out to us his infinitely loving Being. (18-12-60) (“Frutos de oración”, n. 439)



«I already know of Fountain, of Life, of Love…Because, placed at the mouth of your divine begetting, I learnt this knowledge so profound of your eternal begetting; and I saw how, in springs of being, the Word emerged in loving response of your eternal saying. And there, in the loving embrace of the Holy Spirit, I satiated in You forever. But a satiety that opened in me such capacity, that now only will be filled when your glory eternally appears». (From “La Iglesia y su misterio”, The Church and her mystery, pg. 97)

Silence, adoration…!, that in this instant-instant of terribility of being, of love, of eternity… God is being Himself in his being Himself the divine Family and He is kissing Himself with the good mouth of the Holy Spirit and, when kissing Himself, my tiny soul feels being kissed, loved, caressed and immersed in that sacred mystery of the Being’s being Himself. And there, in the silence of the untouchable Virginity, trembling of love, astonished, surprises the fecund Virginity begetting the Figure of its substance, in the veiled concealment of the Holy Spirit’s kiss; kiss that my soul possesses and has by participation to kiss God. (21-5-61) (“Frutos de oración”, n. 984)

Immersed in the sacred mystery of Silence, I saw that in one only and silent Word was said all the divine and human life, and then, impelled by love, I decided not to say or pronounce any other word than This One; and, oh surprise!, I became so Word, that I could only sing the life of God in the bosom of his Church. (18-12-60) (“Frutos de oración”, n. 305).



Everything I know of God, has been discovered to me, not by force of reflecting on it, but in the silence of all the things from here, through which He has spoken to me in his being HimselfWord, inside my heart. (29-1-77) (“Frutos de oración”, n. 1726).

And I know all that because, as I am little, you have put me there, in your Spring. And, when contemplating all the impetuous communication of sovereign simplicity and of quiet silence, remaining static before the rumour of your waterfalls, and when feeling myself captivated, attracted and enraptured by the beauty of your Face, “all your wavelengths and waves have passed over me”. (From “La Iglesia y su misterio”, pg.101)




Maybe it has been a long quotation of thoughts, poems, and texts… But it has been presented at that length consciously, because, nothing like the expressions of Mother Trinidad herself, although veiled, can make us perceive how and as far as God wanted to communicate Himself to her soul to make her “the Echo”, in repetition of the Church’s palpitating.

Those phrases that come from her as vibrating arrows in the impressive tightness of her spirit, insinuate something that could only be lived and that cannot be expressed adequately; nor hardly can be sensed by him who has not had a similar personal experience. Because when trying to penetrate in it, one must unavoidably lean on one’s thought in things from here that are not those from there, and that for this, inevitably disfigure them.

What can be the real content of that being “immersed in the sacred mystery of the Being’s being Himself”, and “deeply absorbed in the Sancta Sanctorum of the eternal Wisdom”? What meaning encloses the “surprising the eternal Being in infinitely spiritual boiling of light and love” and the “untouchable Virginity begetting the Figure of his substance”? And the “seeing with the eternal Pupil” “how the Word emerges in springs of being”? And… and… Plans of God in luminous overflowing onto his Church!, always surprisingly new in the circumstances of the moment, and always the same in the mystery of Christ, “from whose fullness we have all received, grace in place of grace…”. (Jn 1, 16)

An extract from the writing:
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