Yhere is an open and continuous war between the divine and subsistent “I AM” and our little and rebellious “I am”.

If our “I” lives in the truth, then it decreases, and in God’s all it increases, reaching its true authentic dimension. If we find our own place in creation then we can discover God’s all… and this will prepare us to be filled with His Mercy.


When my misery and lowliness keep me in the truth of my nothingness, my joy increases on seeing that God alone is Himself. (17-7-62)

In Your power my poverty is made manifest. It is Christ’s power that carries out the whole work of our sanctification, and in His power His glory shines forth, as well as in our lowliness His power is made manifest. (1-2-67)

When you think you cannot take it anymore, consider that it is the infinite Power that supports you; and, in the face of such power, who can doubt? (8-3-67)

I have received all I have, and just as I have received it, I can lose it; therefore, my attitude must be to trust in the fact that the one who gave it to me will not take it away from me and to acknowledge that, of myself, I am and have nothing, striving to abide in this truth that makes me humble and enables me to receive new gifts. (8-5-70)

From so much sinking into the lowliness of my nothingness, I got lost in God, and there, in His loving forgetfulness, in the sacred silence of the Infinite Being, I came upon the Eternal Virginity breaking forth into a luminous Flowing-out of infinite Charity, where the hidden and substantial Word is being begotten in the instantaneous instant of being Himself Three He who Is Himself. (18-12-60)

When I wanted to find the All, I sank into my nothingness, and there, engrossed in the nothingness of my nothingness, in adoration, I completely got lost in the All. (18-12-60)

When the misery of my nothingness makes me fall down to the ground, I adore, from my abyss, the unfathomable and infinite Abyss of my All. (18-12-60)

Thank you, Lord, because I am nothing and You are All. (18-5-61)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia