God is infinite richness, the full and eternal plenitude, containing in Himself, in His subsistence, all He could ever need.

God is Himself for Himself infinite and compact in the Trinitarian communication of His Divine Family.

paisaje2-reducedYet God, who is all He can be in the possible possibility of He-Who-Is, a possibility that in Him is infinite, when He wants to communicate Himself to others He does so according to the way He is, and so His self-giving is infinite.

And thus we see in the mystery of the Incarnation, in the life of Christ, in His death and resurrection, and in the definitive triumph of His last coming, the magnificence and the splendour of His glory in infinite self-giving.

Whenever God gives Himself, He gives Himself completely. And He does so at each and every one of the steps of His lifetime; in the bosom of the Church, in the Sacraments, in each and every one of them; He gives Himself completely to the soul-Church, and to each and every one who is open to possess Him. And He gives Himself completely with all He is, in His infinitude, in infinity of manners; because whenever God gives Himself, He infinitely surrenders Himself, even if our reception is limited.

God is the infinite Self-Gift, the Eternal Giver; therefore we cannot say that there are only seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, or that twelve are His fruits, or forty-thousand the graces He communicates to us…. They are uncountable, unlimited, countless, because they are gifts of the Infinite One in His communication towards us….

No more limits, no more frontiers, no more calculations, no more measures, in order to count the ways by which God communicates Himself to us…!

In the Incarnation He gives Himself in infinitude of ways on His part, because He cannot give Himself but the way He is; Advent is another infinite set of different ways for Him to give Himself; the same as the manger, the public life, the great mystery of the cross, where Infinite Love, bursting into blood, infinitely tells us the depth of His love….SAGRADOcorazon-reduced

His death is the most rich manner through which He infinitely gives Himself to us shedding His blood, and in the maximum degree, according to human appearances.
After His death, the resurrection… Pentecost with its whole infinite set of countless and unending styles, ways, charisms, riches, gifts and fruits….

And should this be not enough, the mystery of the Church with the Sacraments, and, amongst all of them, the great Sacrament…! The Sacrifice of the Altar… the perpetuity of the Eucharist…! The actual and habitual graces in souls; and so many millions and millions of gifts that, on God’s part, break forth into infinite ways by which He gives Himself to the Church; remaining with Her throughout all times in His Trinitarian communication, not only to accompany Her, but living His life in Her and in each one of Her members; and remaining with the Pope and the Bishops, entrusting them with His Flock, teaching them and enlightening them, to make all of us live His life in special ways, manners and styles….

With how many gifts does God communicate Himself to His Church…! In each and every one of the Sacraments He gives Himself in infinite ways and nuances, because He completely gives Himself, as He is, with all He is and in His simplic-ity.

And that is why, through some very simple gestures, all mysteries are communicated to us: the Incarnation, the life, death, resurrection and the last coming of Christ, with all the richness of the Church, of each and every one of the souls; being all the gifts for each and every one, because God is the great Gift, and He gives Himself to all, even if He does so according to each one’s capacity and according to His eternal plan of love for each person.

How great God is, who, in giving Himself, He does so infinitely, eternally, unconditionally…! Even if He is always received so poorly, meanly and so miserably…!

The great mystery of Christianity is God’s infinite self-giving, and our terrible close-mindedness: God, who gives Himself to me in infinite ways, and I, who on not receiving Him, I miss out for me and for others those very graces.

Because not only does God give Himself to me in my soul, but also in all souls of all times who are in grace, from the beginning until the end of time, and He does so in infinite manners; yet, not only I don’t receive Him, but I also lose for me and for others all those graces; since also through me He wants to infinitely give Himself on His part to all souls….

paisaje-reducedHe also infinitely poured Himself out on all inanimate creatures, so that, when looking at them, I could give them their true meaning and respond to God by singing their beauty; since none of them has a created voice, for I am the voice of creation who, on interpreting it, gives it its meaning and response to the Creator.

How rich God is and how wonderful…! And how eternal and infinite is the self-giving He Himself has done! for, whenever He gives Himself, by perfection of His eternal being, He has to infinitely do so, despite our reception may be limited.

Dear soul, respond to the infinite self-giving as you can…. Open yourself to the eternal Capacity that wants to be given to you; respond with your gift to the Gift that God is Himself; but don’t become unaware before the Divine Giver, who so gratuitously and in so many infinite ways gives Himself to you, asking only for your openness and receptivity of grateful love in response to His eternal self-giving.




Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”
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