Countless are the lights that God offers us all to love Him more and know Him better.

To know how God´s Being is manifesting Itself in His will inspires a very strong reaction in the soul of the reader, so as not to want to ever lose the possibility of fulfilling the divine will, which fills us with life and makes us attain the fullness of our identity and our existence.

“Our freedom to adhere to God”

O coeternal sublimeness of the Infinite and Subsistent Being…! By Your sublime power of sovereign Majesty, on account of Your Being Yourself in Yourself, by Yourself, and for Yourself the reason for Your coeternal Deity, You are capable, not only of rejoicing in what You are, been and possessed in familial intercommunication of Trinitarian life, but also of rejoicing infinitely and eternally, for being good, in making happy other beings which, created in Your image and likeness, live by participation the same life that You live in most blissful delight of eternal enjoyment.

That is why God, who does not need anything nor anyone to be all He is, been, possessed, enjoyed and savoured in His immutable act of loving wisdom, under the consubstantial luminaries of His infinite pupils; in loving manifestation of His will and by the splendour and for the splendour of His glory, in the magnificence of His infinite power, looks outwards in creative will and makes beings exist who are by Him; which demands correspondence, in reverent and loving returning, of the rational creature to the Creator; the creature being also a voice in explanation and in return of response from the whole inanimate creation. […]

Because it is not that God, when He wants a thing outwardly, desires to realize something aside from what He is. But that, God is Himself all that He can infinitely be, being able to be all that is infinite in infinitude, been, possessed and encompassed by His infinitely sufficient subsistence; and in Him there are no parts.

Because in God acting identifies with being; and when He wills something its is all of Him in His intercommunication of Trinitarian life, the one who desires it; setting Himself in motion, without moving, His whole immutable being in creative will, so that there may be realized all that He wants according to His infinite thought.

That is why, the 1st day of April of 1959, I expressed, in the lowness and poorness of the limitation of my being nothing, able to do nothing and knowing nothing, as I could and full of surprise, what God made me understand:

“O what God is manifesting Himself in will!
The Being…! The Being…! Oh, the Being manifesting Himself in will…! How awe-inspiring…! […]
O How frightening…! how terrible…! how horrifying the sin of a man is, created by a motion of the loving will of God, that is the whole Being of This One moved in will…! […]
Not a thousand hells…! Hell, as terrible as it is, so frightening, so tremendous, so chilling, is the measure adequate for sin and even less…! There is no measure, however big it may be, nor punishment, for a created being who rebels against his Creator…! […]
A movement of our will against God’s will deserves Hell…
Who are we to move against God’s will?! who are we…? Let an earthquake start and the earth quake, when somebody opposes the God thrice Holy!!
O all what is God’s Being manifesting Himself in will!”

Since the inanimate creation, when at some moment of its existence seems to leave the laws that his Creator has given it, all of it is upset: the earth quakes…! seaquake arise…! abysses open up…! and everything revolts that somehow frightens men, because the laws of creation in something, with more or less intensity, with more or less consequences, have been tampered with. […]

One wonders what happens when the rational creature, created by God under the will of the willing of His eternal power and who made us in His image and likeness and predestined us no less than to be His children in His Only Begotten Son Incarnate, co-partakers of His divine life and heirs of His glory; rebelling against its Creator says to Him: “I will not serve You,” in a response of pride, ingratitude and contempt…?!

Since I have understood in an amazing way, overcome, trembling and frightened by the limitation of my littleness and the worthlessness and wretchedness of my nothing, that when You want something, O my Infinite and Eternal Power! it is not that You want it apart from You, as something that You think and You want in the manner that we want and we think; no. You are all of You in Your infinite and coeternal Being, been and possessed in Your intercommunicative act of family and Trinitarian life, the One who wants it, in the magnificence of the splendour of Your glory; which demands, by its own perfection, a response, to an adequate extent, of a returning of the creature to the Creator, of the nothingness to the Infinite Being.

Wherefore the soul who knows God, full of reverence, adoration and respect, as a canticle of recognition and praise cries aloud with the Angels of Heaven: Who like God…?! faced with the rebellious Angels who, in the madness of their foolishness, rebelled with Lucifer and like Lucifer against God Himself in their absurd and chilling cry of: “I will not serve You.”

For that reason an unfathomable Abyss opened into which Lucifer was hurled down like a flash of lightning, disappearing into the gloomy darkness of its chasms.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “God’s will”.Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 13

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “GOD’S WILL”, recorded on August 22th, 1988 (press PLAY):

God, Who is the supreme perfection, created us for Him with a capacity and demands to possess Him and, on giving us freedom, He gave us the possibility to freely embrace Him. (9-1-65)
The Uncreated One says to the rational creature: “I am, and you exist through me; acknowledge this.” And the creature, on sinning, responds: “I will not serve.” (15-9-66)
The path God marks out for you or the circumstances, in which He puts you, are the best for you and, sometimes, for not seeing it, you do not embrace them and drift away from the divine will. (7-4-67)