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11 12, 2018

Advent of Mary


"Advent of Mary…! The Lady feels the Son of her virginal motherhood shake in her womb. It is the Word of Life himself to whom She is giving her flesh and blood, by means of which, that most perfect body of the Father’s Only- Begotten Son, Incarnate, is being formed."

8 05, 2018

Mary is a wonder of grace


Mary is a wonder of grace, known, enjoyed, possessed and savoured only by the soul-Church that, transcending earthly things, is taken by the Holy Spirit to the hidden depth of the immaculate bosom of Our Lady all White of the Incarnation.

10 04, 2018

The Face of the Church


O, Church of mine! all-beautiful, bedecked with Divinity Itself that penetrates You, fills You, ennobles You, extolling You with such fruitfulness, that You, Church of mine, are the selfsame Word Incarnate Who comes forth from the Father’s bosom breaking into Word and burning in the Holy Spirit. That is your Royal Head, my Church!

28 03, 2018

Welcome be man to the Father’s bosom!


Glory to God in Heaven…! The Father’s Bosom is now open to all the children of good will…! Never more shall it be closed…! Christ has opened it… and He is waiting for all men… He opened it and placed Himself at the ‘gate’ with the arms outstretched, so that the sumptuous main Gates of Eternity may never be closed again…

13 03, 2018

The Alone


The Alone... A loneliness that we will never be able to penetrate in Your infinite-like capacity....

O, Jesus! The reflection of this terrible loneliness were the bleeding moments of Your sorrowful passion, in which Your whole humanity expressed how forsaken was Your soul, not only in Your sorrowful inner tragedy, but also in Your solitary Via Crucis of human abandonment.

20 02, 2018

“I thirst!”


– “I thirst…!” Thirst for souls for the Father’s glory, thirst for the knowledge of my life –that is the same as the life of the Father and of the Holy Spirit– to fill the earth “as the waters cover the sea”.

2 02, 2018

He who is the eternal repose complains: “I looked for comforters but I found none”


When You look for somebody to be consoled, You always find one. All souls are ready to be comforted by You, and then all souls surrender themselves, all souls give themselves, all forget about themselves, all fall in love. But when You cry out looking for comfort and leave them in abandonment so that they may comfort You, You look for comforters but You find none.

26 12, 2017

Partakers of the Divine life


“All that God has by nature, you have it by a gratuitous gift which, through your Church, He has given you so that you may live it in full and most happy participation as a true child.”

19 12, 2017

The great mystery of the Incarnation


" Christ’s humanity is the spouse of the Word, the delight and enjoyment of the three divine Persons; a new creation, in which and through which, the most high God himself, becoming Man and forgiving the sin that man had committed against the infinite Holiness, can manifest to us the recondite mysteries of his adorable being, in a song of love. "

24 11, 2017

The mystery of Faith


" The life of faith is not a cold thing, nor concerns scientific study; it is the whole plentiful richness of the Infinite One, that has been spoken to us in a romance of love. All that the Church says and manifests to us, in continuing the song of the Word, is what the treasure of our life of faith is. Faith brings us into contact with God, because it is faith that spells out the richest mysteries of our Christianity to us. "

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