The Church feels the need to live in order to “sing” and communicate the faith with wisdom and love, and wants to put Theology within everybody’s reach. So many centuries of experience within the Church attest that true Theology is done by starting from the Trinity and the Incarnation, leaning one’s soul, like St. John in the last supper, on the chest of Christ.

That is why it is very reassuring and edifying to see how Mother Trinidad combines her mission of being a witness, a prophet, a theologian, “Echo of the Church!” conveying with simplicity, accuracy and life what she herself has received with a very intense light to be communicated to the People of God.

How strongly has my faith been strengthened
on knowing that God is Himself…!

I have faith… And I believe in the only true God, He who is Himself, by Himself and for Himself His very eternal subsistence and infinite self-sufficiency; and in His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, the One He sent, Yahweh’s Anointed, the One expected by the nations, the One promised to our holy Fathers and longed for by the Prophets; “God from God, Light from Light,” of the same substance and nature of the Father and of the Holy Spirit. […]

I have faith… And I “believe in the Holy Spirit… who proceeds from the Father and the Son. With the Father and the Son He is worshipped and glorified.”

One only God and three persons, equal in their being and different in their persons.

And my life of faith, full of hope and aflame in love, makes me know, penetrate and savour this ineffable, marvellous and transcendent reality, beginning and foundation of that same faith that I possess, and light that clarifies all the mysteries that it contains, and that have been manifested to me in loving wisdom, specially from the 18th of March of 1959, so that I may communicate them, with the command of: “Go forth and tell it…!”; “This is for everyone…!”.

“I know that God is Himself –I wrote on the 23rd of January of 1960–.
And I know it, without knowing, in His eternal understanding; even though what I know, God is, for having got into His very knowing, and into His understanding I know it.
And even though what I know, God is, I infinitely remain without knowing what God is, in His being Himself being; but, only to know that my God is is Himself, leaves me in love for Him who Is…

And how greatly my faith has been strengthened when knowing that God is…! because this is the root of our faith: to know that God is Himself and how He is Himself so and why He is Himself so.

And if I know the dogmas without knowing that God is Himself, and that God has His being in Himself, everything shakes, because the reason for my faith is in that God is Himself.”

“Should God were not Himself, nothing would be, because in Him and through Him, through His being, ‘in the Word were created all things,’ by and under the impulse of the Holy Spirit.”

     God Himself, by virtue of a design of His infinite will on me, countless times has taken me into His bosom, for being Catholic, Apostolic Church and founded under the See of Peter, so that I might come out singing to everyone, in my mission of Echo of the Church, the essential richness of our life of faith, received from this Holy Mother.

That is why on the 6th of April of 1959, as on so many other days of that month, and of the previous month and of other consecutive months, at the contemplation of His mystery, with irresistible power He made me exclaim:

“God’s being… that awe-inspiring being of God, so infinite and awe-inspiring, with a sovereign majesty, with a awe-inspiring awe-inspiringness, with an overwhelming immensity… that being so infinite and awe-inspiring is by essence
peace… calmness… silence… All eternity in one immutable silence… in a for us incomprehensible calmness…!

All of God’s life is one act; one infinite, fruitful act of being! and so infinitely fruitful and infinite, that the Father contemplates Himself in a silence silently awe-inspiring… And the Word, who is the jubilant and loving Song of the Infinite Being, comes forth, without coming forth, from the Father’s bosom, and sings to Him, in a loud cry of being, all the awe-inspiring, immense and fruitful being, in one sole and silent Word: one sole Word that is the whole Being in Expression… Yes, one sole and silent Word, one sole and loving Word, one sole and inexplicable Word… Inexplicable to us, but to God it explains without any noise and in one act all the Father’s infinite and finished being… It is the adequate Expression that expresses, in perfect and infinite expression, the whole being without beginning and without end.

This Father, so fruitful, so silent, so loving, who contemplates Himself in an endless and beginningless contemplation, utters Himself –in one sole act– all His endless being, in one sole Word that comes forth from Him for being so fruitful… And that Utterance is the Word, the sole adequate Expression of God in His being and in His persons.

The Holy Spirit has to proceed from the Father and from the Word, because there is nothing in God the Father that is not in God the Son; and the Holy Spirit is the personal Love who, bursting into a silent love out of the bosom of the Father and of the Word, comes forth from the Father as the loving being loving the Word, and from the Word as the loving being loving the Father… The Holy Spirit is the Love who, bursting, comes forth from the Father and from the Word in the Person-Love. […]

“And what a joy…! And what happiness…! How I see Him…! What a joy does God have for being Himself in Himself Song of eternal jubilation…! What a joy does my soul have to see God as He is…! What a joy…! What a joy…!”
[…] And the knowledge that my faith gives me, enlightened by the fruits, gifts and charismas which the Holy Spirit has donated to His Church, leads me to participate in God’s life itself; being able to call the thrice Holy God, the most high and inaccessible God of infinite majesty: “my Father God,” Who burns in need for bringing His children into His Father’s bosom, as He Himself branded it in my soul and I expressed as I could, with my poor and limited expressions, on the 25th day of March of that year 1959:

“God wants to be known and loved by His children… God wants us to enter into His bosom, so that we may know the loving and warmish being of our Father God…!”

“God is awe-inspiringly infinite… God is an affectionate fire that is infinite fatherhood. For God is Father who wants take all the souls and put them in His bosom…! And for this the Word became Man: to sing to us His Song and to give us the infinite love that burns in the bosom of the Trinity…

[…]For when I speak of the Trinity I do need to tell everybody that God is not a static God, stone like; God is Himself the Life bursting into being, into perfections, into riches, into beauty, into familial activity of infinite and homely Home, into infinite infinitude of eternal happiness… into… into…

       […] How great God is…! how jubilant…! what a Father…! what a love…! what a concert of harmonies sung by the Word in His sole and eternal Voice in expression of fruitfulness…!

We all have to be word with Christ to sing His eternal Song, because we are Church… My vocation, within the bosom of this Holy Mother, is to get all the children of God into the caring warmish bosom of our Divine Family… What an outburst of infinite perfections are my Three…! How awe-inspiring is God in fullness of life…! For I am seeing it! and I cannot tell it… But my joy lies in knowing that my Father is so rich, even though I may not possess Him in His joyful Light…”

“My God, I really need to sing You… sing You… sing You until I die of so much wanting to sing You without knowing…! I die because I need to sing You to all souls… To sing You…
to sing You without stopping…!

Let everybody know that God is love! That God is love…! That God is love…! Infinite love…! That God is love!!!” […]

“Let everybody know that God is love!!! Love that burns Himself in desires to communicate Himself to the souls…! For God is infinite love…! Let all souls come to the warmish bosom of the Father-Love!!”

“Let no one be frightened of God…! Let no one tremble with a God who has died on the cross out of love…! Let them approach the warmish bosom of the Father…! Let them go to the fountain of Life, who is in the Eucharist…! Let souls go and eat the Word become flesh! for if they eat the Word Incarnate, become Bread out of love, they will live by the eternal life in God’s bosom… Because where the Word is, the Father and the Holy Spirit are. And in our tiny bosom and in our tiny being, in the interior of our soul, God is, if we are in the state of grace…” […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “I have faith”. Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 17

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “PURE LOVE IN HEAVEN”, recorded on July 11th, 1992 (press PLAY):

The joy of my life is that God is my Father and that I live by faith, hope and charity; apart from this, nothing else can fill me. (21-2-67)
When the night becomes darker, my faith becomes stronger, with the hope of the one who loves, seeking nothing more than to love the Love for what He is in Himself. (7-8-73)
Faith is the atrium of glory; the person who lives it tastes and savours the sweetness of the closeness of Eternity. (14-10-74)