It is surprising to think that death, which seems to defeat everybody, is the last enemy we will definitely overcome at the end… The death of each one of us is our trauma and our victory. When we die, we overcome our fallen nature, it comes forth from every bond and reaches again its plenitude proclaiming that God alone is.

Overcoming our enemy’s favourite arms, which are lie and death, shines at the end Truth and Life. And God’s mercy shines too, allowing us to know His Glory.


Death is man’s self-surrender to God, and with the destruction of his being, he says to God: You alone are through Yourself, and what You are not is nothing but what You want it to be in time, reality and being. (8-5-70)

A dead man, with his destruction, is say¬ing to God in a display of his total powerlessness: You alone are. (8-5-70)

The pride of man ends with and in his destruction on the day of his death, submitting himself to He who Is, in manifestation of his noth¬ingness to the All, who in order to be all, is Himself in Himself and through Himself the Resur¬rection and the Life. (8-5-70)

Thank You, Lord, for the repose You give me, because I know that one day, with my death, I will be visible proof that You alone are and that I am not. (8-5-70)

The day man said “no” to God, he died; and with his death, in total surrender, he chillingly voiced: You alone are, and all that You are not, is subject to You. Today I prove it with my destruction and total failure, because if You do not raise me from the dead, then I am capable of being or doing nothing. (8-5-70)

Lord, You who are the Resurrection and the Life, give Yourself to me so that again I can be in You, of You and for You. (8-5-70)

Death is the consequence of “I will not serve You,” and the surrender of man, who says with his destruction: “You alone are through Yourself, and I depend totally and exclusively on Your will; I admit it, I hope in You.” (8-5-70)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia