Christmas encloses an overflowing abundance and variety of divine gifts. The same gifts trigger in our hearts an overwhelming range of feelings and of endless tidings and congratulations that may seem repetitive…

But the most appropriate response before the God-made-man out of love is only one, which, commonly, is not practiced: Worship. That’s the only way to live out Christmas. Other realities may be wonderful indeed, yet they are a consequence of this.


Statue of the Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus , in the chapel of the Apostolate House of “Under the See of Peter”. The Work of the Church, Rome.



“Adore, soul of mine”


Adore, soul of mine,
in tender mystery,
listen to the heartbeat
of God that is inside,
and in tender loves
and in sweet cautery,
kiss the bride-soul
with immense love.

Suspend not God’s passing by
in silence;
adore and wait,
keep your secret;
silence the voices
of Him, who in your inner being,
tells you romances
in flames of fire.

Adore, soul of mine,
adore in your bosom,
for the sweet breeze
of the eternal Breath
is breathing
within your chest.
Do not make any noise,
be quiet,
for God is very deep
and gives Himself to you in a kiss.

Poor explanation,
vile concepts!,
human words,
clumsy thoughts…!
How am I to say
with my poor accent
the smooth passing
of God, without concepts?
How am I to explain
this slow living,
this perceiving
of the Immense, inside…?
Within my innermost being,
inside my chest,
in the deep depth
of my captivity,
at the fine point
where the Word dwells,
where the Father begets
in His concealment
and both of them burn
in immense Love!

Adore, soul of mine,
for God is inside
living His life
in your open bosom.
Adore prostrate
and listen to the Eternal One,
because He speaks to you
in flames of fire,
in sweet martyrdoms,
in slow cauteries…

Plunge into your depth,
you will see what a mystery…
When God comes close
to my wounded chest,
there in my inner being
all is silence,
and all noise
tastes of a torment to me;
all that is earthly
is as though a lament
that leaves me pressed,
that pushes me inside.

Adore, soul of mine,
and listen in silence,
because God passes
in a breeze of fire!


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

The passage of the Immense One over the soul is perceived as an army which, in myriads of imposing strength, utters, in its overwhelming impetus, a delicate whistle of gentle softness in abysmal depth of Trinitarian union. (28-6-62)
Silence! the Love passes over the soul of the bride with His quiet utterance of infinite softness. (28-6-62)
The whisper of Your passing through my soul sounds to me as a delicate whistle of sa¬cred anointment that, saying to me a Father’s heart, it tastes to me of Eternity. (28-6-62)
How great it is to feel that one is the spouse of the Holy Spirit! There is nothing com¬parable, since His touch is so delicate, that it has a deep savouring of Eternity. (18-9-74)
When God in His passing or His settling acts burningly in the marrow of the spirit, the heat of His fire is perceived: “Your cheeks are like a half-pomegranate,” reddened by the kiss of the mouth of Yhaweh. (11-5-76)
God passes or settles. And the soul ac-customed to His passing or His settling, hears Him coming; and that hearing to Him stirs its spirit in love of reception… He is its Beloved who comes, like the tiny deer, running all over the hills of Gilead, to visit His beloved bride; and she becomes inflamed with the closeness of His passing. (11-5-76)
The request of the Eternal to my being is like an all-consuming fire that drives me to do what I have to do and to say what I have to say. (30-9-74)
God is Himself the awesome God who, when He rushes to the soul to work on it to try it, He pulverizes it, purifying it with His powerful hand. (7-4-67)
How good it is to feel the Immense in the soul, although it be tearing the latter to pieces in order to immolate it! But, how good is God always! (7-4-67)

Tabernacle in the Blessed Sacrament adoration chapel of “Nostra Signora di Valme” Parish, entrusted to The Work of the Church in Rome.

The Love kisses the interior of the spir-it. Silence… and inwards, for the Love passes with a touch of divinity …! How deep, how sweet, how tender, how cauterising, how pen¬etrating, how infinite and how eternal the Holy Spirit is…! (15-2-76)
The touch of the Holy Spirit is yearnings for Eternity, desires of perfection, urgencies for the Infinite, search for the loved Good. (7-4-67)
How sweet it is to feel kissed by God on the substance of the soul, in silence! (17-3-63)

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)