Because of the sin we separated from God, and the Father, seeing that we had dropped out of his eternal plan, “in a spilling of love and mercy towards the fallen man”, He sent his only Son to put his abode in every soul in grace.

We shall correspond by giving a roof to the Owner of our life. Let’s receive the “sweet Guest” that comes to live in our soul for us to ” have life and life abundantly”


          Dear soul, listen, pay attention, for, in your innermost being, the Lord is kissing you and communicating to you the infinite secret of His Trinitarian life. Therefore, inwards! (1-2-64)

          In your soul, Infinite Love is surrounding you, loving you, kissing and sanctifying you, making you feel His homely warmth and His Father’s protection. Awaiting your response, He invites you to listen to Him. And you, what do you do? Go, go inwards…! for God looks on you and asks that your gaze be for Him alone. (1-2-64)

          God is inside me… I am inside God… What sweet reality! (9-7-75)

          God keeps always loving within me, and most often I have Him within me forsaken. Thus is God…! Thus I am…! (30-11-66)

          God is inside us; let us keep silence to listen to Him. God kisses us… God speaks to us… God loves us…! (25-1-75)

          Lord, how many are those who seek You outside and do not find You, because You are inside, in the innermost depths of our recondite inner being! (13-4-76)

          You are a living temple of the Trinity, and all of God, dwelling in you, asks for your loving response in return. (20-3-62)

          Do you know that in your soul the Father is spelling out to you His whole being through His Word, for you alone, at the very instant in which He kisses you with His substantial Kiss of loving and mutual love? (18-12-60)

          Infinite Love is in our soul with His sacred whispering, kissing us in the loving silence of His closeness; let us respond to Him. The Holy Spirit wills to work in our inner being. Let us strive to perceive His loving fluttering by keeping silence. (13-3-75)

          Do you know that you are God’s living temple…? Pay attention, then, at least you who know it! (11-9-62)

          The Master is in your soul, and is calling out to you to join Him in supper today. How will you respond to such an appointment of love? (12-11-63)

          How sweet it is to feel the Being within the soul, loving and asking for love, resting and giving rest…! This is a taste of eternal life while in exile. Let us adore the Being in our heart, because He is throbbing within our breast. (8-1-75)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia