This short piece of writing, deeply poetic, is a kindled and sincere prayer about what the soul lives when it has received Jesus in the Eucharist.

The beauty of the feelings that Holy Communion gives rise to in the soul, and the delight that the Lord derives every day from that Common-union within us, causes the soul to continuously fall in love with God and God to fall in love with the soul.


“Jesus, I have you and I want you,
I seek you and I possess you…”


The loving chest having been wounded, rests in your bosom in long hours of sweet intimacy…

I know how much you love me, Jesus my loved one, for I feel you inside after receiving Holy Communion.
Your gifts are tenderness inside my inner being, amorous compliments, without words, in deep clamour…
Today I wish to return, prostrated before the Tabernacle, with my immense poverty in total self-giving.

Procesión de la Solemnidad del Corpus Christi en Dos Hermanas (Sevilla), pueblo natal de la Madre Trinidad

I already know that this exile is loaded with suffering, with crosses, with torments, with unequalled afflictions… Long are the paths of this life in darkness, that bring us weeping to the unalterable joy of your infinite Home…!

What does it matter that I mourn, Jesus of my tabernacle, Lord of the Sacrament, in extended days, in nights that have no end because spent in pain?! If you stay glorious in your immense power, in your sweet mercy, my soul is full of your eternal rejoicing …

Your glories are my glories, whatever they may be; their price does not matter, even though I may die in the struggle from a continuous mourning…

How long the days are…! How black are the nights of each pilgrim in his journey along the long road wherethrough you lead him, loaded with mystery, towards eternity…!

My enamoured soul, after receiving You in the great Sacrament that took place on the altar, wants to obey once more your eternal will, whatever this may be regarding my wounded being, which, torn with love, seeks you incessantly.

I have you and I want you inside my inner being; I seek you and I possess you there in my palpitation, clamouring to find you again each day, by the Eucharist, in order to be able to turn myself, after receiving you, to your immense goodness…

I love you in the depths hidden in my chest…, I kiss you, as I can, after receiving Holy Communion… And I only anxiously seek, in my life sealed by the light of your fires, to be able to give you joy with my bleeding chest and crucified in you, trying in each instant to fulfill your whole plan!

What will happen tomorrow…? I ask each day when the trial grows worse refusing to leave me. What does what may happen matter, if You will be with me, Jesus of the Holy Sacrament, giving Yourself as nourishment, in each crossroad of my life, when passing by…!

How beautiful are your fires loaded with mystery, replete with promises, when you are in my depth…! I listen to your words replete with hope, which speak quietly without pronouncing anything.

Your sorrows are my sorrows, your glories are my glories, only your will fulfilled makes me repose in my mourning.The rest does not matter.

My offering for the Church, well do I know was accepted, and today I wish before the tabernacle, after receiving you, to offer myself once more, as in every morning, without minding the cost of doing in each instant your holy will.

I love you, my Jesus, receive this day, with all its poorness loaded with nobility, my total

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “I KISS YOU AS I CAN, AFTER RECEIVING HOLY COMMUNION”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 6)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “In the consecrated Host the sublime Sacrament is performed for the salvation of souls: They can fall into hell!”, recorded on June 6th, 1996 (press PLAY):

The Corpus Christi procession as it passes by the house in which Mother Trinidad was born in Dos Hermanas (Seville)

I have just received Holy Communion, what else can I wish? A greater happiness does not exist, even though many times one may not experientially feel it. (17-10-66)
I receive Holy Communion to become You by participation and to be able to sing You, in Your love, to men; and You, do You accept me as an oblation to make of me the soul-Church that You need, so that You can give Yourself to souls, through me, according to Your will?
Jesus, I need to eat You well in order to know how to become a victim and how to sing with You, on the cross, Your song of love and pain. (16-4-61)