Reading this writing on the deep dimension of the Priesthood is pretty much like the amazement someone feels when going to the theatre and contemplating a beautiful scenario, yet the moment the curtain raises it is revealed a more vivid and immensely more beautiful drama full of life.

The beauty that is perceived in the external work of the priest, when you look at it with clear eyes and a simple heart, pales – in the light of this writing – when contemplating what such reality hides. This is how Mother addresses priests: “Do you know that ( … ) every day, through you, God makes extensive the great mystery of the Incarnation at your very altar, in your hands, being able to say that, through you, the Word made flesh dwells among us.”

Discover it yourself in this text. Give thanks to God for the great gift of the Priesthood. Love it, defend it and take advantage of it! The Lord instituted it for His glory and for your sake.


Eucharistic Concelebration presided by Bishop Donald Lippert, O.F.M. Cap, from Papua New Guinea. Chapel in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)


Priest of Christ, live your priesthood; stay “between the porch and the altar,” being a mediator between Heaven and earth; fulfil your mission of being a father of all souls, knowing that the Lord called you more than anything “to be with Him”.

“Between the porch and the altar” let the priests pray, lest, having been chosen to give glory to God and life to men, for their shallow life of prayer they may be barren, not fulfil their vocation, and may end up becoming a stumbling block or scandal for those very souls that are entrusted to them. […]

Priest of Christ, live your priesthood. […] Only through a profound and intense life of prayer you will be able to receive the eternal Canticle of the Word, that, through His humanity, in silence, He wants to sing to your soul. […]

Being a priest is something that demands much more from you than from the rest of Christians. A great holiness is demanded from you, that may be in tune with the predilection that Infinite Love has shown to you, when calling to the priesthood. […]

Go into yourself, be sincere and try to be faithful. In secret, respond to Love, who asks of you, at least you, to know Him, to be aware of His intimacy, to receive His secret. […]

See, priest of Christ: the Father is in your soul, […] and He is pouring on you His divine Word […], in a divine Song of unspeakable silence. The Holy Spirit is kissing your soul, […] and He is pouring Himself on you so that you may be made conformed to Him.

Anointed of the Lord, pay attention! for the Eternal Trinity is receiving your Sacrifice and is being given to you in mutual response of love, so that you may be God by participation and may give Him to all souls. […]

You ought to know that, if you do not live your priesthood, you are like the steward of the Gospel, who, hiding his talent, bore no fruit at all… […]

Do you know that you can command in the infinite bosom of the Trinity, in such a way that, at your word, that adorable bosom can be opened, and the Word, being at your disposal, might carry out the miracle of the transubstantiation…? Every day, through you, God prolongs the great mystery of the Incarnation at your very same altar, in your hands, being thus able to say that, through you, the Word made flesh dwells among us; and also every day, through your word, the mystery of the cross and of the resurrection are realized. What joy oh priest being able to give God “all honour and glory…”! ! What a relief it is the Sacrifice of the altar for the soul in love…! […]

Priest, pray… pray…! Pray, that you may live your priesthood, that you may experience that God listens to you, that you may be all-powerful before the Infinite One, that you may fill yourself with His life and may enter into the profound mystery of Christ’s soul, in the virginal ocean of Mary’s soul and into the infinite richness of your Holy Church; and thus, you may give life to the full as Jesus desires of you, and everyone who approaches you may be vivified. […]

Ah priest! you, at least, live out your vocation. What depth that of your vocation…! You have been called to cooperate with the Church in giving Her message of divine life. […]

Live only and exclusively for God, send away from you all that is not He, commit yourself to living your Mass. […]

A great responsibility weighs down upon you. Do not give souls some ideas learned in the cold study of Theology. You already know that “whoever rests on the chest of Christ will become a preacher of the divine.” […]

Silence! Keep silence, priest of Christ, and listen, for the Eternal Priest is speaking to you, is speaking His divine Word to you. […]

That is why, what I want to communicate to you today, on asking you to live your official or mystical priesthood “between the porch and the altar” is not precisely that you go to the Tabernacle with a book of meditation, but that you go and recline on Christ’s chest to drink your priesthood, and, going deep into that divine side, you may read in the open Book, that the Word wants to spell out to you. […]

Recline upon the divine side of the Master, and you will become a theologian, learning the divine science of Love. […]

Keep looking at the Tabernacle with love; tell Him a silent and extended yes; look at Him, for He looks at you; love Him, for He loves you; wait for Him, for He is waiting for you…

All this, and many other things that I will not tell you here, is what prayer is, and great prayer indeed. […]

Son of my soul-Church, herald of Infinite Love, messenger of Peace, singer of Infinite Love, anointed to discover the riches of God’s being…[…] Learn the Word of the eternal Wisdom so that you may know what you have to say, and tell men what, in the intimacy with Love, you learnt. […]

Priest of Christ, enter deeply into your inner room, be a soul of prayer, and listen, for God speaks to you. Learn how to listen so you may learn how to respond to the High and Eternal Priest, who chose you mainly “to be with Him”, and thus, by filling you with His life and telling you His secret, “to send you out to preach.” […]

Forgive me if I insist: I know that the fruitfulness of your life depends on the degree of intimacy that you have with the Lord, because I have learned, reclining on Christ’s chest, that loving wisdom is not on books. That is why I feel myself called to untiringly tell you to pray. […]

Christian, whoever you may be, live your Priesthood! so that Jesus can say: “Righteous Father, I know You, and they know that You sent me, I made known to them your Name, and I will make it known to them even more…”

Pray…! “Pray,” that you may be faithful, give life to souls, and “may not fall into temptation”!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“BETWEEN THE PORCH AND THE ALTAR”(From the book “La Iglesia y su misterio”)