“What do you see at night, tell us sentinel?” These are the words of a hymn from the Liturgy of the Hours. What do you see in the night of our current times so gloomy and dark? This we ask Mother Trinidad who has been sent as a faithful sentinel and as a prophet who bears joyful news for the people of God, who are longing for better times.

“How sad I see my Church!” and, also “How glorious is my Church”. This is the response of Mother Trinidad which makes us understand that only those who have the great capacity to rejoice and to suffer – because of their greatness of heart – are able to truly discover the Holy Mother Church, so unknown even to Her own children on earth and so dazzling when She is looked at with the Eyes of Heaven.




                                                                    How adorned is my Church!
                                                           how beautiful! all in Her best attire!
                                                           all wrapped up in Her perfumes
                                                           and with jewels adorned!

                                                                    I see You all-festive,
                                                           as a Bride in Her finest garments,
                                                           God Himself You’re possessing
                                                           and are being in Him fecundated.

                                                                    Yet, a veil of mourning,
                                                           Your jewels is covering,
                                                           Your beauty obscuring
                                                          while torn apart You’re looking.

                                                                    And it’s because Your children –my own–
                                                           Your soul have torn asunder,
                                                           since from Your bosom they’re leaving
                                                           going after companions, deceivers.

                                                                    How sad my Church I see
                                                           with Her disfigured face,
                                                           and, with a veil of mourning,
                                                           that Her rich regalia is covering…!

                                                                    How glorious is my Church
                                                           in the bosom of the Beloved…!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia