The beginning of a new pastoral year always speaks about the passage of time. It makes us raise our gaze heavenwards and fix it on Eternity, this being the ultimate goal towards which we are all running in the dizzying and unstoppable race of our lives.

Our wish is that the reading of these beautiful and profound thoughts of Mother Trinidad may help us to work tirelessly for God’s glory in this new opportunity. May we always keep our gaze fixed on Him who loves us so much “that He gives us time that we may be able to show Him our love, and gives us Eternity to show us His…!”



How good God is, who gives us time that we may be able to show Him our love, and gives us Eternity to show us His…! He also showed us His love through suffering in time, so that He would lack no way of loving us! (20-4-64)

In Eternity, God, glorified, will rest in His love for me, making me happy forever. During exile, it is my soul that has to avail itself of every occasion of suffering, and thus to make rest the One I love, showing Him my love through suffering. (20-4-64)

Time is the price of Eternity, the fullness of the possession of the Immense and the glorious dimension of our soul-Church. (10-8-75)

God has given me my time, through which He asks me that degree of love, and none other, which He needs for His glory; if I lose or misuse it, God’s plan for me would not be fulfilled, and then, what shall I do? (12-9-63)

One only life I have with a fixed number of days to sanctify myself; if I waste them, where will I go for further life? (12-9-63)


Have you deeply pondered the truth of Eternity, wherein you will hear, on not a further day, the Voice that will eternally state your abode: “You are here forever… time is over… the end has come”? (27-11-61)

If death should come upon you now, the penetrating “forever” of Eternity, would it be for you joyous and eternal life in the infinite light, or would you be a prey of the infernal enemy in the despairing darkness of eternal damnation…? Try to live as you would like to die. (27-11-61)

One day here, during the passing of time, is one day fewer for arriving “there,” to the joy of Eternity; hence one day more is one day fewer. (10-8-75)

To the extent that past events become obscured by oblivion, the near future of the day of Love becomes clearer and clearer by the light of hope. (10-8-75)

Lord, put my soul in Your centre, which is mine, that my life may bear fruits of Eternity for me and for the souls You have entrusted to me. (12-9-63)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia