Another step further to discover Mercy: every time we recognize and experience the abyss of our misery we are irresistibly attracting God’s infinite mercy towards us.

When we touch the abyss of our misery, this is not only something difficult for us to understand but remains also even harder to accept; for this purpose we need to be small and simple, then God’s Mercy will appear in all its astounding dimension. The discovery of Infinite Mercy is all about reaching a privileged point of observation to discover it: so much did He humble Himself that one may feel like vertigo at it, yet He did so that we could gaze upon Him from our lowliness…


What relief! Mercy is made manifest in misery. The greater the misery the greater the mercy. What joy that God is such love, He loves us not because we are good, but because He is infinitely good! (25-1-75)

The abyss calls to the abyss; that is why my little being seized You. (11-5-61)

Lord, why do you love me so much…? –Because you are so small, poor and such nothingness that you seize my Father’s heart. (27-3-62)

Lord, what made You fall in love with me? –Your poverty, your nothingness, your littleness. (27-3-62)

My God, our misery seized You in such a way, that “the Word became flesh” and, by means of Mary, He enabled us to participate in His divine life throughout all times in His Church. (28-6-61)

The great mercy of God for man is Christ, because in Him man is God and God is man. And, to the extent that the soul, acknowledging its own misery, rushes unto the Father’s arms, it will then know about infinite mercy. (20-1-60)

God is Himself all attributes, in Himself, of Himself and for Himself; but there is one attribute in the perfection of the uncreated Being, that notwithstanding His being Himself so in Himself and of Himself, He is not so for Himself, and that is the attribute of mercy; since mercy is the outpouring of God’s infinite power in loving manifestation over misery. (6-4-67)

God cannot be mercy for Himself, because mercy is the outpouring of love upon misery; this is why mercy sprang forth in the bosom of the Eternal Self-Being the day when the human being, created to possess God, said to the Subsistent Being: “I will not serve You”; and now God is Himself mercy, because Infinite Love gave Himself to man in the magnificent splendour of His overflowing outpouring. (6-4-67)

My God, each day I know You more, and on knowing You and loving You more deeply, the knowledge of my own misery increases; and then he who is eternally envious of souls tries to dishearten me in the sight of the lowliness of my nothingness and the loftiness of Your All; and, driven by love, I rush into the divine current of Your merciful love, and there I rejoice in the fact that You, my God, are Yourself, for Your being Yourself, the “ONE ALONE HOLY.” (18-4-61)

When I sink into the abyss of my misery and it tries to crush me, I leap for joy, rejoicing only in the fact that the Being, in His divine life of Trinitarian communication, is Himself immutable holiness and supreme perfection. (18-4-61)

No matter how bad you are, you will be finitely bad, but your Father is infinitely Good, and He gives you His eternal love as proof of His goodness. Trust in the good love of the Good One! Or, do you think to be greater in your evilness than God in His goodness? (21-9-59)

No matter how great is my misery, it will always be finite and, once it is thrown into the abyss of the Infinite One, it is reduced to a praise of merciful Love. (18-12-60)

If it were not for the trust I have in Your merciful love, I would die crushed under the weight of my misery. (18-4-61)

My eternal and infinite Mercy! Why do You love me so much? My misery captivated Your being bursting with mercy. (23-4-61)

Lord, when I knew You, I fell in love with You, because the beauty of Your face captivated me. And You, who always knew me, how was it possible that despite knowing me, You loved me? My misery seized Your merciful heart! (18-12-60)

My abyss in Your Abyss, my misery in Your Mercy, my nothingness in Your All, are a praise of Your glorious good love. (18-12-60)

Love, when I kiss You, You kiss me; when I love You, You love me; when I feel You, all of You is a delicious experience in loving communication for me. Why do You behave like this with my little being? Because by pouring Yourself out over my misery, You manifest Yourself as merciful love. Love, how good You are! Thank You, Lord, thank You! (26-6-61)

God feels compassion for those who suffer, and this so much so, that He wanted to live our whole life in love and pain, thus totally understanding us. (14-4-67)

God bends down to those who suffer for His love and kisses them with the tender affection of a Father, giving them patience in order to know how to wait for further goods in future. (14-4-67)

The splendour of Your mercy is dazzling and overwhelming, and before Your infinite love, the profound and recondite abyss of my misery, on rushing unto Your Father’s bosom, waits for You to perform in my soul Your work of love, and through me, that which You have entrusted to me for the Church. (21-3-61)

Despite our misery, the Lord will carry out His work in us and will do His loving will for our souls. He is mighty in order to do infinitely more than what we could ever be able to desire. (1-2-64)

Lord, put an end to all selfishness with the power of Your mercy, and be the possession of all men who wish to possess You, giving rise to yearnings for You, through the splendour of Your face, in the minds that have been blinded! (8-1-75)


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia