Humility is the clear light which enlightens us about the mystery of God and clarifies our existence. It makes us live in the truth.

When we are merciful we spread abundant light around us. Mercy is the shiny lighthouse which guides souls to the safe port of Truth. Works of mercy are the light that the world needs…and each one of us, too.


God is the Light that came to give witness to the Truth; humility is truth, and truth is light. (21-1-65)

Man’s wisdom is rooted in humility. Of what use is it for man to know all things if, on becoming proud, his spirit is impoverished? (10-9-63)

Humility, give me the knowledge of the divine, for this can be found only in you, since God, in the souls who possess you, rests and tells them about His eternal secret. (12-9-63)

I love humility more than all riches, more than all graces, for I know that the humble person alone seizes God’s heart. (9-1-67)

Humility is the most ambitious fruit of charity, which is the queen of all virtues. (9-1-67)

He who abides in charity is humble. Therefore, look how you are doing regarding your love for God and for your neighbour, and you will see how you are doing with humility; but for charity to be true charity we must feel to be in the truth of our nothingness without losing heart. (9-1-67)

Even if we do many things, without humility we will not please God. He who seeks to appear, to be esteemed and to look good has already received his reward. And He who seeks to make others look bad has already been judged by his own action, because he acted against charity. (21-1-65)

How few are the souls who are humble! And how many are those who believe they are so, not knowing anything of its most elementary demands. (9-1-67)

Humility! Humility! Why are you so greatly desired and so very little possessed? (15-11-59)

Soul of mine, look not at yourself…! Look on the hidden God within you who says to you: Son, give me your heart. Since He knows this is the most difficult thing for you, that is why He asks you for it. (24-5-62)

Why do you consider whatever you think, see or say to be the best? That is a sign that you hold yourself in great esteem. (24-5-62)

Why are you distressed or troubled when people do not consider you? Don’t you know that you deserve hell? (24-5-62)

Who am I to think that everything is due to me, or to suffer whenever I am not considered? (24-5-62)

Do you have time to think that people do not know you? It is a pity! because you have to dedicate every instant to finding out the way to make God known. (30-12-59)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia