Music, melody and singing are needs of the human family, especially in the world of youth, which is particularly sensitive to the spiritual world and eager to find it, even if sometimes this is unconsciously done.

‘The most sublime and expressive song’ is the cross of Christ: for it is the fruit of His infinite love. Sublime Love, love that is sung, love that is expressed! Love that, sadly, only a few ones are able to know and savour.



“The most sublime and expressive song”

         Lord, I know that in Eternity my joy will reside in rejoicing that You are infinite Happiness flowing into three Persons, in Yourself, of Yourself, and for Yourself; and I will demonstrate to you the purity of my love on earth insofar as I embrace Christ, and Christ crucified, finding the joy of the great secret of the cross in suffering for the sake of giving You glory. (1-2-64)

         The cross is the triumph of love, and that is why the sacred peace which is given on it will always accompany us. (6-1-75)

         Near Your cross, how much I understand! Infinite Word in silence…! eternal Word, why are You silent…? You are not silent; You speak dying in silence! (19-1-76)

         What song of love and pain does Christ sing to the Father…! What Mass does He sing to the Father on the cross! He is the Great Priest, the only eternal Priest, victim of love and pain. (27-3-59)

         On the cross or in Gethsemane, the preaching of Jesus was to sweat blood in dreadful agonies and to die of love and pain for the glory of the Father and the salvation of men. (29-1-77)

         Great gifts demand great renunciations and great responses. How much did Jesus love us and at what a price! (16-8-77)

Statue of Christ on the cross. Chapel of the House of “Saint Peter Apostle”, one of the Apostolate Houses of The Work of the Church in Rome

         How harsh indeed is that cross of Yours, Jesus! and how cold and naked of consolation! Yet on it Redemption was accomplished… (11-3-77)

         The Lord loved us so much that, stretching out His arms He called us to Himself; and, on seeing that we did not come, in a cry of infinite love, He said to us: son, come to me, and if you do not want to love me, nail Me on the cross, on which I will express to you the great love with which I burn for you, and thus, with My open side, I will give you the life that flows from My heart. (1-2-64)

         You are Yourself Love… And how sweet it is to know this truth by relishing it! Yet You are on the cross, because love is self-giving. (13-4-76)

         Suffering is the way Christ set out for us to meet Him, He who died crucified to tell us the depth of His love. (25-1-67)

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia, From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)