The Holy Spirit leads the Holy Church as He fills the faithful with joy, and it’s especially in the periods of trials and difficulties that the people of God perceive His action in a way that is all the more evident.

Beyond all the sad circumstances that can obscure the unity and joy in the great family of all who believe in Christ, it’s the little, the simple and the least who always have the deepest and most clear insights regarding the beauty, the unity, the motherhood and Divinity of the Holy Mother Church.


“The Church is one in the union of the Holy Spirit”


The Church is a mystery of unity; that is why it is governed by the Holy Spirit, who is the union of the Father and the Son, of all men with God and of all men among them with God. (22-11-68)


“As You, Father, are in me and I in You, that they may all be one in us.” And, how the Father and the Son are one in the love of the Holy Spirit…! (19-4-77)


God wishes that we love one another for Himself, with Himself and in Himself, being one in His love. Thus the blessed ones love one another in Eternity: being one in God and among themselves glorifying He Who Is. (19-4-77)


The Church is one in the union of the Holy Spirit, and that is why She has to be one in life, one in criterion, one in doctrine, one in experience, one in mission and one in communication of goods and in the possession thereof. (22-11-68)


The Church is one. And in order to distribute the tight unity of Her life and to reach each and everyone, She dispersed Herself, not in thought, not in life, not in criterion, but in the apostolic mission, to spread throughout the whole world. (22-11-68)


The Holy Spirit remained with the Pope and the Bishops who, united with the Pope, have his same feeling and his sole unity, so that the Church may be one in God’s unity. (22-11-68)


Oh marvel of the Pope’s infallibility, which is capable of congregating all men in one thought, and to express to them with certainty the infinite will of God through his word of man! (25-10-74)


The Church never errs whenever She speaks as Church, because it is the Word who sings through Her. The Word proclaims the infinite truth of the Father, through the Church of mine, throughout all ages. (20-3-59)


The Church bursts forth for so much possessing the Truth, for so much knowing the divine Word; She breaks into singing and the Truth that comes out from the Father’s Bosom is spilling forth through Her. Church of mine, how beautiful You are! (22-3-59)


Even if hell, with all its followers, may untiringly work to sink the Church, they will not succeed, because She is built upon and fortified by Divinity itself. (20-9-74)

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “MY MOTHER CHURCH”, recorded on September 1st, 1988 (press PLAY):



The Church is a mystery of unity; and so that She may be one in the unity of God, the Holy Spirit stayed with the Pope and the Bishops who, united with him, proclaim the unity of the Church in Her truth, in Her life and in Her mission. (22-11-68)
[…] If to everything I have in my soul the Church were to say no, were it possible, I would tear out my soul, because before being soul I am Church. (18-4-59)
Only in the Church, where Christ is and manifests Himself through the Pope, the Truth is given in all its truth to the man who seeks it in the voice of the Supreme Shepherd.