It’s a proper trait of the pilgrim Church to suffer persecutions inside and outside Her motherly bosom. And even if we know that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, Her sadness increases all the more especially now that She feels to be “an orphan”, without the Pope, while living in the midst of the storms of our world.

The vacant See of Rome represents a very delicate moment with a unique importance, and all of us are asked to spiritually run and bend down at the feet of our Holy Mother Church in order to comfort Her, understand Her, help Her and ask Her – as Mother Trinidad did in 1959: “What happens? What’s the problem my Church? Why are You suffering so much?” Only by our deeper union with Her and by our greater commitment to Her we will bring repose and contentment to Her heart as She earnestly expects from us.

“Even though I have seen you sad”

(13 – 11 – 1970)

Even though I have seen You sad,
dark-skinned and contorted,
in hiding for Your mourning
and slapped while lying on the ground;
beyond Your sadness and anguish,
beyond Your torn innermost being,
I perceive in Your pupils,
in Your profound gaze,
such an infinite light
that it leaves me enthralled.

It is the gaze of the Word
that, in sparkling flames,
through Your pupils bursts forth
into sapiential words;
expressing in a concert
of melodies sacred,
the perfections eternal
of He who in Your bosom rests.

Even though sometimes, in my prayer
I see You so offended,
I always glimpse in Your life
the richness that overcomes You,
the Springs that flood You,
when I look on You in Your gaze.

Church, how I see You…!:
As divine as You are human!
for it is the Word Who expresses Himself
as You proclaim Your song;
while I contemplate You
in Your being fully soaked
in eternal wisdom
by Your divine Word;
full of infinite gifts
and brimming with charity
when I gaze on You in Your depths,
though You hide Your face from me.

And even if You want to show Yourself
to my being so offended,
cast to the ground and tearful,
panting and bent over,
You know that I know You;
and that, no matter how humiliated
You appear before me
I see in Your silent grief
the Bridegroom Who, on Your bosom,
resting, is havened.
Since, even though I know You are sad
and in Your members exiled,
I also know that You are glorious
in the Feast of the One You love.

Church, how beautiful You are…!
like a bedecked Bride,
surrounded by the children
who, coming in the morning
into God’s eternal day,
flatter You in His banquet.
And “there,” without mourning veil,
without Your contorted face,
without Your weeping gaze,
with Your crowned temples,
I see You overflowing with Light
of bursting cataracts,
resting and being aflame
on the breast of the One You love.

Your cheeks are bright stars
through which the Sun is outpoured,
like a kindled volcano
in cooling flames.

I see you full of children,
as a wedded virgin,
palpitating and overflowing,
like a Bride in love,
with infinite spring
of the bliss that flows forth into You.

Church, You are the same…!
Even though I see You cast down,
even if You ask me for help…
And even though You hide Your face from me,
enshrouding Yourself in Your cloak
like an abandoned woman,
I know how to look in Your anguish
at the beauty which overwhelms You,
the beauty of the living God
who, beyond Your nights,
speaks to me.

Therefore, when I look on You
in this tarnished earth,
and they want to dethrone You,
although they will never succeed,
my soul bursts into crying
overwhelmed by Your pain,
due to the love I bear for You
and the union which joins me to You,
in the midst of the darkness
of gloomy dense nights
and full of pain
in which my soul gazes at You…

Church, stand up!
and uncover Your face!
Throw away Your mourning veil!,
reveal Yourself brimmed!
and crush with Your power,
with the light of Your gaze,
the pride that spits You
on Your sacred cheeks…!

Stand up, Church!, soon!,
for confusion advances
and the little ones get scared
at the deceitful doctrine!
Uncover Yourself soon, Church!
and with Your power seize
the simple hearts;
at the same time that You crush
the pride of the haughty
with Your Word divine …!

Stand up, Church! Delay not!,
Today my soul begs You!
for if You ask me for help,
all my being is on guard
waiting for God to speak
and to tell me His word.

I will go wherever He commands,
I will run with no delay,
but I do not want to see You
with Your contorted face,
cast to the ground and tearful,
panting and bent over…!

Throw away Your mourning veil!
Come on, Church, beloved Mother!
and show me again
through Your infinite Word
the riches of the Sublime One,
the beauty that overwhelms You,
as the Bride of the living God
Who speaks to me behind Your nights…

Come on Church, delay not,
for my soul is zealous,
for the glory of the Coeternal One
and of His offended Bride;
and if You ask my soul for help,
with its militia it is on guard!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “EVEN THOUGH I HAVE SEEN YOU SAD “(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 1)


Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “SAINT PETER AND THE POPE SHARE THE SAME KINGSHIP”, recorded on September 2nd, 1988 (press PLAY):


My soul feels a great need for my Mother Church to be known as She is: in Her life, in Her beauty, in Her tragedy and in the richness that is contained in Her bosom, that is Christ, bringing us, through Mary, the eternal message of the Trinity, Her infinite richness, so that, when looking at Her, they may see the face of God in Her. (21-3-59)
The Church today, like Jesus to the Apostles, tells us: “Watch and pray that you enter not into temptation.” (17-12-76)
I need to be crying as long as the Church is crying! And I rejoice in being with Her and alike Her, so as to comfort Her with the sincere love of my poor requiting, since I die of pain and of love for my Church! (13-11-74)