What idea comes to our mind when we hear about Christ the King? How deeply have we experienced His Kingship? How marvellous if Jesus Himself could teach us and share His feelings with us in this great celebration which is the summit of the whole Liturgical Year. Thus we would see ourselves free from our false sentimentalism and spiritual perceptions that don’t match with the reality of the mystery.

In the following fragments Mother Trinidad ushers us into the true feelings which were engrabed by Christ on her soul so that she could later pour them out on ours. A series of questions later in this same writing will help us find out whether our living is according to Christ’s o rather we are just following our own limited and limiting experiences.



“Jesus at the side of the mount”



As I was was entering into the soul of Christ, my pain became more intense at the unspeakable contact with my Spouse…

And suddenly, engraved was on my soul, with the speed of a lightning, a little mount, and a man at the side of it: God, Jesus, that One to whom all Christians will cry out: Christ reigns, Christ rules…!

He was on his knees, his hands were put together, being slightly uplifted, his body was leaning upon the mount, the eyes were inundated by tears running down gently along his divine countenance….

And with his soul torn apart and his voice choked with pain, with his eyes lost in the heights, He was suffering because He was living these moments of the twentieth century; and He was repeatedly saying: “Father, and the world has not known You”. “They neither know You, nor do they know Me!” […]

My Christ, prostrated with my face down to earth, tearfully, at the side of the mount, united to your soul, partaking of Your pain, being also with You torn apart and misunderstood, looking with You towards the Father’s Bosom, I say: “Father, and the world has not known You!” “They do not know You nor Jesus Christ, whom You sent!”

This is Christ the King…! This Jesus who is born in Bethlehem and dies on a cross to show us the Father and make us live from the divine life, to give us the life, to be our way; this Christ the King, after twenty centuries, continues to be for the most of mankind the Christ not being received.

Have we the memebrs of the Church entered into the most sorrowful mystery of Christ’s soul…? Have we received the message of Christ the King…? Have we understood that Christ will reing and will triumph when the mission for which He became incarnate is fulfilled…? Can’t Jesus say in all truth after twenty centuries to the Father: “And the world has not known You”? […]

Soul of Chirst, my King, infinite Truth, sovereign Majesty, eternal Splendour of the Father’s gaze, maximum expression of the divine life! When will that day come when You will reign and it will be sung truly: “Christ reigns, Christ rules”…?

How painfully does the soul of Christ say –torn apart, as though anihilated, devastated, downcast–in His long periods of prayer with the Father while sobbing: “I came to my own and my own have not received me…”! “Father, and the world has not known You…! They neither know You nor do they know me…!”


Excerpt from the unpublished book: “La Familia divina” (The Divine Family) written in spanish language by Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia