Our tiredness of life, the sorrows of our existence; the lack of satisfaction for not finding what we need… all this makes the soul cry out: I want the Being…! And this cry doesn’t mean our will to be detached from people, but our will to find God.

Life without possessing God is a continuous anguish and torture, and this grief cannot be easily soothed by anything except God. This is why when we do not possess God it seems that we live immersed in a lethargic life.


“I want God alone, without further ado…!”


I want the Being…! I want God alone, without further ado… because all that He is not, deeply tortures me…!

I need to get into the profound depth of the Eternal Affluent, where, bursts in the inexhaustible Waterfall of the infinite Wisdom into gushes of being… […]

I am tired of the earth with its creatures, with its concepts, with its emptiness of God, with the incomprehension that it contains in itself as a consequence of sin; this is why the mutual understanding between men and me becomes so difficult…[…]

I feel pierced by the secret of silence, by the lack of understanding of those who together with me walk vertiginously, many perhaps without knowing it, towards the end of this life; which, by falling into God’s will, leads us to the most happy joy of Eternity, or, in our mad race, can bring us to lose it forever into the abyss owing to our pulling out of the plans of He who Is, who created us with immense capacities for happiness in order to satiate them in the possession of His infinite joy, in the domestic intimacy of His Divine Family…[…]

My thirsty spirit moans for the Eternal Living One, in the free comprehension of His mind, without earthly concepts, without created words to express Him. I want to love Him with the Holy Spirit, but not among shadows, but in the luminous light of His infinite pupils…

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. 1969

[…] To know not how to express my feelings tortures me… for having to avail myself of phrases and concepts that do not decipher all that I need to say…
I want the Being…! the Being…! And I want Him now…! And for that reason, when I am not able to possess Him as He is and where He is, in the infinite light of His coeternal clarity, I search for Him insatiably next to “the doors of Eternity,”1 in my tabernacle, in breathless wait for the its sumptuous Gates to be opened for me forever… forever…!

Each instant of my life is a more torturing clamour for Eternity, a deeper wideness, and a deeper petition in need of God alone in what He is, without any things other than He…!

I love Him who Is Himself by Himself all that He is Himself in the infinite majesty of His eternal subsistence… in the eternal conversation of His singing Explanation… in the consubstantial paternal-filial embrace in copious overflowing of personal and spiritually loving Love…[…]

I need God now, without any more waits…! For I was created for the Life and only in it I know how to live… I do not find the way to live without the Life in the death of exile; since my journeying on earth is nothing but to be dying every day to everything earthly, soaring up towards the Immense Being…

The noises of this land hurt me… their mocking guffaws… the rush of their vertiginous race without knowing where they head for… The hypocrisy of the insincere hearts victimizes me deeply… the mockery of the triumph of the proud and the apparent failure of God among men…

I seek the Being…! And in the only place where I find Him the most is in the simple concealment of the tabernacle. […]

I do not wish to go to Heaven in order to separate myself from men, but to meet God, since only for Him was I created and for nothing else…! All that is not that is a consequence. And I need the total possession of the Being in His being Himself all that He is Himself for Him…[…]

My life is a vertiginous race towards the Eternal One, and, in its sad wandering, is collapsing in its ever rising with a new and deeper torture in breathless clamours for Him who Is Himself.

The Being calls me to Him, and I run to His encounter in the insatiable search for my saturation…
I love the Being in what He is, without anything but Him…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “I WANT THE BEING…!”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 9)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Creation”, recorded on August 18th, 1988 (press PLAY):

Tomorrow, no later! with God forever… Such a sweet encounter…! And “there,” looking upon Him in His sight, singing Him in His Mouth and loving Him in His Fire… Time is over and the end has arrived, Eternity has began…! Face to face with God, adoring the Being in His being and in His persons, for His being He Himself and for His way of being such; in an act of pure love that rejoices in God’s essential joy, forever…! And this will be tomorrow! (9-7-75)
My silence is life, is a foretaste of Eternity, is a thrumming of concert, a softness of mystery, a loss of all which is from here below and a tasting of the fullness of that which is beyond. (18-8-73)
I burn with yearnings for the Being…! I will see Him as He is, tomorrow…! Each day that goes by, is one day less for the definitive encounter. (15-2-76)