Every created being -according to their capacity and each one in its own way- is an expression and a reflection of the unity of the Being and of the Trinity of Persons; hence God alone is Himself in His infinite gaze and in that only gaze He is the source of all creation.

The one who knows how to look at creatures with the light of God knows how to find Him alive and breathing in all created things.


“In all created things we see the Father’s gaze,
the Word’s expression and the Holy Spirit’s kiss”


God is Himself. And, in that very self-being, through His infinite fruitfulness, He breaks forth and performs creation.

All created things, each one in its own kind and manner, are an expression and reflection, more or less perfect, according to their capacity, of the Unity of being and the Trinity of persons; in such a way that God, for His being infinite, fruitful and perfect, has one only Gaze, which is the source of all the created and uncreated life. And all of creation is nothing more than a small reflection of what God is.

God is the transcendent Being who dwells at an infinite distance of all created things. The Being…! The only Being who, being solely of Himself, is Himself the reason for being of His very self-being and the principle of every being.

Of God no one can say that He is a being transcending all things, no; because, on saying “a being,” it seems that we compare Him to other created beings. God is Himself, not a being, but the Being, so gloriously and so divinely being Himself eternally that, in an immutable act of Trinitarian life, He is Himself Three.

This so infinitely transcendent God, who remains above all created things at an infinite distance, from so much being Himself fruitful love, breaks forth and performs creation by virtue of the superabundance of His self-being good, good love in essence and in Person. And, in one same Gaze, God is the subsistent and sufficient Being in Himself, and He is Himself, for His being Himself Creator, the reason for being of every being; and so He has willed to imprint Himself in each and every one of the creatures. That is why Genesis says that “God saw that all He had made was good.” And the reason is that everything is a reflection, although limited and tiny, of His being Himself the Uncreated.

In the Gospel, the Incarnate Word tells us that “no one is good but God alone.” Then, how can we explain that other sentence from Genesis that says, “God saw that all He had made was good?” It is clear that it is because everything is a reflection of the Good One, because everything is expressing something of the good Infinite Being, of the holy God, because everything is good in so far as it reflects God!

God, in His fruitful Gaze, outwardly, creates through the Word in the love of the Holy Spirit, which is why, all the little creatures and the whole of creation are a reflection of the Infinite One, since God performs all while contemplating His being, which is the reason for being of the three divine Persons and the reason for being of all creation. […]

That creating gaze is so perfect, so infinite and so accomplished, that all that He looks at -willing it to exist- becomes reality; in such a way that all that is contained in that gaze, in an eternal act of creation, through His creating Expression, in the mutual love of the Holy Spirit, becomes creation.

For God being Himself the Infinite One, in His simple Gaze He is penetrating all of creation as a whole and also each and every one of its most imperceptible atoms; and He is doing so in His Gaze of eternal Wisdom in the fire of the Holy Spirit. Despite God being so infinite, so eternal and so perfect, He is, as Creator, giving life to all creation and to each and every little creature, and He abides in His Trinity of persons and in His infinite Unity. […]

One can truly say that each little created thing has the Father’s Gaze, the Word’s Expression and the Kiss of the Holy Spirit. Because the Father looks, and, in His Gaze made Wisdom, creates; and, by depositing in those things a Kiss through the Holy Spirit, makes them burst forth into life. […]

Through the gift of knowledge, the soul sees and penetrates, savouring with the gift of wisdom, how God, in His One Trinity, is reflected in the whole of creation and in each one of those like infinite nuances contained within it.

I see how the whole of creation and all creatures are crying out: God. And they are all shouting, each one doing so in its own proper way of being. Because the inanimate creatures, in their almost immutable silence, are shouting at the spiritual ear even louder, if this were possible, than the animated ones. […]

And the soul savours, tastes, delights and rejoices in finding God everywhere, where only the spiritual gaze, an image also of the Gaze of God, with the gift of wisdom, image of the Word, and inflamed in the fire of the Holy Spirit, penetrates this awesome truth of the Uncreated in His creating action, and the soul sees that all is good because everything expresses God and, then, loves everything.

Because the soul is the highest and supreme creation of the Creator; and in God’s image, the soul shares His gaze that, on looking, expresses in one same gaze what it contemplates, and, on looking at it and expressing it, loves it. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God creates us looking at Himself in what makes Him be God”, recorded on July 9th, 1989 (press PLAY):


God is the Being, the infinite Being that, for being Himself the supreme perfection, is, in one single act of loving wisdom and eternal joy, in three persons. (25-5-59)
God is Himself; and this “to be Himself,” by the perfection of the divine nature, is so perfect in God, that it is to be Himself persons and to be Himself the eternal encompassment of inexhaustible perfection. (14-10-74)
In God, His will identifies with His power; that is why, everything He wills, He is able to do; and since the means He has to perform it are infinite, all created things are a reflection and an image of His infinite perfection; thus, everything God does is perfect. (27-10-75)