Almost everyone has been fortunate enough to be a contemporary of some exceptional people who, even though feeling something special about them, we never imagine that we would see officially proclaimed as saints during our own life.

These days, we admire the figure of two great Holy Fathers of our time that the Mother Church presents to us as an example and consolation.

Two Holy Fathers who had a great relationship with Mother Trinidad and the Work of the Church and to whom she dedicated, with immense fondness, these beautiful poems. John XXIII, to whom the Mother was sent from the time of the Council, and John Paul II, who received her with paternal protection and granted pontifical approval to The Work of the Church.

It is certain that they are already in Heaven, where we will also arrive with the God’s grace and the intercession of them…


To my Most holy and beloved Father


In your Father’s heart
God the Father Himself outpoured
and His fatherhood bestowed
in the likeness of His Heart.

John XXIII, beloved Father…!
on whom the Lord Himself,
for your being Christ on earth,
His selfsame science did shower;
and put within your being
a heart mirroring His own charity,
to radiate on souls
His most sweet goodness.

John XXIII, beloved Father…!
the Supreme Shepherd’s staff
has been given unto you
with which to God us you’ll lead.

John XXIII, beloved Father…!
Today my heart is burning
with a blazing fire and sacred
by God Himself being enkindled.
And so, this fire thus inflamed
martyrdom is, that out of love,
drives me on to tell you, oh, Father!
“what my God did show me!”

He showed me that in His Lap
a secret love lies forth
being this to men unknown:
A Bosom opened by Christ
so that, upon entering, His children
may sing with His Word: “God.”

God wants in His Church now
to revive the mission
that Christ unto earth brought forth
as a gift of love,
and, thus, all your sheep,
John XXIII, beloved Father…!
a reflection of my Lord,
may form one Flock alone
under one Good Shepherd lone.

John XXIII, beloved Father…!
can this grace be denied
to this poor little lamb
of Your divine flock
so You may at last listen to me?

John XXIII, beloved Father…!
I die of love and pain
as the longed for day comes on
when the message of my God
will I put beneath thy rod,
my sweetest Shepherd….

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia


Poem prepared by Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia for the Pope’s visit to the parish of Our Lady of Valme in Rome, entrusted to The Work of the Church, and read by Fr. Bartolomé, secretary and chaplain of Mother Trinidad, in the presence of the Holy Father for not being able Mother Trinidad herself to do it for being sick; and published the following day in “L’Osservatore Romano,” at the express request of the editorial staff.


Long live John Paul II!!

Long live our Great Pope!!

In this day of glory,
of unequalled beauty,
in which our Most holy Father
has come to visit us,
I wish to exult in the songs
of such jubilation that pervades me
and exclaim: Glory to the Infinite One!,
who, in immutable Trinity,
has deigned Himself in His mercy,
as an incomparable gift,
to visit the Parish
of my Lady of Valme
through the Supreme Pontiff,
that unto His Church today
He willed to give her
that he might be the Shepherd
of such great sublimeness,
that he might go accross the whole world
seeking to manifest Him.

Long live John Paul II…!
Today I need to acclaim him
with the children of that people
which God deigned to grant me
to help the Church,
solely to help her!,
next to the Pope and the Bishops,
in the unfathomable mission
that, when founding her, in His power
Jesus willed to entrust to her.

Let us sing, children, united!
today love pervades us
at the sweet presence
of him who is our “Great Pope”
through the infinite power
of Him who willed to search him carefully
as the Supreme Shepherd
among so many Cardinals
who were gathered
in the Conclave and expectant
to proclaim the Anointed one
of the One who, with implacable fervor,
carefully searched the chosen one,
to make him the Great Pope
that were to present the Church
divine and divinising
satiating all men
in the ineffable banquet
for which God were to create us
only to glorify Himself.

Only God is the fullness!
of our insatiable thirst,
that in its dryness longs for
the joy of the Immutable One.
And today The Work of the Church,
without knowing how to express
to her Supreme Shepherd,
who in the light of his face
carries the sign of the cross
in his constant works,
the love with which she loves him
and her overflowing joy
for having him among us,
proclaiming everywhere:

Long live the Anointed of God!
Long live our Great Pope!
Long live the Supreme Shepherd!
to whom, in very close union
our Work of the Church
her mission wants to offer him.
Sing, Work of the Church,
sing aloud with your Mother,
who exults in the God who rejoices
in this such great a day.
On account of the divine design
the Angels adoringly
proclaim in postration:

Glory to the Son, Glory to the Father
and to the Infinite Spirit,
who brought the Holy Father
in pastoral visit
to the Parish of Valme,
where they only live
and work to give
glory to the thrice Holy God,
and thus to help the Church!
Long live the Supreme Shepherd!
Long live our Great Pope!
He whom God Himself chose
to bestow upon the Church
a Supreme Pontiff
whose message were to carry
to all people and nation,
seeking to glorify Him.

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia