Many times, more than one shepherd of the Holy Church has asked: “Why is Mother Trinidad always sick? Why does she have to suffer so much? Why next to her magnificent song of Church, she carries along a so hard, silent, and apparently failed existence?

And for all who ask, the answer remains always the same: “Mother Trinidad echoes with her life and her existence the situation of the Church, because she is the ‘Echo of the Church.’ ”


“It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God!”


God has become inside my chest deep moans of a request. Secret is his speech and tender his accent, but it is piercing as a sharp iron, wounding my innermost being in the slow cautery of an immolation!

His requests are hidden words, disclosures of his thoughts and of the immense plan of Redemption… His tender cauteries are wisdom, which fill the depth of my open bosom, in tender colloquies that are a request. […]

The voice of the Eternal is Word sweet and in tender colloquies; but the wisdom of his Explanation is so sharp! that today, because of the utter dryness of his springs, my innermost being burns with the immense fire of God’s power.

He asks in silence with a sharp clamour, with deep cauteries, like a volcano opened by the wounded jealous zeal of his heart. […]

I would like to break the chains that press on my soul; to give freedom to the burning word which, in cauteries of fire, I hold inside my being…

I would like, if I could! to break into songs that are screams of the request of the immense Love; deep screams in clamours of fire, that would express the torturing bitterness of my heart lacerated by the overwhelming request of the immense Power…

“Woe to him who falls into the hands of the living God,” (Heb 10, 31) and is chosen to proclaim the immense ardors of his requests…!

Woe to him who receives the overwhelming, infinite and eternal impulse, of the lighted flame of Yahweh’s Mouth, and perceives eternal words as a communication of a Friend… and is chosen to be the receiver on earth of the mysteries of the Eternal One…!

Woe to him who discovers the mysteries of the Immense, and is sent by the infinite Power to communicate them, as a manifestation of the singing Song of the Word among men…!

Woe to him who keeps tight in his chest the secrets of the Love…! Woe to him who, on account of the fullness of He who Is, of He who Is by himself of himself the eternal Being, feels utterly moved, overcome, translimited and unable to contain the unfathomable fullness of the Immense in his tiny heart…!

Woe to him…! Woe to him…! […]

If I could spell out, or at least let be revealed, the martyrdoms of my silence on account of the constant request of the Love, that impels me with eternal power to launch my song of living and palpitating Church, to break out into utterances, to describe, to manifest the secrets of the eternal Wisdom, communicated day after day, years after years, to the palpitating “Echo” of his bleeding song…!

But no…! Because I do not have words to reveal my volcanoes… because I do not find the way to break with my silences… because I do not come upon the open hearts that I need in order to entrust to them the bleeding message of my mission… […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Year 2010

And for that reason, perhaps, I may find myself more misunderstood, walk more lonely, more exiled; experience myself more immolated and more hidden, with more yearnings for eternity due to the clamorous request of the eternal Love, that turns inside my being into a torture of silence, of scorn on the part of those who are not He, and of expectation… […]

But, when God passes by and I feel Him in kiss, in sweet caresses and in tender colloquies; all my sorrows are impregnated with the clarities of a premonition…

His passing by in my bosom are sweet premonitions, that speak to me of glory, that speak to me of heaven, leaving me full of immense joys! […]

For that reason, in contrasts, I wander in my exile, living the ways that Love imprints inside my chest.

Ways that are life, even though they may be death or heaven to me… Ways so different! ways so diverse, which is Christ glorious and is Christ dying, in the realities of his eternal plan…!

And so, in my ways, I am manifesting, because I am the “Echo,” the deep sorrows of my Church, of Christ dying, and the clarities of his immense triumph…

I am “Echo of the Church!” and for that reason I hold, in the burning dryness of my ardent yearning, voices of the living God, clamours of hell, martyrdoms of death and glories of heaven. […]

I am “Echo” of the Church…! What mystery I hold inside of me…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “Echo of the Church”. (Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 4)


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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Plan of God, manifested by the “Echo” of His Church, calling out for souls, to fulfil the mission that God has entrusted me of helping the Church in Her essential mission, for being the smallest and helpless
of the daughters of the Church”
, recorded on November 16th, 1994 (press PLAY):

Native house of Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Dos Hermanas (Seville)

When I cannot say what God is, it’s not because He is difficult, but because they way I grasp Him is so complicated and poor, that I am not able to express the infinite Simplicity. (29-6-70)
I see that what I conceive of God is so clear, so simple, so joyful, that I am happy; but when I am to expose it, it’s then that the complication comes in; because, how to say the Word in His infinity of ways of being with our limited, poor and inexpressive words, which can only express by parts and using time, the one Who is not subject to time nor has any parts? (18-8-73)
Lord, when I love You, all seems nothing to me, when faced with the terrible need that consumes me for making You known in the bosom of the Church. (11-5-61)