iceland-main-AP-xlargeGod is He who Is Himself; the Source of life, the Spring of eternal waters welling up in infinitude of waterfalls of Being, the origin of all life and the purpose for all existence; He who in Himself satisfies all His infinite happiness, who in infinitude, through His attributes and perfections, is Himself the full Satisfaction of the capacity of encompassment. […]

The Father is contemplating Himself in His Spring of Being. And the Father, by the infinitude and superabundance of being Himself a fruitful Source, begets a Son who is Himself the whole divine being, who overflows in loving Song, all things having their ultimate reason for being in the Word. […]

The Father breaks forth with His Word into infinite water springs, and the Word, who is those very water springs, pours Himself forth over all the earth in the most unique oneness of love of the Holy Spirit. And the three divine Persons mutually give and return Themselves unto Themselves, as Source of life, in their inexhaustible water springs and in their perfection of Being, and are infinitely refreshed in their most unique and Trinitarian intimacy.

And God pours Himself, as Source of life, in such a way that all the fountains, all the water springs, all the seas and brooklets, derive their being from this Wellspring of life, this eternal Source which, gushing forth, leaps up into Expression and speaks in His person, as Son, all the inexhaustible and fruitful Being of the Father in the cooling flames of the Holy Spirit, the eternal Wellspring of living and infinite waters. […]

The Word is finally singing! And what is it You are singing, infinite Word, Word of the Father, infinite Spring of eternal perfections? What do You say, You who are the full Delight of the Father, You in Whom and through Whom all things were created? What do You sing, Incarnate Word, Jesus the Nazarene, Christ nailed on the cross? What is the word that Your mouth utters, Spring of living waters?

Cristo-de-la-Sed– “I thirst…!” Thirst for souls for the Father’s glory, thirst for the knowledge of my life –that is the same as the life of the Father and of the Holy Spirit– to fill the earth “as the waters cover the sea”. […]

– I thirst to make myself known! I thirst, Father, to sing You to my brethren! And I, who am the Source of life, feel parched, because after so many centuries, after having died on the cross bursting with blood through all my pores, I see in my eternal Present that, after having expressed You and manifested You so much, my brethren, the children of men, don’t know the Water of life, because they know neither You nor Me! And then, my soul is lost in the deepest tragedy and incomprehension “I looked for comforters, but I found none!”, because I looked for someone to understand Me, to receive Me, to listen to Me, but I found none. […]

The royal cloak that enrobes the Church is the Blood of the Lamb, with which this Holy Mother cleanses and beautifies all Her children, thus making them partakers of the glorious life of the Trinity. But it is necessary that we listen, in the silence of prayer and in the intimacy of our soul, to that very Trinity that is communicating its infinite secret to us.

The Father is telling us His loving Word within ourselves so that we can listen to His saying and we might know, in the love of the Holy Spirit, about the life of the Infinite One who remained in the Eucharist and established His mansion within our souls so that He could tell us, in a tender expression of love, His very own secret and His eternal life. […]

Sermon-on-the-mount-copenhagenThe Church is contemplating, in many of Her members, with the Father; She is singing with the Word to all men; She is aflame and inflames souls in the fire of the Holy Spirit. And Mother Church is doing this in fullness, on Her own account and through those members who are living their Church membership completely, partaking of the life of Christ and receiving the eternal message that He came to communicate to us. […]

Priest of Christ, listen to the High and Eternal Priest so that you may learn His Song, perceive His secret and, in Him and through Him, give glory to God in loving response to His gift, and give life to souls.

Soul-Church, be, in the bosom of this Holy Mother, a refreshment that can quench the thirst of the Word of the Father, who, offering the greatest proof of love to men, out of love for the Father, cries out: “I thirst…!” Ask God, the Source of living waters, that He may pour Himself over you, through Christ, as a Spring of divine waters; so that your inmost being, through that knowledge of God, may be set aflame in the loving fire of the Holy Spirit. [..]

Oh, awe-inspiring mystery of the communion of saints…! Through our incorporation into Christ, we communicate divine life to souls. […]

Let us listen more intimately to Christ’s groans and, by understanding Him more deeply, let us comfort Him! Let us ensure that He does not have to say to us, too: “I thirst!” but that, because we belong to those who have received Him, He may be able to tell us: “Give me to drink!”, and that, on our giving Him our love, it may give Him a taste of that divine life which, by our union with Him, will flood our soul. And that thus, keeping Him company in His passion, we may die and be able to live our resurrection with Christ to the new life that He has come to bring us.

Let us walk towards eternity awaiting the return of Jesus, when all those who have followed Him will be quenched in the eternal springs of the Divine Family. And there, living with the Father, through the Son, in the union of the Holy Spirit, may we be Church that eternally sings God’s praises, in that bosom of the Trinity where we will encounter the soul of Christ being eternally refreshed, Mary our Mother saturated in fullness, and all the souls of the blessed, who will never thirst again because they are knowing the Father and the Holy Spirit, in union with Jesus Christ.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
From the writing: “I THIRST!”
From the book: “La Iglesia y su misterio.”
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Listen to the Lord and learn thus to live of Him, being comfort for His soul, parched by the pain of incomprehension. (1-2-64)

How awe-inspiring is the containment of the mystery of redemption, that made Jesus live, at one same instant, with God in an incomprehensible dimension, and with all men in loving self-giving, in need of response, and in ungrateful rejection on their part! (22-9-74)

The Lord wants you to listen to Him in order to speak to you and give you His secret of infinite love and, as a consequence, to awaken in you a thirst for souls. (1-2-64)

The mystery of Mother Church is so rich, living and vivifying, that unites me directly with Christ by means of the Liturgy, doing away with time and cutting down the distance, by delivering to me, in the days of my pilgrimage, all that He is, lives and does; being also capable of taking me and moving me to Christ’s own time, in order to make me live and drink directly of the stream of His open side. (15-10-74)

The Lord is thirsty from so much waiting for someone to whom He can speak His infinite love… Immerse yourself deeply into the cavity of Christ’s side that you may discover the mystery contained within Him, and thus sing Him to all souls. (1-2-64)

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