In the life of Mother Trinidad there is a “before” and “after” perfectly outlined. In describing God’s action in her soul in December 7, 1946, she herself says: “Infinite Love placed Himself before me, as though speaking to me: ‘Do you have the need of loving and of being loved? I am Infinite Love…!’ ” “And, from that day onwards, my soul lives in the fullness of all its cravings, infinitely overflowed in its yearning for being and possession.”

Among her numerous poems, and in many of them as in the current one, it is impressive to note a sense of awe-inspiring and overwhelming response that Infinite Love awakes in Mother Trinidad, her radical surrender to God that excludes any other possible love, her nostalgic hopes for new and deeper experiences….

The soul of Mother Trinidad follows Him who is Love with unwavering fidelity, with “nostalgias for the Infinite”; with “longings for cloistral encounters”; with yearnings for the touch of God who, “as clamours of fire,” stands before her as “a delightful Hero of Loves” and “Winner of trophies…”. Love has conquered her life forever.






“He is Himself delightful Hero of loves


I have in my chest a depth
of so sublime a mystery,
that in nostalgias for the Infinite
my spirit is dying.

I long for Him in the experiences
of my cloistral encounters,
and sigh for the infinite voices
of the Eternal.

He shows Himself to me zealous
by the force of His rule,
and He invites me to get into
the depth of His bosom.

I feel the touch of God
like clamours in fire,
like red-hot arrows
that pierce my chest.

There is nothing so deep and certain
as the touch of the Immense
in passing of power
with the triumph of His flight.

He is Himself delightful Hero of loves,
just as I wish Him,
conqueror of hopes
and winner of trophies.

That is why, my life is His,
a conquest of His tourneys.


Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

O my infinitely spiritual God, let me drink until I satiate myself, in saturation, with the eternal virginity that You are Yourself in Your intimate life of Trinitarian communication by Your subsistent being of supreme perfection. (28-4-61)
God alone! without further ado, is the pal¬pitating cry of my enamoured heart. (15-10-74)
I am happy because, not having in my heart anything other than God and His will, I overabound with joy in the midst of my incalculable tribulations, which make me in the like¬ness of Christ and, with Him, I am sheltered in the bosom of the Father by the love of the Holy Spirit. (5-11-75)
Priestly soul, all that is not God is not; live in such a way, that you seek only Him and His glory, in a complete oblivion and detach¬ment from yourself. Be prepared, because the Lord will come to take you with Him forever, forever! and He will come soon…, and that will be tomorrow…, now! (6-1-64)
Who are the ones who go more safely along the way to the Kingdom of Heavens? Those who do not seek anything other than God and, when reaching their term, all they had has been left in order to meet Him. There¬fore the one who has nothing walks more ag¬ile and, at his term, has nothing to leave, only to possess. (14-9-74)
If I have God, I have everything in the fullness of His possession, in the plenitude of His life, in the plenitude of His happiness, in the richness of all He is. And, when I lose Him, I find myself with my parched longings, in the emptiness of all that the creatures contain for me. (14-9-74)
Apart from God, I do not have any de¬sire; and this is not because of an emptiness of my being, which in God finds everything, but for the fullness of the divine will that repletes me completely and makes me have everything in it, not needing anything, due to the replete¬ness of my yearnings which seek only the savouring of God’s will fulfilled. (4-7-69)
When I did not want anything earthly and sought the infinite richness from above, I found everything in the wholeness of God; and, in its possession, I satiated my torturing yearn¬ings for happiness, richness, love and fullness which the infinite Being had shaped in me, only to possess Him. (14-9-74)

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia