Our tendency to discharge responsibilities seems stronger than ourselves. We are able to blame God for our own faults and then complain of being abandoned by Him!

Humility, which is the pinnacle of human and spiritual maturity, finds its worst adversary within ourselves. Normally we don’t bring Mercy not even to ourselves. We don’t forgive ourselves for our mistakes because we don’t usually recognize them as such. That is why we feel bad.


The soul that begins to feel alone and believes to be misunderstood is easily surrounded by pride. (30-12-59)

Although it is a sign of sainthood, not all those who think they are scorned are so in fact. The saintly person seeks and savours that loneliness which, on reaching self-forgetfulness is not even noticed by him. (30-12-59)

A soul scorned thinks it is always misunderstood; and from the grieving soul that thinks it is misunderstood, deliver me oh God! (30-12-59)

Do you believe you are alone and misunderstood when others scold you? Start being humble and you will see that all comes to you with ease. (30-12-59)

You say you live only for the glory of God and you suffer because you think you are misunderstood… Reflect, lest you live for your own glory. (30-12-59)

Are you so worried because others do not understand you? Why don’t you use that time to understand Jesus and to make others understand Him, making Him known and loved? (30-12-59)

Why do you find an apology for yourself whenever you are scolded? Why don’t you act the same way with others…? That spirit you seek in all your actions is self-love and adulation of your ego. (17-11-63)

Son, do not apologize if there is no need, if you want to enjoy the deep joy that God gives those who humble themselves for His sake. (17-11-63)

Loneliness is caused by incomprehension and incomprehension is a gift God gives to man so he may seek Him alone. (14-8-74)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia