This experience of the solemnity of Christ the King is impressive.

The tragedy of Christ, sorrowful and tearful due to the situation of mankind in the 20th Century and 21st Century, remains so strongly engraved on the reader, that it constitutes an unforgettable memory and a key to the interpretation of Jesus´ deepest feelings.

“Vigil of Christ the King.
I have seen God weeping…!”

Eve of Christ the King…!
How would I tell
what was printed into my soul
on this unforgettable day,
of nineteen fifty nine
when I was dying of sorrow
while my Jesus sorrowing
in such deep agony,
that my lacerated soul,
without knowing what was happening,
broke into deep sobs;
and prostrate on my knees,
reverent and adoring,
I contemplated speechless
how God Himself cried,
while I gathered
the sorrowful weeping
that from His face was running down.
I saw His face raised,
full of sovereignty!
His pained gaze
fading in the heights;
and simultaneously
along His divine cheeks
tears slid that soaked Him
while He was saying to the Father:
“Neither do they know You!”
Father, as You willed,
“nor do they know Me…!”;
being His soul plunged
in immense bitternesses,
because the world did not know
the reason for His sufferings,
nor the weeping that I saw
shrouded quietly
the God of the Eucharist. […]
I heard only these words…!
But then I well understood
all that into my chest was engraved;
since His mission I knew
through the communications
that He in my interior placed
throughout the years,
and I in silence lived! […]
I saw, there, at that mount,
while trembling and surprised,
that from the face of Jesus
many tears fell…! […]
I have seen that God wept…!
and down His face ran,
tears of the God, who became Man,
which said in themselves,
in a saying without words
that in sobs He repressed,
turned towards His Eternal Father:
the world knew not
the transcendent mystery
that He came to tell us
from the Bosom of that Father,

with whom He always lived
at the height of the Heavens
in divine company
–for being Himself the Majesty,
of exalted Sovereignty
of infinite transcendence–
for centuries that never end
and that never began…!
because there was no beginning
in which, being the Coeternal One,
He existed in His beginning,
without any other beginning than
He being Himself,
always being Itself such and been,
the Subsistence coeternal
and received from the Father.
Eve of Christ the King…!
How much God suffered…! […]
But something surprised me
that I could not express it
no matter how hard I tried
throughout my days:
seeing that it was the twentieth century
for which Christ suffered…!
He lived all times
at the time that He lived:
But to me He presented Himself
with His pained soul
at a sublime moment
in which He suffered in His life
for the men of this century,
in the way that He had
to live each instant
that men would live
in the passing of time
which in Himself He contained.
And I, without being able to say
what, without seeing it, I saw…!
It is difficult to express,
that which I grasped,
when I contemplated, adoringly,
how my Jesus suffered,
prostrate at that mount
and throughout His life,
all my sorrows and joys,
keeping me united to Him,
living with me now
the time that I was living.
I knew that it was the twentieth century!
what plunged the Christ
in that deep suffering
of terrible agonies,
that even made Him burst,
due to all that He saw,
into such a sorrowful weeping
for there was no room for more sorrow,
although in the Word of Life
there is always room for more.
“Neither they know You, nor Me,”
Father…, God said.
And I without knowing the way
how I would console Him…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

An extract from the poem “Jesus at the side of the mount”. Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 11

Note.- Click here to download the unabridged version of the extract:  “Jesus at the side of the mount”.

Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “GOD IS INFINITE MERCY WHO POURS HIMSELF UPON US MEN AT THE INCARNATION”, recorded on August 20th, 1992 (press PLAY):


Jesus, what pain within Your soul! Each one of us is a wound according to the dimension of the capacity of Your love. How well have I understood today what each and every moment of Your life meant! What greatness! What such a deep yearning for the ones You loved! How lonely without all of them! (19-9-74)
What’s wrong, my God…? –I feel the pangs of love at seeing Myself scorned by My own people! (11-11-59)
How hard it is to see Christ so lonely and unknown, Himself being so much love and so much unloved…! Jesus, we do not want You to be so hurt by the lack of love, and that is why, with the Holy Spirit and Our Lady, we love You. (21-1-75)