In this world that pushes us to live at a frenetic pace and exhausts us more and more, the Lord offers us the only and true rest for our soul.

And this rest consists, contrary to the world’s logic, not in seeking time for ourselves, but in spending time trying to make the Lord, our Beloved, rest in our love. Only when we love Him in this way, with that purity of love that forgets about itself, our being fulfills in plenitude, and we really rest.

Let’s let this poem and these thoughts touch our heart and help us trust the Infinite Love, that looks for us tirelessly.




“I would like!”


I would like to be donation
that would never ask for anything,
would always give myself to everyone
in total immolation.

I would like to be, with my Bridegroom,
silent Eucharist,
by silence sealed
in loving priesthood.

I would like, with strong ardour,
to be bloodless sacrifice,
donating myself in nourishment
for the glory of the Love.

I would like… –how much I would like!–
that my consecrated life
were accepted by God
without anyone knowing it.

I would like to love so much,
that, prostrate in surrender,
I were all adoration
in reparation to the Immense One.

I would like, standing before God,
the Infinite Majesty
to have in my loyalty
an unconditional response.

I would like… –how much I would like!–
my repressed illusion
to be copious flows of life
for everyone who heard me.

How much I would like, Lord…!
But You, pay no attention to me;
if the thing is that the fire in which I burn
makes me be delirious with love.”


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

Now I know, my Jesus, that the place where one reposes to sleep, is one’s own home; therefore, sleep in me, even though I do not experience in my life anything but the breath¬ing of Your sleep, thus knowing that I comfort You in hard journey. (20-3-62)

Lord, are You tired?, don’t You have where to sleep?, everybody asks You for feasts…? Come, Beloved, sleep, for I, watching Your sleep, will not wake You up, because I am in Your hard journey a bed where You may re-pose and find Your rest. (20-3-62)

The one who loves knows how to wait for Jesus to repose asleep in his soul; but the one who does not know anything about love, at the first sleep of the Bridegroom, runs away to look for other loves that do not sleep. (20-3-62)

Does Jesus sleep in your soul? You are a trustworthy bride when He has laid His rest on you. (20-3-62)

Lord, I give you this, and that, and all that You ask me; but, tell me that I make You rest! (26-3-64)

Jesus, if I am not of comfort to your hurt soul, I will die of painful love. (11-11-59)

How hard it is to see Christ so lonely and unknown, being so much love and so unloved…! Jesus, we do not want You to be so hurt by the lack of affection, and that is why, we love You with the Holy Spirit and Our Lady. (21-1-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia