To believe in eternal life is not only a gratifying concept for our human intellect that distances from the horizon of our existence the anguishes of its conclusion.

Eternity is the very reality of God, Himself being possessed, lived, and savoured forever and ever, without fear of losing Him. Eternity is the certain and firm gift that God our good Father holds prepared for us.


“Oh Eternity, dear Eternity…!”

And extolled by the faith of Abraham, “Father of all the believers,” replete with hope in the promises of God, and kindled in the cooling flames of the Holy Spirit, I intone again my song of:

I have faith… And “I believe in the eternal life.”

“O what so true a mystery is that of Eternity…! –I wrote on the 10th of November of 1961–. My whole soul, enlightened by faith, is bursting into happiness from so much having hope in Eternity.

I feel that my life is a reflection of that eternal day wherein, closing the eyes at the exile, I will find myself face to face, forever, contemplating the Being in His being bursting into Three… Forever…!

O eternal Day of Eternity, You are so deeply embedded in my soul, that You and only You are the sole center of attraction for me in this exile…! I savour You without calling You; I wait for You sure; I run searching for You, in love. I need You because You are my beginning, my end and my life; You are my share and my inheritance. Solely for You was I born, and I will not be able to be completely happy, or to rest either, until I am sated by the light of Your countenance…!

Death, to me, is not death, it is the door that will be opened to me unto that eternal day, tomorrow! wherein, lost in the infinite thicket of Your vast being, I will be engrossed in, carried away and possessed by the silent and simple simplicity of Your immutability. […]

“Should the Love call me,
I would answer to Him,
and in His bosom I would go
into His chamber…

And there He would tell me
His infinite Word,
and I would answer
all of me returning to Him…

O should I see the Love
in the light of His face…!
I would gaze at Him so much,
that into Him I would be transformed,
becoming a poem
that would sing His glory…

And, should I go into His love
and with Him burn
in the light of His fire
and in the union of His forges,
I should become a torrent
of transparent waters,
filling up, in my sources,
him who were to come close to me…

Should the Love come,
with Him I would go away!”


[…] “O infinitely holy Eternity, in which the soul tiny and thirsty for justice and truth will be sated face to face with the divine Pupils, in the contemplation of Your divine Face…!

O Eternity, Eternity…! You are the savourable desire of my exiled soul, the urgent need for all my being, strayed in this place of lie, of incomprehension, of pain and of trial…

You are, o dear Eternity! the need, to the point of satiety, of my soul in love and captivated by the beauty of Your face… […]

One day I will go to see You, O dear Eternity, forever… forever… And there I will vanish forever! in the luminous light of Your eternal pupil… […]


I have faith… And my faith is sure, firm and unshakeable, not for what I feel or live, but because my Holy Mother Church has given it to me, infallible when She hands down the word that the Word entrusted to Her; and my hope is true because my Holy Church infused it into me together with my faith on the day of Baptism and She has been making it grow in my soul together with Her teachings and with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.

And because I am Church, and within this Holy Mother Her Echo, God, in His eternal plan, willed to show to me in His light His mysteries, so that I might sing and tell everyone the riches of the Church.

That is why very often He deigned, by an incomprehensible design of His, to take me into His bosom, which has left my soul fatally wounded with desires for the possession in full light of the eternal God.

On the 30th day of April of 1960, I wrote: “God brought me once more, almost like on the 18th of March of 1959, in a most profound and unimaginable manner into the unfathomable depth of the Mystery of His life;
taking me into the depth of His transcendent, untouchable and unfathomable! Virginity, so that I might contemplate that Sancta Sanctorum of the adorable Trinity, veiled and concealed; wherein the Father, breaking into splendours of holiness, at the instant-instant without time of infinite and encompassing Eternity of God being Himself He who is Himself, burst begetting His Word, in a supreme begetting of infinite and loving Wisdom into the infinite and mutual embrace of the Holy Spirit.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Year 1970

[…] The veil of the Sancta Sanctorum where God is concealed was lifted for my sake!

And when the Infinite Being brought me into His bridal chamber, I grasped at once that infinite and inaccessible Mystery, that only God lives, and which one cannot enter without being carried by Him into the depth of His bridal inner chamber of infinite and eternal Holiness, covered by the veil of the Sancta Sanctorum of His transcendent Virginity.”

“And therein, […] I was brought! without being able to understand how I was able to enter; and even less how, after having come out, yet I have been able to go on living during so many years. […]

And while I was contemplating and living all this in the joy of the Blessed, at one instant-instant of inexpressible mystery! I felt myself brought, in an amazing and incomprehensible manner, into the sacrosanct depth of the Arcanum of the Sancta Sanctorum of the Infinite Being; surprising the immutable and ineffable life of the adorable Trinity in the mysterious, veiled and concealed point, where in copious flows of infinite waterfalls of loving wisdom, the Father bursts into begetting His Word in the coeternal and infinite embrace of the Holy Spirit.

‘Oh…! Silence…! Silence…! […]

Silence…! Silence…! Silence…!
Thank You, Lord…! Thank You, Lord…! Thank You, Lord…!
Today I, bewildered, trembling and frightened, when I understand what I have seen and heard, I answer adoringly in a silence of profound adoration and of reverent astonishment…

And, exceeding my limitation, trembling with love and respect, turning towards You, I clamour: Thank you, Lord, but I am not worthy…!’”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writings: “BECAUSE I BELIEVE IN THE ETERNAL LIFE, I BURN IN MY LONGINGS FOR THE DEFINITIVE ENCOUNTER WITH THE BELOVED “(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 17)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The divine Mercy, in spite of our “no”, invented, within his wondrous power, the infinite way to bring us definitively unto Eternity”, recorded on November 23th, 1994 (press PLAY):

Shall it come the day? It will come. On which I shall see Your face? I will see it. And shall I be with You? I will be. And shall it be forever? It will be. And shall I enter into Your life? I will enter. Without dying of joy? Without dying. (15-11-74)
My spirit longs for Eternity in the light of Your divine pupils that invite me to come to You. (6-1-67)
When Your glory takes hold of me, I am only able, in silence, to adore in utmost glorification the fact that You are so glorious. (3-7-62)