The present writing is a very timely one and very deep in its theological contents, with some traits that unfold an authentic novelty as regards this issue: Virginity transcendent and consubstantial is the source of life-giving fruitfulness in the Trinitarian life, in Christ, in the Virgin, in the Church, and in every soul that, seized by God, desires Him alone and seeks such a great dimension of spiritual fruitfulness. The greater the virginity, the greater the fruit of divine life in souls, and the greater glory for God.

The knowledge of God dispels the meanness of a mediocre or weakened life due to human calculations.


“O virginity, you’re as great as you’re unknown…!”


God is the eternal Virginity, infinitely separate from all that is not He; since, that which makes Him break out into fruitfulness begetting, is not His union with anything outside Himself, but the adherence which He has Himself in Himself and to Himself in the consubstantial loving separation, recondite and veiled of His being Himself the Uncreated. […]

To the extent that God is adhered to Himself, in His act of eternal virginity, to that same extent He is fruitful, and, therefore infinitely fruitful; so much so, that the fruit of His fruitfulness is all that He is, in Expression, in a Son who utters, in a Canticle of eternal and returning love towards the Father, the whole inexhaustible plenitude of subsistent Wisdom. […]

God is adhered only to Himself in the infinitely distant separation of all that is not He; that is why the life of God, in the perfection of His intercommunication, is a single act of eternal Virginity in finished perfection.

Perfect virginity is the adherence to the Supreme Good, and the complete and absolute separation from all that is not He. Therefore, when the creature discovers the bright light of the eternal Wisdom, enthralled by it, it leaves all that is creation to rush irresistibly to the untiring search for God alone! […]

Christ, in His humanity, is such a perfect cry of virginity, so much of: God alone!, so much, so much, so much…! that He does not have any person other than the divine; being all the movements of His humanity a total adherence to His Person, a cry of God alone! that manifests itself throughout His whole life, acts, gestures and words. […]

The man who trails, seeks the fullness of his being in earthly things that cannot satiate him; the one who discovers God with eyes burning with penetrating loving wisdom, soars high and renounces, by exigency of the possession of the very God, to all that is not He.

To the extent that we unite ourselves to the Supreme Good, we become virginized, because we gradually adhere and become similar to Him, and separate ourselves from creatures. […]

O virginity, virginity of Mary! so plethoric, that, by the infinite kiss of the Holy Spirit in fiery passage over the Lady, She breaks out into motherhood and divine Motherhood; in such fruitfulness, that She is not only capable of being the Mother of the Incarnate Word, but, out of the overabundance of that same Motherhood and in the repleteness of Her virginity, She is the universal Mother of all men. […]

That is why, whoever may want to know the transcendent transcendency of the infinite Virginity introducing himself into the Sancta Sanctorum of the Trinity, has to enter into the most pure and maternal inner being of Mary, from where God gives and communicates Himself to men in the Sancta Sanctorum of the transcendent virginity of the Lady, through the mystery of the Incarnation.

Virginity, or consecrated chastity, when it is perfect, it seeks the fullness of its perfection in the glorification of God and absolute surrender to Him. And to the extent that man lives on God alone, adhering, in so far as he is and possesses, to the Supreme Good and to His plan, he is, according to his capacity, in the possession and fullness of the Supreme Perfection, in such a way that he makes himself conform to It, breaking out into fruits of eternal life for himself and for others.

Blessed is the one that is capable of adhering to God in body and soul so perfectly, that all that is not He and His glory, is considered by him as emptiness and fleeting. […]

Not all men understand this mystery due to the hardness and clumsiness of their heart, to the slavery wherewith their own passions have them dulled. And that is why, guided by that same slavery, not being able to supernaturalize themselves, they come, in their folly, not to understand the mystery of the infinite Virginity breaking out into fruitfulness, either that of Christ, Incarnate Virginity, or that of Mary, maternal virginity. By the clumsiness and roughness of their minds they want to remove perfect fruitfulness from virginity, without comprehending that complete, perfect and supernatural fruitfulness is the fruit of the virginity. […]

The most virgin is the most fruitful. That is why, who is more Virgin than God, adhered infinitely only to Himself, which makes Him break out begetting the Word?

Who is more virgin than Christ, who in His humanity is united with the Divinity so wonderfully that He has no person other than the divine one by means of the surprising, enthralling, divine and deifying mystery of the Incarnation; and in the hypostatic union of the divine nature and the human nature in the person of the Word, is God and is Man?

Who is as virgin as Mary, who is capable, through the adherence that She has to God, and by the power and the grace of the Holy Spirit, of giving birth to the Incarnate infinite Word?

Oh unknown and, therefore, underestimated virginity…! […]

The man who discovers God, rushes irresistibly to meet all his brothers in order to introduce them into the eternal joy of the infinite perfections. Therefore the priesthood, the missionary life and the consecration to God, arise from the dazzling discovery of the infinite Virginity that, captivating us, impels us to be, with Christ and Mary, a returning adherence to the Supreme Good.

Only God can fulfil our lives, only in Him will we be able to fulfil ourselves in the fullness and the greatest possible perfection of the being and of the task for which we were created. And that is why, he who discovers Him, seeks Him passionately, renouncing all that has been created for the total possession of His fullness. […]

O virginity, unknown virginity!, you are so sublime, that the fruit of your conquests is God alone for you and for all those who surround you.

O virginity, virginity, you that have your beginning in God, and the expression of your fruit is the mystery of the Incarnation by the maternal virginity of Mary!

O virginity, virginity, as great as it is unknown…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “GOD IS THE INFINITE VIRGINITY”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 10)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God is infinite Holiness and Virginity, Who communicates Himself along with Christ and Mary”, recorded on August 21th, 1992 (press PLAY):

O my infinitely spiritual God, let me drink until I am satisfied unto saturation with the eternal Virginity that You, my holy Trinity, are Yourself in Your intimate life of Trinitarian communication by Your subsistent being of supreme perfection. (28-4-61)
Only God! Without further ado, is the palpitating cry of my heart in love. (15-10-74)
If I have God, I have everything in the whole of His possession, in the fullness of His life, in the plenitude of His happiness, in the richness of all He is. And, when I lose him, I find myself with my parched longings, in the emptiness of all that creatures contain. (14-9-74)