God is love by essence, strength, goodness… How great is God…! How infinite in each of His attributes! And in each of those attributes the whole of the Being is there, and the Being is all the attributes…5847953852_374aafd36c_o

     Whence to me, my God Love, to enter so deep inside Your infinite Being…?

     The Father is contemplating Himself in Himself, and, on contemplating Himself and encompassing Himself, He is contemplating how He is Himself love. And on contemplating how He is Himself love, He is contemplating in this attribute of love all His infinite Being, since each attribute is all the Being; and in the attribute of love He is knowing all the attributes, just as in all the other attributes. […]

     That is why, when the Father contemplates Himself, He knows Himself completely in all His Being, He encompasses Himself, He penetrates Himself… And on seeing Himself so infinite in infinitudes of attributes and perfections, on seeing how delightful, desirable, good, loving and happy He is Himself by Himself; He contemplates Himself so content and so joyful on seeing Himself as He is, that, out of superabundance of loving Being, out comes from Him – without coming out – all His Being.

     All His infinite, fruitful and awe-inspiring Being comes out of Him, in fruitfulness, without coming out of Him Himself, from the content felt by the Father on seeing Himself so good!; all of His Being comes out of Him like an explosion of joy, like a shout of happiness, of content…! He comes out of Himself – without coming out – in a good Word…! And that Word is the explosion of happy Being, the explosion of joyful Being that, from a superabundance of Being, comes out “shouting” through the Word…

     Through the Word…! How clearly I see it…! The Father is shouting, but through the Word…! […]

     On loving the Word, out of the Father comes all His Being as Love; and the Word, on loving the Father, sings all His Being as Love. And since into that Father’s Love for the Word and the Word’s for the Father goes all His Being, the Holy Spirit is all divine perfection.a0ec946dfc1ba29097e44e3ae3ac8e05--church-windows-holy-spirit

     Therefore, since in God there are no parts, that loving spiration that comes out from the Father to the Word and from the Word to the Father, is the whole infinite Being as Love; for, in God, all is Being, and each attribute is the whole Being, and the Being is each of the attributes… […]

     The Holy Spirit is the Person-Love in God, Who contains in Himself, through the Love of the Father and the Word, the whole Divine Being.

     The Holy Spirit is the whole Being that comes out of the Father and the Word in the attribute of Love, loving each other as Persons.

The Holy Spirit is the whole Being of the Father and the Word that comes out of Them – without coming out – on loving each other.

     When God gives Himself, He gives Himself wholly, totally and in all His infinitude, because in Him there are no parts. Were it possible to say: “the smallest thing in God”, that smallest of attributes in God would be all the attributes, and, therefore, the whole Being; since, as we have said, in each attribute is contained all of God, because He has no parts in Him. He is Himself the being, who, being Himself been, is!holyspirit

     The Word is the rested Word that exhausts all the divine saying. And the Holy Spirit, the relief of the Father’s and Word’s Love, upon loving each other infinitely as His infinite and eternal Being deserves.

     When the Father sings Himself in His Word, that Word is the Father’s whole Being in Word.

     And when the Word, Who is the Father’s whole Being in Utterance, wants to say to His Father what He is, He says it to Him totally, infinitely, as only God can do it, and as God, due to infinitude, by exigency of being God, has to do it… […]

campo-de-flores-en-primavera     Soul-Church, do you see how good God is…? Do you see how infinite God is…? Do you see how He gives Himself…? Well when He gives Himself to you, He gives Himself to you totally, infinitely, by exigency of His Being, that, by being infinite and not having parts, has to give Himself totally.

     And if it seems to you that God gives Himself little, it is not on His part, it is on ours, for we do not open our souls so that the infinitude of God may enter; and for that reason we own Him little. For, when He gives Himself, by exigency of His Being, He has to give Himself as God; and as God has no parts, on giving Himself, He gives Himself as a whole; but each one of us has Him according to the capacity that, in order to fill ourselves with Him, we may open up to Him…

     God is infinite… He is Himself the infinite One! He is Himself Love…, He is Himself Good… The Good Good Love…! And when He gives Himself, He gives Himself as God and as Good Love. […]

     O God of mine!, if souls contemplated with the Father, they would have to sing with the Word and they would burn in the fire of the Holy Spirit, fulfilling the end for which we have been created; since the life of grace is the same as that which one day, in light, on contemplating God face to face, we shall have in Heaven.2699775330_2a0b668778

     And there, in the Father’s gaze, the soul will contemplate infinite Perfection, in light of Eternity; and it will find itself transformed, according to its capacity, and by participation, into that same infinite Perfection and into each of its attributes and nuances. It will find itself holy by participation, it will find itself virgin and it will find itself queen… […]

     On seeing itself so beautiful, and so transformed, the soul, full of love, participating in the Father’s love, on contemplating, and the Word’s love, on singing; it will with the Father love the Word and with the Word it will love the Father, and by participation it will be burned and transformed in the Love of the Father and of the Son, that is the Holy Spirit… […]

     And all of this will the soul do in the only Bosom that there is in God ; since in God there is but one Being, that each of the Persons owns in plenitude. And the soul, having by participation what God has by nature, participates in God thus… […]

     And there, scorched in the impetus and infinite current of the impetuous waterfalls of God’s Being, the soul will be an outburst of participated love in the Holy Spirit… […]

     God of mine, because You are infinite, because You are Yourself the One Who is Yourself, prostrated face down on the ground, dejected beneath the dust of my wretchedness, because You are Good, because You are infinite, I love You, I worship You.




Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the writing: “GOD IS LOVE”
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”
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