We know how the Lord makes use of the most varied ways to imprint on the soul His communications and to bestow His Wisdom on us.

The abundance of the divine Mercy becomes evident in this autobiographic narration through an apparently justified reaction of Mother Trinidad, and a circumstance that she lived in her youth that has remained engraved in her for her whole life.


From the Father’s Bosom,
in the impulse and the love of the Holy Spirit,
through Christ’s open side,
Who infinitely atones to the Thrice Holy offended God
the torrential affluents of divinity overflow
in redeeming compassion on fallen Humanity


God, “because He is Love and loves and is Love and is able to,” overflows in outpouring of infinite, coeternal and Trinitarian mercy on the baseness of our limitation and misery, so divinely that we are able to call God “Father” in right properly, through Christ, being grafted onto the Word of Life. […]

The bigger the misery, the greater and overabundant mercy of reparation before God, and greater overabundance of grace for our souls. […]

How holy God is and how good! who, without needing anything in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, because He has His infinite possibility infinitely been and possessed in His act of being in familiar intercommunication of Trinitarian life; through a benevolence of His coeternal power in realization finished in and through the mystery of the Incarnation, rejoices in making us happy, poor human creatures come out of His hands by a wish of His will brimming with tenderness in an overflow of compassionate and merciful love.

How gloriously God wants to manifest outwards how good He is overflowing in infinite mercy to man! –although He would be equally good if He did not do it, since God is not good essentially for what He does, but for what He is and how He is– bringing forth an almost impossible way for Himself: “Emmanuel, God with us,” who, nailed on the cross and hanging from a log, exclaims: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.” […]

And a terrible responsibility that of man! not only for the “no” of the sin of our First Parents, but for not taking advantage of the Source of the infinite mercy that gives Himself to us in and through Christ’s Redemption; and despising it and even outraging it, he rebels in such inconceivable and unimaginable way against the only true God, that He gives Himself to us, in an overflow of mercy, by means of the price of the Blood of His only Son, Jesus Christ His Envoy, shed on the altar of the cross; taking advantage of the infinite mercy and outraging the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. […]

Being Christ the sublime Portent of God’s mercy, who is and encloses in Himself, by His divine Person, the atoned for Divinity, and, in His human nature, the infinite reparation to the offended Holiness of God; and He is the Restorer of humanity through the price of His divine Blood in a Canticle of praise to the excellence of God and of merciful compassion bursting in blood through all pores, as expiatory victim who, in bloody Redemption, fills to the brim and saturates with Divinity everyone who wants to avail himself of His Blood shed down on the altar of the cross for the remission of sins. […]

And full of gratefulness to the merciful three times Holy God, I need to tell in a simple and spontaneous way what happened to me, being still very young, when I was selling at the shoe shop of my parents.
Therefore I next quote this fragment of a writing of the 8th of May of 1997.

“ One day, […] when some wretched looseliving women entered our shoe shop, immediately I began to serve to them, so that my brother Antonio would not have to do it.
And the poor things began speaking in a very shameless way, making many roguish remarks to one another, and saying coarse words.

Whereat, I, indignant, ran hastily to the back room where my brother was, and as though with much religious dignity –poor me!–, I said to him:

– ‘In our house and in our shoe shop, since we have the image of the Sacred Heart placed at the centre of the shoe shop, we cannot al low anyone to speak this way! Therefore, right now! I go off and send them away.’

While my brother, with the same dignity and religious pride as I, told me:

– ‘Throw them out, let them go away from our house.’

And when I came out swiftly from the back room to send them off, telling them –with what I believed was a holy pride– that in our house, so religious and so decent! one could not speak that way…; oh! […] what happened to me: a phrase was engraved in the innermost and most recondite depths of my spirit that, as long as this poor daughter of the Church lives, I will never be able to forget: ‘For them I have shed all my Blood…’

Whereat, stopping dead, I quickly returned where my brother was, saying to him deeply contrite and impressed:

– ‘Antonio… for them Jesus has shed all His Blood…’

My brother, not knowing the reason of my change of attitude, answered to me very bluntly: ‘send them off! let them go away! let them go away…!’

Entering the shoe shop again, deeply affected because it was not a little or a small drop, no, but all the Blood of Jesus that had been shed for each one of them! I felt so much love…! so much understanding…! so much ten derness…! that, if Jesus had been the one there, I could not have served Him better.
So that I experienced the desire to throw myself at their feet and, embracing them, kiss them […]; I who have always been so clean and ‘scrupulous,’ with the dirty and sweaty that, sometimes, the clients had their feet…! But, at the thought that Jesus had shed all His Blood for each of those wretched women I felt I was consumed with tenderness and love towards them.

This being for all my life a most profound lesson that the Lord gave to my soul, so that I might understand and excuse human fragility, and love the souls as He loved them; because, for each and everyone, Jesus had shed, not a very little nor a drop, but all of His most holy Blood in Redemption of merciful love!”

[…] I also want to manifest what God Himself, the other day, showed to me imprinting it in my spirit: something as beautiful as difficult to explain because of the magnitude and the greatness of all that I penetrated overcome by joy in the Holy Spirit.


“I contemplated the Eternal Father in the heights of His sovereign majesty, overflowing with loving fatherhood; as though with His arms open, and bowed in an outpouring over Christ on the cross.

And from the open Father’s loving Bosom, flowed, as though gushing uncontrollably, as though torrents of affluents overflowing with Divinity, His merciful love over Christ, the Great Christ of all times. […]

And through the most holy breast of the Infinite Incarnate Word, flowed, from the affluent of the infinite Springs of the Father, everything that, from the height of His untouchable holiness, in a shedding of love and infinite mercy, poured over Him in torrential waterfalls of self-giving to man. […]

The loving self-giving of infinite mercy gushed uncontrollably and over-flowingly from the Father’s bosom to Christ’s breast; and from the breast of Christ, nailed on the cross between God and man, spread over all humanity; Therefore it was necessary propose to receive, at the feet of the crucified Son of God, with open soul, the fruit of Redemption, as a self-giving of the sublime God spilling Himself!.” […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “God restores the fallen man, in Christ and through Christ, in the womb of the White Virgin, who through the romance of the Holy Spirit’s love, breaks into divine Motherhood”, recorded on November 17th, 1994 (press PLAY):

When I asked God, why He humbled Himself so humbly, I understood only one answer: “Because I am love and I can do so; because I am love and I love.” (15‐9‐76)
My God, in the face of my powerlessness for not being able to utter You, what a relief does my soul feel on seeing that You Yourself in Yourself, through Your Word, utter Yourself the way You are, in such a burning Love of perfect and personal charity! (26-9-63)
God is Himself love; and when He wants to tell us of His love by loving us, Christ appears on the scene in such a amazing manifestation of self-giving, that He dies uttering these words: “All is accomplished.” A loving fulfilment, in its expression bathed in blood, tells us how God loves us when He explains how He is Himself love. (15‐9‐76)