The “little ones” are not irresponsible or unconscious. Conversely, they are the most authentic and loyal to truth in this world, because they know where they can go, where they cannot get and how to reach their goal. It is to them that the mystery of the Kingdom of Heaven is revealed.

And that mystery – Mercy – to which everyone is called, remains an unknown reality.


The least among men is perhaps the greatest in God’s sight since He knows the depths of the heart and is well-pleased in the simple ones, communicating His secrets to them. (14-12-76)

The secret of Love is revealed to the little ones so they may communicate it. (26-3-59)

“No one knows the Son except the Father, and no one knows the Father except the Son and anyone to whom the Son wishes to reveal Him.” And the Son wishes to communicate it to the little ones, fulfilling the desire of the Father who sent Him: “I give praise to You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although You have hidden these things from the wise and the learned, You have revealed them to the childlike.” (6-11-63)

The Fathers seats us on His knees, tells us about His Word and kisses us with the Love of the Holy Spirit. (6-11-63)

How will you enter the secrets of the Kingdom of God if you are not small? Don’t you know that God resists the proud? To the extent that you are small, you will know the secret of the Father, which is found in the bosom of the Church. (12-11-63)

In the humble person the Lord rests and communicates His mysteries to him, even the most hidden mysteries. (9-1-67)

More than anything else I want to be small and simple, because in it I found the way to please You, the way to say yes to You and the way to comfort You. (10-12-64)

I want to be simple and small in the Father’s sight in order to sing Him the song, inflamed in loving fire, which only the little ones and the pure of heart do sing. (9-8-59)

My great richness is to have no human richness; my great richness is not to be, not to be capable, not to know, to be of no use; my great richness is to be little, poor, helpless, having no science, or human wisdom that may hinder God’s infinite gift depositing His richness into my poverty, His greatness into my lowliness, His all into my nothingness, His life into my death, His wisdom and science into my ignorance. (19-4-64)

How much do I feel attracted by sincere and simple persons who are not two-faced, who behave as they are and are as they behave! To me, this is one of the greatest values of man. (13-1-73)

How good it is to be simple, and how simple it is to be good, when one is simple! (24-1-69)

How hard it is for me to make those whom I love suffer! How hard it is for me to say no to what others say yes! How hard it is to be truthful! But out of love for the ones You gave me, I will not be silent, Lord! (28-1-77)

Hypocrisy terribly repels me; I seek simple hearts to turn them into a dwelling where God may happily rest. (13-1-73)

Jesus, the greatest torture of my soul was always to see that Your own did not enter inside You, that they also remained outside because of their lack of perseverance in prayer, of self-giving in their lives, of self-forgetfulness and true humility. (12-5-64)

My soul has no consolation and cries out to the point of dying over the great tragedy in which the Church of mine finds Herself, since, notwithstanding the abundance of liturgical services, the spirit of many of those who follow God is dried out; because the Lord seeks simple hearts in whom He can rest, to speak His Word to them. (29-4-66)

A pure heart I need, a simple and committed soul, an abnegated soul who forgets about itself, that I may rest in it and give it My eternal wisdom. (12-9-63)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia