There are too many themes absent in today’s spirituality: the Being of God, and the way to possess Him. They are realities that seem to be confined to the space of philosophical reflection, however they constitute the foundation of the authentic living of God’s children.

The Lord has placed in our small and humble souls the radical need to know His infinite being. This writing teaches us how He desires to be sought, and where to find Him in all His fullness: in the Tabernacle.


“I seek the Being…
and unless I find Him I die…!”

I clamour for the Being, for the possession of the conquest of the Infinite, by the proximity of the Holy Spirit’s quiet breeze… […]

The infinite Love kissed my soul, printing Himself into it so divinely, that this one is a repetition of response to the divine gift in a loving rush towards Him.

My life is to love the Love who, shrouding my soul with the breeze of His passing and in the fluttering of His warm caress, says to me quietly in a sacred uttering of infinite petition: “Come to Me, my bride” (Cfr. Sg 4, 8).

And this “come to Me” that the Infinite Being engraved by fire into my chest the day of my consecration as an enamoured Bridegroom petition, hurled me towards Him after the breeze of His flight in an impetus that, responding in gift as I can, tells Him: “wait, Love, that I go swiftly.”

The mystery of my life, that of my consecration, and all the tight nostalgia of my constant ascent towards God, is no more than a petition of the Love, answered through an unconditional response of self-giving and correspondence. […]

The Love calls me to Him, and my love runs to the Beloved, because the light of His beauty enthralled me so wonderfully, that only on the day of His Suns my soul will rest quietly, leaning upon His chest.

That is why, when my thirst for Eternity burns me, when my impetuses for possessing the Being seem to snatch me from the death of this life, when all things threaten to separate my soul from the body in the flight of its rush towards God; impelled in the live coals of love, I run to the tabernacle, where, in a self-giving of love, behind the mysterious Gates that conceal Him, I meet the Being…! the Infinite Being! […]

Sometimes, when it seems that I cannot take it any more, when coming next to the tabernacle, I stop in my ascent, and, falling down before my suffering Jesus, I love Him in loving repose with the need to be next to Him all ages enduring.

How well have I understood in this last season the necessity of Jesus being in the Eucharist…! If He would not have stayed with us for the sake of love, how could our love live without Him…?!

My times of tabernacle, lived day after day next to “the Gates of Eternity,” have my spirit pacified and support the vertiginous race that, on account of the voice of the Being who invites me to follow Him, my spirit undertook towards Him.

God is the All of my life, and the infinite All is in the tabernacle for my sake. […]

When my tired life experiences that it cannot bear it any longer in insatiable clamours for the Being due to the yearnings for His possession, it rushes to the tabernacle. And there it finds, in the mysterious way that faith gives to her, the hope for the fullness of all that it needs. Wherefore I have managed to comprehend, through my impetuses satiated in the Eucharist, in a savouring of mysterious comprehension that the doors of the tabernacle are “the sumptuous and wide Gates of Eternity!”

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia. Christmas 2012

In the tabernacle is the Being…! the Infinite Being who calls me with powerful voice inviting me to follow Him. Wherefore, when after so many years of consecration, it seems that my spirit cannot contain any longer His longings for God in light, it needs –and I know that my life depends on that because God thus printed it into my soul–, long and rested times of prayer before Jesus Eucharist, to hold back the impetus that, in swift race, drives me to move on to Eternity… […]

I find at the foot of the tabernacle, the strength of my life, the continuation of my journey, the fecundity of my spiritual motherhood, the fullness of my spirit so many times distressed… Furthermore, the comfort, the kiss of the infinite Love to my tearful soul, the caress of His compassionate hand, the gazing of His serene eyes in calm participation in my terrible nostalgia for Him, and even for my own in the solitude of my hard exile, all, absolutely all! finds full sense in my whiles of tabernacle next to the “majestic Doors of Eternity.” […]

I look for the Being… and, either I find Him, or I die…! Because He calls me to Himself with an irresistible force that, in a rush for a reply, makes me live in a torturing clamour for Eternity…

But, now I found the Being in the loving way that His infinite will wants today to give Himself to me in the sorrowful path of the pilgrimage of this exile in my insatiable search for God alone…! […]

I want the Being, and in the tabernacle I find Him!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “IN THE TABERNACLE IS THE BEING…!”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 9)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Accompanying Jesus in the Eucharist, and living with God in the soul”, recorded on March 11th, 1995 (press PLAY):

Chapel of The Work of the Church in Mother Trinidad’s home birth place. Dos Hermanas (Seville)

The tabernacle doors are the doors of Paradise, since behind them the Eternal is hidden. Therefore, the soul who discovers Jesus in the tabernacle encounters heaven. (17-2-73)
Before the Tabernacle I am happy, because when I savour my faith, during deep silences of simple prayer, I am led to know that the doors of the tabernacle are the wide gates of Eternity, whereto my hope springs forth driven by the Holy Spirit’s infinite Love, and where the perfect encounter with the eternal Sun, in the light of His eyes, will reveal to me forever, forever! the enthralling face of God. (14-9-74)
The silent loneliness of the tabernacle is the most expressive explanation of Infinite Love, unknown and not received. (29-1-73)