Virginity has never left people indifferent. People either admire it and believe it is a desirable good or either laugh at it and consider it something unreachable. It is the very same thing happening with God, you are either with Him or against Him.

Virginity has its theological foundation in the very mystery of God. The first part of this writing is a clear demonstration that God and Virginity, Holiness and Mercy –in its outpouring over misery while remaining spotless– are identical. Congratulations to those “who having ears, hear”, understand, cling to and follow the Lamb wherever He goes, being virgins.




“God is the infinite Virginity”


God, by the perfection of His very nature, is Himself the Being infinitely and eternally separate from all that it is not His Divinity, in perfect and finished adherence to Himself, in Himself, by Himself and for Himself; since between the creature and the Creator there exists an infinite distance of being;

adherence in coeternal Holiness of transcendental infinite Virginity that, in God, is to break out in such an so overabundant fruitfulness of being and so plethoric with life, that it makes Him be a Father of exuberant fruitfulness due to the loving adherence that He has to Himself in His act of life.

God is the eternal Virginity, infinitely separate from all that is not He; since, that which makes Him break out into fruitfulness begetting, is not His union with anything outside Himself, but the adherence which He has Himself in Himself and to Himself in the consubstantial loving separation, recondite and veiled of His being Himself the Uncreated. […]

O Sancta Sanctorum of the eternal Wisdom, that hides the infinite Virginity, infinitely distant and distinct from all that has been created, in the most blissful concealment of his being Himself Fruitfulness, bursting into a most bright begetting of explanatory, recondite and returned Word…!

God is the eternal and exuberant Perfection, and, therefore, the sole reality capable of fulfilling the infinite exigencies for perfection in the possession that He is and has in Himself; being His adherence to Himself an act of life plethoric with infinite perfection and to His infinite perfection.

To the extent that God is adhered to Himself, in His act of eternal virginity, to that same extent He is fruitful, and, therefore infinitely fruitful; so much so, that the fruit of His fruitfulness is all that He is, in Expression, in a Son who utters, in a Canticle of eternal and returning love towards the Father, the whole inexhaustible plenitude of subsistent Wisdom.

And as, by virtue of the infinite adherence that the Father has to Himself, on account of the perfection of His very nature, “in holy splen-dour” He breaks out begetting the Word; at that very instant without time in which the Word is begotten, This One is, by the being received from the Father, an act of infinite adherence to the Father Himself.

Being the union in adherence of donations and loving returns which the two divine Persons have Themselves between Themselves so mutual, so tight, so perfect and of such plethoric virginity, so much, so much…! that, in an embrace of paternal-filial virginity, they break out into a so perfect and consubstantial Love, so eternal and infinite, so mutual and so intercommunicative, so for Himself, so for Himself…! in the mutual adherence of their paternal-filial intercommunication, that this Love is the infinite Person of the Holy Spirit; who, in the perfect adherence of His personal reality, is the loving and finished rest that the Father and the Son have Themselves, when loving each other, in adherence of paternal-filial embrace of infinite love.

Being the Father everything in Himself and for Himself, and for the Word; and the Word, everything in Himself, received from the Father, for Himself and for the Father. And both of them –the Father by Himself and the Word by His being received from the Father–, in the consubstantial embrace of their mutual donation and return, are for the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is, by the Father and by the Son, for Himself, and for the Father and for the Son, an adherence of eternal love in loving returns.

That is why the three divine Persons are each one as much for Himself as for the others, the ones being in the others. And in the intercommunication of the three Persons, God lives, in the separation of His infinitely distinct and distant being from everything that is not He, in a Trinitarian and communicative act of eternal virginity.

Because all that God is Himself, lives and has, He is so, essentially and substantially, only in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, in perfect, comprehended and finished adherence, in infinite separation from all that has been created, in His Trinitarian act of plethoric and consubstantial Virginity.

God is adhered only to Himself in the infinitely distant separation of all that is not He; that is why the life of God, in the perfection of His intercommunication, is a single act of eternal Virginity in finished perfection.

Perfect virginity is the adherence to the Supreme Good, and the complete and absolute separation from all that is not He. Therefore, when the creature discovers the bright light of the eternal Wisdom, enthralled by it, it leaves all that is creation to rush irresistibly to the untiring search for God alone! […]

O Virginity, unknown Virginity!, because the Supreme Good is unknown insofar as He is, and unknown, therefore, all that we are able to be in the participation in His fullness…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “GOD IS THE INFINITE VIRGINITY”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 10)
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