March 18, 1959, will be considered the greatest day in the life of Mother Trinidad. That day God introduced her into His bosom for her to contemplate with His Eyes, sing with His Word and love with the fire of the Holy Spirit. After that day when she contemplated, lived and witnessed God´s luminous mystery, the Lord willed to enrich her even more by frequently introducing her into His Trinitarian life.

The infinity of God became to her very familiar, and the Lord delighted in teaching her, in loving wisdom, how the soul lives of God and how it partakes in His mystery of light and life. God allowed all this, so that, full of jubilation and joining the lamentations of the Church, Mother Trinidad could sing the mystery of Eternity while on earth. For this purpose God sent her to the Church with this command: “go and tell it, this is for everyone.” Something which she has been tirelessly doing since the time of the Council, filling the People of God with happiness and peace.


“God is a jubilation of love!”


Oh inexhaustible fruitfulness of the Father subsistent by himself, in himself and for himself! Oh Father, who, breaking into fatherhood by the infinite fullness of your inexhaustible perfection, You are yourself in a fruitfulness so plethoric and exuberant of being, that makes You break into begetting at that point-point, mysterious and hidden, silent and veiled, where You are yourself the fruitful and infinite Fatherhood of inexhaustible perfection, begetting the eternal Oriens, whom You always have begotten and are begetting as a fruit of your fruitfulness.

Emanation of your very wisdom in melodic expression of infinite canticles, so perfectly and consubstantially, that the begotten Son, whom You have in your bosom always begotten and always begetting Him, comes out without coming out, springs without springing, as a fruit of your loving wisdom, at the point-point of your divine begetting bursting out into Light of sparkling and refulgent loving wisdom, giving birth to the Light of your very wisdom, to your only begotten Son, Figure of your substance and Image of your very perfection in singing explanation of infinite perfections, eternal Word of melodic canticles in spelled out and explanatory expression of all that You are. “For it is an aura of the might of God and a pure effusion of the glory of the Almighty… For it is the refulgence of eternal light, the spotless mirror of the power of God, the image of his goodness.” […]

Word of mine…! […] who, in filial-loving return, express, being the substantial Word of his inexhaustible perfection, in a jubilation of love so sublime and so rejoicing in loving and explanatory response to the Father, all that He is himself in the deep depth of the concavity of his infinite subsistence and that makes Him break out into divine fruitfulness “in holy splendour, begetting You.” […]

And the love with which they love each other is so perfect, that it is all the being that the Father, in an act of begetting and loving fruitfulness, gives to the Son; and that the Son returns to the Father at the very instant-instant, sacrosanct, secret and sacred, of the divine begetting; in a paternal-filial embrace so infinite, coeternal and loving, that makes the Holy Spirit rise in flowing cataracts of divinity, loving Kiss of the paternal-filial love of the Father and of the Son, in Love Person of eternal jubilation, consubstantial and infinite. […]

And in a jubilation of loving wisdom, God, by demand of his very perfection, breaks out into three Persons of trinitarian Family in Wisdom of singing explanation of eternal Love. […]

Being himself God one sole being, been by the Father in copious outflows of eternal and infinite fruitfulness of luminous wisdom; expressed through the Word in jubilant Song of unheard of melodies; and loved by the Holy Spirit, personified Love, loving fruit of the Father and the Son in a Kiss of paternal-filial love. […]

How happy is God…! and how happy I am that my God is so happy in the hidden depth of his divine begetting shrouded and covered by the untouchable holiness of his inexhaustive and infinite divinity!

And that my spirit, overwhelmed and invited by the potent might of the infinite Power, has penetrated and tasted in a foretaste of eternity; that makes me, brimming with love, delirious of joy and inebriated in the richest nectar of this same Divinity, contemplate with the Father, by participation, his infinite perfection as his divine delight wants to grant it to me, to sing to Him with the Word and kiss Him in the melodious murmur of the Holy Spirit’s love. […]

While my spirit, trembling, reverent, adoring and frightened, when contemplating Him from exile, under the faith’s light, but illuminated by the Holy Spirit’s gifts and strengthened by the power of grace and the power of the Eternal, in a likeness of eternity; and when penetrating Him in his one sole act of being, understanding how He is –in the mode and manner that God only knows– from my poor wisdom illuminated by the divine wisdom itself; bursts out as though in a heartbreaking lament, when I have to proclaim Him through the limitation of my poor words and the containment of time of this long pilgrimage. […]


How happy is God! And how glorious! […] without needing anything nor anyone to be so.
Because, if God, to be more blissful, more finished, more perfect and more glorious, were to need something outside himself, it would be because to his inexhaustive perfection, coeternal, infinite and finished, something was lacking in order to be the subsistent Being in himself and by himself in infinity of being by infinite infinities of attributes and perfections; who, been and possessed, has, embraced in himself and by himself in his sole act of life, all that He can be in infinity by infinities of being, and in an act of trinitarian life of infinitely embraced perfection of eternal joy, in finished enjoyment of infinite and coeternal divinity. […]

How happy is God! And how blissful I feel that my God is so happy, without needing of anything in order to be so! And who, by a loving act of trinitarian life breaking out into infinite mercy, He has delighted in making us similar to Him, so that we may share Him, here in faith through the Holy Spirit’s gifts, fruits and charismas that are given to us for being catholic, apostolic and roman Church and from her motherly bosom, and in the eternity in light of clear day; with a Father’s heart, a Word’s song and a Holy Spirit’s love.

Most beloved soul, rejoice in the fact that God is what He is in himself, by himself and for himself. Trying to do it in an act of pure love as perfectly as you can, as you will do it and live it in eternity in the most joyful and coeternal sharing in the divine Persons. […]

Most beloved sons of the holy Mother Church, this romance of love, lived and savoured in the profound intimacy of the Divine Family, and shared by the soul, today I express it to you only as the tiny Echo of the holy Mother Church, in repetition of her songs, and moved by God from the year 1959, when, during long periods of prayer full of loving wisdom, the Lord imprinted in my spirit: “Go and say it…!” “This is for everyone…!”

Understanding in a clear and blunt way, under the light, the force and the impulse of the Holy Spirit, that all that, in one way or another God was communicating to me so that I might express it, was not so that only one class of privileged souls might live it, but so that it might be lived by all: priestly people, consecrated souls… by all, by all of God’s children! of all people, race and nation, in loving wisdom of intimate and filial communication with the Divine Family. […]

Listen today, most beloved soul, this song of love that I have spelled out to your soul under the impulse, the light and the force of the Holy Spirit that makes me exclaim with my cry of:

Glory for God! Souls for his Bosom! Only that! The rest does not matter!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing:“THE SANCTA SANCTORUM OF THE DIVINE FAMILY”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 7)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The Sancta Sanctorum, recorded on January 17th, 1989 (press PLAY):

Dear soul, whoever you may be, you who seek delicious experiences in the depths of your heart, do not toil to find them where they are not; launch yourself into the infinite spring of the eternal Being, and there you will find, in the sapiential currents of eternal happiness, what you seek without knowing what it is. (9-12-72)
God, by the richest plenitude of His being and perfection, on being clearly seen, will seize our free will, which, enthralled, will cling to Him joyfully and freely in a jubilation of beatific love. (9-1-65)
I am happy, because I found the richest source of the eternal Streams where I drink copiously, quenching, in the infinite wisdom, my tormenting thirst for God… But I have a deep, deep sorrow! It pierces my spirit, for the “voices” of Infinite Love are saying to me: Show Me to men, sing your song! (13-6-75)