The great mystery of the Incarnation enfolds a manifold quantity of nuances. For a better elucidation of this it’s enough just to think about the unfathomable variety of rich aspects that Christ´s humanity enshrines for its being the spouse of the Word.

To deepen the union of the soul of Christ with His divine Person and to rejoice in the life of Christ during His earthly life is a spiritual delicacy that invites us to worship since the whole life of Christ was just to know, receive, respond to, express, love God and to adore Him for what His soul knew and for what still remained unknown to it due to God’s immensity.


There are no veils for the soul of the Incarnate Word!


Christ’s humanity is the spouse of the Word, […] a new creation, in which and through which, the most high God himself, becoming Man and forgiving the sin that man had committed against the infinite Holiness, can manifest to us the recondite mysteries of his adorable being, in a song of love.

Oh Christ of mine! what almost infinite nuances You have placed in your humanity, becoming yourself the wonder You sing, through your human voice, the infinite perfections and incomparable secrets of God’s mysterious being.

Soul of Christ, in which God himself, looking at his Word, fashioned, as a new creation, […] all the infinite perfections and nuances that, in his most simple being, He is… […]

What a concert of harmonies is the humanity of my Christ! a most fine lyre where the very Word of Life plays his harmony to manifest himself in word to men. […]

Oh creation of the human nature of my Christ…! The whole Trinity, in its immutable self-subsistence, is as though in a delirium of infinite love, […] beautifying and enriching that creature who, coming out of its hands, had to be the most fine lyre through which the very Word of Life would utter his sound of divinity to all the angels and to all men. […]

What a concert of perfections…! […] all the created perfections, compiled in the Incarnate Word; and all the infinitudes of the uncreated God’s being, expressed by sharing in the soul of Him who had to be the Word of Life…

Oh wonder of ineffable light…! It is the uncreated Light the one that, charging lovingly through the Holy Spirit on Christ’s humanity, bedecked it and made it so beautiful, so beautiful! that the very infinite Word, not being able to restrain himself any longer at the impetuous fire of the Holy Spirit that pushed Him and of the Father Love who sent Him, unites himself hypostatically to that creature that, like a most fine harp, when uniting itself to the Word of the Life, reverberating in it this close and profound union between God and his creature, so closely they merged, that, in the infinitely loving beat of that divine meeting, shaking it in the Holy Spirit, the Word of the Father made it utter his same Voice of divinity throughout the whole of heaven and to all the ends of the earth. […]

What a spiritual marriage with the most holy God himself….! A perfect marriage, in which the common goods are given and returned as an infinite gift of eternal wedding.

What a joy for Christ’s soul which […], vibrating in unison with the three divine Persons in the infinite joy of their eternal happiness, participates to an eminent degree in all and each one of the attributes and perfections of the infinite Being…! […]

There are no veils for Christ’s humanity, by which and through its hypostatic spousal, the veil of the Father’s Bosom would tear itself so that all men, having overcome the test, would be able to enter into that adorable bosom that you, through your hypostatic union, would open to us! […]

The Father himself, who does not have any delight apart from his Word, has given you in eternal possession and in total donation, […],his very Look, with which you, as your own, can contemplate without veils his same infinite beauty.

He has also given you his same eternal subsistent being so that you may also possess it; and in his same subsistent being, you have received as a gift the same being of God by participation.

And if that were not enough, […] the most high God has given you that men be, in you and through you, “Gods though you be, offspring of the Most High all of you.” […]

Oh Christ of mine! Sole bridge through which men go to God and through which God gives himself to men…! […]

Oh, the moment of the Incarnation…! I see the Man being God and God being Man…! And I cannot explain it…! […]

The Word is singing in heaven his infinite Song, which He, as the Word, sings eternally. Now the Incarnate Word, expressive outburst of God’s being, is singing the infinite Song to men…! […]

Oh Christ of mine, how terrible You are…! How I see You….! I adore You, because You are the Uncreated by reason of your divine Person, created in your human nature…! God-Man…! Man-God…! Mystery of the Incarnation…! […]

Oh Christ’s humanity, which are the human nature of the Incarnate Word…! How I see you plunged into the life of the Trinity…! You are the perfect reflection of the most high God himself, immaculate mirror in which the three divine Persons look at themselves and take pleasure in each other. […]

Adoration is the ecstasy of love. When love has filled its limit and already cannot love any more, it adores. Since God is infinite and exceeds the capacity of the lover, this one, having fainted from love, astonished and having collapsed because of the fullness of his being in the presence of the Infinite, falls adoringly and adores that which remains to Him, transcending. […]

The life of Christ on earth was to know, receive, respond to, express and love God, and to adore Him in what He knew and in what remained for Him to know.

As a fruit of this life, standing face to face before God and face to face before men, He expressed in heaven, as Man, God; and as a fruit of his contemplation in glorious love, as an immediate consequence of that knowledge, expression and love, turned towards men, He broke out in expression towards them; turning with everybody, to the Father in a response of glorious and atoning adoration, which in Him was infinite because his Person is the second of the adorable Trinity.

Jesus already is, through the hypostatic union of both natures, being himself the Word of Life Incarnate, singing to God, and doing the same thing He does in heaven, singing to men: […] since Jesus had no Person other than that of the Word, who is the infinite Singer in heaven and on earth, the same Song and the same Expression that He himself is to the Father, reverberating in his humanity, He is so to men. […]

Thank you, Lord, for having taught me today the mystery of the Incarnation from Mary’s womb, and in this way having known the greatnesses of Christ and the greatnesses of Mary’s motherhood, so unknown!

Thank you, Mother, for having me curled up in your bosom and for having sustained me with your motherhood so that I might not die when contemplating the great mystery of the Incarnation!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE GREAT MYSTERY OF THE INCARNATION”>(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 3)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Father’s Bosom is open”, recorded on July 19th, 1992 (press PLAY):

The Incarnation is the loving romance of God for man that was written in the purest womb of Mary.
I experience with the mystery of Christ what I experience with that of Eternity: the more I know it, the less can I express it because of the most perfect, subsistent and divine simplicity of its reality. (24-10-74)
The day of the Incarnation…! An eminently priestly day, of thanksgiving and astonishment, because God did that which is incomprehensible out of love for Himself and for men. Mystery of ineffable tenderness and infinite splendour, of chilling simplicity and sovereign majesty! in front of which one can only adore trembling out of love and respect. Day of the Incarnation: God is Man, and Man is God! (4-4-75)