There are manifold ways by which the Lord instils what He wants to communicate in the soul. Sometimes He directly introduces the soul into the Light of His knowledge directly, without any created reference regarding things from here below. Other times, counting on the simplicity and naivety of the soul, He makes it understand and live His divine magnificence.

This experience that sealed the sincere and transparent soul of Mother Trinidad when she was a youth can be of great use for us all.



“That God be infinite mercy in eternal self-giving of love, cannot go against his justice by demand of his coeternal and subsistent holiness”


God, breaking out in mercy through Christ to man, has to be answered by this one in justice, at the self-giving of the Infinite Word Incarnate […]

That God be infinite mercy in eternal selfgiving of love, cannot go against His justice, that demands a response of return of the human creature to the Creator according to the gift received; since, the greater the donation, the greater the response. […]

Understanding today and penetrating that something similar happens to the diverse gifts and charismas that God distributes to the faithful; that if they are from God, cannot oppose one another, but rather they mutually understand each other and help reciprocally for the attainment of one same end, under the action of one same Spirit, one same Lord and one sole God. […]

How painful! In view of the confusion, full of foolishness, of those who think, because of lack of knowledge of God’s subsistent excellence, that, for having been redeemed by Christ, we can now be opposed to the infinite Holiness, who, as a matter of justice, demands response from the human creature; not only as Creator, but also as Redeemer who dies, full of merciful love, to redeem man with His most holy Blood…!

How is it possible that the delirium of the human mind, trying to take refuge in the divine mercy, that as a matter of justice demands the response of the redeemed man, thinks that, even though it rebels against God and despises the self-giving of the Redemption, is saved; and without having been purified and sanctified by the Blood of God’s Only Begotten Son, may enter without a wedding dress the Wedding of the Lamb? […]

How will, as a matter of justice, the merciful God Incarnate be able, being despised, to take those who obstinately confront His Holiness, to participate forever in the Eternity of the happiness of the divine life in family intimacy with the divine Persons! […]

“When I was still about 27 years old, a group of us consecrated girls went to spend the summer at a small town of the mountain range of Avila […]; from where we went some times to spend the day at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Hawthorn; to take advantage, at the same time that we were in the country, of opportunities to accompany Jesus in the holy Sacrament in the tabernacle. Something that has been one of the strongest tendencies of my life. […]

And during this so happy a day that I was spending in the country, one of the times when I swiftly ran from the front doors of the Shrine towards the main altar, where Jesus in the holy Sacrament was, O what happened to me…! […] so amazing, and until then, unknown for me!

When I only needed about ten meters to reach the sanctuary –where I used to prostrate myself on my knees, I knocked on the small door of the tabernacle… I liked to put the small finger in the tiny keyhole as if tried to open it in my audacities of love games in love words full of indescribable and ineffable tenderness with my Jesus of the tabernacle, which I will did know He liked–;

suddenly, in a moment full of indescribable surprise, I began to experience the awe-inspiring, majestic and sovereign awe-inspiringness of God’s infinite might full of magnificence and splendour at the height of His unfathomable, inaccessible and untouchable immensity, that left me stopped dead, standing up, and not daring to look anywhere, or to move, or almost to breathe…!

And this was in a manner so deep, amazing and majestic, that I felt that, if I took another step, just there I could be left dead owing to the sublime, awe-inspiring and almighty majesty of the Jesus who was in the tabernacle, and who revealed Himself to me in the dazzling and all powerful splendour of His glory, as the awe-inspiring God of sovereign majesty; whom no human creature could approach, without being left destroyed in an instant, if he was not invited by the power of the infinite Sovereignty. […]

And, when it seemed to me that my poor nature was not able to endure that majestic but overwhelming situation, since even my legs trembled, suddenly, I began to experience in a slow and smooth way that the Jesus of my tabernacle, sweetly, tenderly and caressingly, held out His hand to me, inviting me to get closer… […]

And when finally I approached the tabernacle, for Jesus asked me so, there I adored… loved… and abashed myself…! while I felt the warm caress of Jesus, consoling me and, full of tenderness, beckoning me over to rest on His chest. […]

With the head bowed in front of the tabernacle, I learned that lesson which Jesus, with tenderness of infinite love, taught the small Trinity of the Holy Mother Church; so that, even though full of confidence in His infinite mercy, overflowing with unprecedented tendernesses and eternal loves, I were to understand, rightly distinguishing, what God is in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, and how far He humbles Himself, bowing to man’s smallness. [… ]

God’s Home and the Dwelling of the Most High on earth has been consecrated for worship, adoration and prayer. […]

Penetrating and understanding with what veneration, respect and adoration we have to enter into and to stay in the Sancta Sanctorum of the temples consecrated to God; intoning the hymn of praise of ‘the Seraphim before the Lord seated in His high and sublime throne…: Holy, Holy, Holy, Yahweh Sebaoth! All earth is full of his glory!’ […]

And this morning, feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, also during the Holy Sacrifice of the Altar, full and exultant of joy in the Holy Spirit for the so great and so overflowing filial love that I press into my spirit towards the Most Holy Virgin, I felt that the divine Wisdom, specially at the moment of the Consecration, printed into the innermost depth of my spirit something very sweet and palatable about the Most Holy Virgin, the Mother of the Infinite Word Incarnate, who is the divine Mercy that comes out gushingly over us from the Father’s bosom through His open side through Mary’s Motherhood for the salvation unto the restoration of the fallen humanity. […]

Since through Mary, in Mary, by the will of the Father, the love of the Holy Spirit and the Incarnation of the Word, the Only Begotten Son of God became Man and dwelt amongst us, being the First-born of the descendants of the Woman. […]

Mary is the Mother of Christ, the Incarnate Son of God and Her Son, the Mother of Mercy; that is why all generations proclaim Her blessed.
Being Mary the Gate of Heaven, the Mother of the beautiful Love.

Intoning my soul, exultant with joy in the Holy Spirit, with the Most Holy Virgin, Her Magnificat of glory […]


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“That God be infinite mercy in eternal self-giving of love, cannot go against his justice by demand of his coeternal and subsistent holiness”
(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 14)

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