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6 10, 2016

Apostolic trips to French speaking countries

Desde 2015, el mensaje luminoso de sabiduría amorosa que el Señor ha puesto en el alma de la Madre Trinidad está resonando también en francés.
1 10, 2016

Apostolic and missionary programmes of The Work of the Church

«Iam thirsty…»

How many times it has been engraved in our hearts, as we reverently reread the pages that describe the Passion, these words that Jesus cried out on the […]

13 08, 2016

Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Shelter the homeless

Because of the sin we separated from God, and the Father, seeing that we had dropped out of his eternal plan, “in a spilling of love and mercy towards the […]

25 05, 2016

“The silence of the Eucharist”

As we peacefully and reflexively proceed to read these series of thoughts, then we find ourselves introduced into a divine atmosphere as regards the pressing need we feel to keep […]

20 05, 2016

That God be infinite mercy in eternal self-giving of love, cannot go against his justice by demand of his coeternal and subsistent holiness

There are manifold ways by which the Lord instils what He wants to communicate in the soul. Sometimes He directly introduces the soul into the Light of His knowledge directly, […]

17 05, 2016

From the Father’s Bosom…

We know how the Lord makes use of the most varied ways to imprint on the soul His communications and to bestow His Wisdom on us.

The abundance of the divine […]

4 05, 2016

“God is He who is Himself”

All attributes in God are intrinsically a subsistent glorification for Him. He is glorified by being those attributes for Himself in an act of being which is totally fulfilled in […]

19 04, 2016

“A soul’s worth”

“Could ever a mother forget about her own children or not feel moved to compassion for those very children of her motherly entrails?” And if any of those children, eventually, […]

7 04, 2016

“The abyss calls to the Abyss”

The words God speaks to the soul of Mother Trinidad are – using the words of the prophet Jeremiah – “as if fire is burning in my heart, imprisoned in […]

30 03, 2016

“My Church, how beautiful you are! You are also risen with Christ”

“Having no more to contemplate the Church with Her mourning veil and inner being torn apart, lying on the ground and tearful, breathless and bent over”, “being led to be […]

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