«Iam thirsty…»

How many times it has been engraved in our hearts, as we reverently reread the pages that describe the Passion, these words that Jesus cried out on the cross. But it is very likely that we have never felt in us such a keen sense of surprise as the one pervading the soul of Mother Trinidad and making her exclaim:

“He who is ‘the Fountain of life, the source of water springs welling up to eternal life,’ cries out in heart-rending pain: ‘ I thirst..!’

Jesus, but You, what You can thirst for, because You are the Word of the Father, and You are contemplating face to face His eternal being, and You can live for nothing else – because of the reason for being of Your very person that is to be the Word of God – but only to sing Him and express Him? […]

Jesus feels the thirst for shouting: God …! He feels the thirst for shouting in his human nature, the Infinite Love, that burning in the bosom of the adorable Trinity, leapt unto Mary’s womb so that, from there, could give itself to the Church in a stained-blood Song of eternal love.”

529-02Such answer fills our soul with light. It also evokes the missionary mandate of Jesus to His Apostles, which resonates more strongly, if possible, in this missionary month of October. This month in which the Holy Mother Church invites us to live the thirst of Jesus keeping an eye on what Pope Francis, in his message, has called the “great and immense work of mercy” taken up by the Church: missions.

The thirst for souls, has been and remains a constant in the life of Mother Trinidad, ever since the first request of God, “Go and tell it ! this is for everyone!” in 1959. A request that has forever sealed her soul with the mission of “being Church and make everyone be Church.” In the words of Mother Trinidad in one of her talks:

“Love urges us, the glory of God cannot wait any longer, souls are calling us. Our mission is to sing, to sing; at times ‘between the porch and the altar,’ because that must always be our posture; and after having spent hours of prayer, at other times we will do so in the apostolic works and in direct communication with souls.

I feel a special attraction towards the lands of missions; I feel the need to run, to run and to go where the most helpless souls on earth are, and to sing to them of the riches of our Father God, of Christ, of Mary and of my Holy Church … Those souls who do not know about the Father’s heart, who do not know about God’s heart! they do not know of divine life or of Eternal Love!”

Recently, one of the many Bishops who came to one of our houses to attend the retreat of “The Plan of God in the Church”, expressed directly to Mother Trinidad to be so in tune with her and his agreement in making God’s life known to everyone, which actually had become in him an urgent and most powerful need to commit all his life to the Lord for His glory and the salvation of souls. All this being a result of a great intimacy with the God of the Eucharist, which remains the true source of every missionary impulse.

In recent years – while Mother Trinidad is still alive – the Lord has wanted to begin to fulfil that longing which He Himself imprinted in her soul, thanks to the already numerous apostolic journeys of The Work of the Church to the most diverse parts of the world.4502

In future posts in this blog and all along this month of October, we will keep on sharing with you some of those apostolic journeys through which The Work of the Church responds to the call of Bishops from so many places, asking to cast over their own dioceses the great light of that fire that God has lit through Mother Trinidad, a light that is for everyone in the Church.

This publication is only an introduction that aims to whet your appetite for what comes next. But also, and above this, together with her we want to help you – each and every one of us – to revive that thirst for souls that should turn us all into missionaries by our lives, our words and, above all, by our long periods of prayer spent before Jesus in the Eucharist.

Pray for the fruit of all those trips. Let us be, by taking this path, through prayer and sacrifice, truly committed and effective missionaries, for God’s glory and the good of all souls.