God…! […] My adorable and delectable God…!

Oh, Being infinitely most simple and delicate…! Oh, calm Being, of unspeakable fineness, of inexplicable smoothness, of majestic silence…! What joy, to be able to love You, by participation, with the selfsame Holy Spirit, as You deserve! […]

153And what joy is the Word’s joy, on seeing that He is all the Father’s being! And what repose is the Word’s repose, on seeing that He sings it in most simple infinitude! […]

Ah, infinite Love, my Holy Spirit, repose of the Father and of the Word, paternal and filial Love springing in loving spiration in the infinite Kiss of both! […]

And in that Gaze of peace in which You see Your Word and the Holy Spirit, You beget that very Son whom You contemplate and who is the fruit of Your contemplation…. Ah, mystery of love, I adore You…! […]

Oh, Father, how happy You are Yourself in Your eternal repose, in Your infinite contemplation, in Your expressive Song…! Now Father, You have a Son who, because He is good, has nothing to do other than to be Your repose. […]

You, oh infinite Word! speak in Your single Word the whole unspeakable being of God, and so infinitely do you speak it, that there is no space for anyone else to say it, and that no one can express or say it unless it is in You and through You. There is no other possible word that can adequately express God, either in Heaven or on earth, apart from the Word Himself! […]

There is no one left who is able to sing, other than the Word. That is why all things sing in the Word and have their reason for being in Him: “All things were made –and said– in the Word.” […]

The Holy Spirit is the Love that enfolds, as in peaceful rest, in His infinite cooling flames, the whole of God’s being and is the Love of the Father, of the Son and of Himself. […]

And the Repose of the Father, the infinite Word in whom the Father and the Holy Spirit rest, came to bring us the repose we had lost through sin. […]Virgenynino

And the Word makes Himself a new creation, a paradise that might be His repose on earth, and that is Mary. Mary is the repose of God’s Repose. Oh, Mary, Gate of Heaven, through whom the Word passes to come to earth, and through whom men must enter to go to God…! […]

Now the Incarnate Word has a place of repose in Mary…! And not only a place of repose, but a comfort for His soul, lacerated by the lovelessness of men: “He came to His own and they did not welcome Him.” And this sentence of Sacred Scripture, nailed like a living reality on Christ’s soul, has so deeply pierced it through, that now He needs a comfort for His aching soul, and this comfort is Mary. And Mary is the repose and the comfort of God. […]

And the Word, the repose of the Father, who is always resting “in the bosom of the Father,” comes to earth and, from the very first moment of His coming into being, is faced with incomprehension, ingratitude and scorn from those very persons to whom He had come to sing to and to bring His repose to, giving them His love. […]

And pouring Himself through the Holy Spirit in love for us, crying out with inexpressible groans through that very Holy Spirit who loved us in Him to the end, He says: “With a baptism of blood I must be baptised, and how my heart is in distress until I see this fulfilled!”

Dios-mio-SIN-2-RAYAAnd it was accomplished, and He shed all His blood. And after having sung His love to us throughout His thirty-three years, and after having brought us His peace, He continues to cry out: “I looked for comforters but I found none!”

What mystery…! Oh my Christ, is it possible that there is no comfort for you? And yet, so many souls follow You?: “I looked for comforters but I found none!”

When You look for somebody to be consoled, You always find one. All souls are ready to be comforted by You, and then all souls surrender themselves, all souls give themselves, all forget about themselves, all fall in love. But when You cry out looking for comfort and leave them in abandonment so that they may comfort You, You look for comforters but You find none. […]

How little we penetrate into the deep pain of Jesus. He saw Himself forsaken by all, even by His own Father…! We don’t know Christ, nor have we penetrated into His mission or into His pain. […]

If we want to live out our reality as Christians, we have to embrace the cross; we have to stretch out our arms on it and be forsaken by everyone, even by the Father Himself, being together with Christ apparently despised and forgotten. […]

Ah! we, who have sinned so many times, we are afraid because we suffer in our own flesh and in our own soul the purification of our own faults. […]

In order to follow Christ, the indispensable condition is to carry your cross and to deny yourself. […]Jesus-con-la-cruz-a-cuestas

Ah, priest of Christ, you are fruitless as a result of your lukewarm life! don’t you tremble at the thought of millions of souls who are in mortal sin? Won’t you decide to become an apostle through your life of immolation, sacrifice and assimilation of Christ? See, life is short, the end is approaching, the reward is great, the punishment is terrible, souls don’t know and don’t love God, “the children of darkness are more clever than the children of Light!” And while the sheep of the flock of the Good Shepherd go to other folds, priest of Christ, what keeps you occupied? Ah, priest of Christ, how terrible it is if you are not holy, if instead you lead a lukewarm life…! […]

Soul-Church, why you and why me, why have we been called to sing the infinite riches enclosed in our Church? Why is it we who have been anointed, predestined, called, chosen…? when we continue to disappoint God’s heart…! […]

Souls are lost because God is not known. See, the heart of God has been disappointed by men, and Christ continues to be unknown, His message is deposited in the bosom of the Church, and, after twenty centuries, it still remains buried there…! Twenty centuries have gone by and the Christ continues to clamour, with His soul torn apart by pain, His voice faltering through His weeping, His eyes glazed over with tears: Father, they know neither You nor Me..! and that is why, “I looked for comforters but I found none.” […]

Let us sing, in the bosom of the Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Unity in the Trinity of Persons, so that God’s children may find their rest, their repose and their solace in being repose for God Himself and in reposing in His Father’s bosom.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”
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Everything God disposes is good; and my not seeing it that way is my cross. It was not like that in Christ, whose will was only the Father’s desire and whose cross was made by me through my sins. (21-3-67)

The cross is to embrace that which I do not understand, which I do not see… out of love for Him who, in order to accomplish the Father’s will, gave Himself up for us. (11-10-63)

The greatest cross is to lose God in the abandonment of the night. When the Lord wants to make a soul co-redemptrix, He makes it cry out: “My God, why have You forsaken me!” (6-4-77)

God does not love you less when He hides, but He wants to ask you for your gift in deeds and in the purity of love, which lies in seeking Him for His sake and not for your own delight in Him. (12-4-67)

The Lord does not put us to the test to make us suffer, but to beautify us and thus bring us all the more towards Him. (6-3-67)

He who, despite being on the cross, closely follows God, will reach the certain end of love. (6-3-67)