The present writing deals again with the same theme of the previous week. We can see in its exposition -above all in the unabridged version, which you can download at the end of the post- with the charity of the Holy Spirit, which the wrong behaviours and the necessary reforms to be done are in order to bring back to the face of the Church Her brilliance and beauty.

She also explains, abiding in the divine thought, the reason for the need of the charismas and of the Church´s Institutions. One can thus understand what “The Work of the Church” is inside the Church: It is the work that God has willed to make Himself, personally, to manifest the mystery of the Church; this is the reason for so many gifts and so complete communications.


“Each one in the Church has a proper specific mission”


The Church is one. And in order to distribute the tight unity of Her life and to reach each and everyone, She dispersed Herself, not in thought, not in life, not in criterion, but in the apostolic mission, to spread throughout the whole world. […]

All have to live the life of God in the unity of the Holy Spirit; but not all have to do the same thing, nor in the same circumstances, manners and ways; but rather, within the same Church, diocese or parish, each living and vivifying member of Christ’s Mystical Body possesses his specific gift given by God, by means of which he must exercise his particular ministry; but each and everyone with the same obligation and responsibility, according to his own vocation, fulfilling his mission in the bosom of this Holy Mother in relation to God and to men. […]

The Bishop, as Shepherd of the diocesan community, is the person responsible for running all of it, relying on his priests to carry out all that is entrusted to him. […]

The priest is in the Church the one charged by God with distributing, through the Sacraments and the preaching of the word, the divine gifts, as well as to make responsible each one of the christians who surround him, in his apostolic work. […]

And in the passing of the centuries, in order to help the Church cover Her apostolic needs and manifest more abundantly Her richness, Her life and Her mission, […] God raises Founders, who emerge moved, under the charity and the impulse of the Holy Spirit, by the spiritual and material needs of each time and all that the christian People, fulfilling the commandment of love, needs to live and to manifest for the benefit of all the members of the Mystical Body of Christ. […]

Also God always willed, in His loving and infinite design, in the life of the Church with Her apostolic and missionary mission, to have before Him souls that, totally dedicated to contemplation, would live praying “between the porch and the altar” (Jl 2, 17) and would offer the immolation of their lives in the daily sacrifice for the praise of the divine glory and, through the mystery of the communion of the saints, for the vitalization of the People of God; […]

And also all those called directly to the apostolic life, have to live and to work always under the outflow of the intimate and prolonged contact with God, who makes us live our divine filiation being faithful witnesses to Jesus Christ in the midst of the world through the life and the word, according to the petition of Jesus: “I do not ask that You take them out of the world but that You keep them from the evil one.” (Jn 17, 9-11) […]

Let us not believe that the lay person does not need to know God, to live Him and to communicate Him. He, within the Church, has a mystical and universal priesthood, capable of reaching all men of all times by means of his priestly posture “between the porch and the altar,” receiving the Infinite and communicating Him, being a witness in the midst of the world through his life and his word. […]

What a great need we have of holy shepherds and priests who know how to give each of us the supernatural outlook to guide the way of life of each Christian so that we may be able to fulfil God’s will, individually and collectively, in the bosom of the Church, of the diocese, of the parishes and of a diversity of communities; becoming extensive to all men through the universal mission that Christ gave His Church, under the will of the Father and the impulse and the love of the Holy Spirit! […]

She being, as the Lord also made me see on the 23rd day of January of 1971, as a “fortified tower”! unshakable! invincible! terribly immense! above everything created! So beautiful that She was capable of maddening God Himself with love because of “the beauty of Her face,” the spring of Her life, Her splendorous mission, Her bleeding pain and Her repletion with Divinity; sliding down from Her divine and royal Head, throughout all His Mystical Body, soaking It “like precious ointment on the head, running down upon the beard of Aaron, upon the collar of his robe.” (Ps 133, 2) […]

The Church is a mystery of unity, since God created us all that we might live on Him and with Him, on His same life, and so that, grafted into Christ, like the vine shoots into the grapevine, we would live united also among us in communication of spiritual goods, and, consequently, material.

Therefore all members of the Church we have to renounce our personal ways; and each one with his particular and own charisma, received by the will of the Father, the Word of the Son, under the impulse and the strength of the Holy Spirit, has to join the Successor of Saint Peter and our beloved Bishops; and, together with them, form, in a mutual and most unique assistance, the great family of the children of God in the universal bosom of the Holy Mother Church; endeavouring to aim at the greatest unity of criterion in the overabundance of the diversity of apostolates that may encompass everybody and fill and brim the whole Holy People of God. […]

And the Church will appear as She is: One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic, united under the staff of the Good Shepherd, who, like Christ: “I will lay down My life for the sheep.” (Jn 10, 15) […]

And this will be the way in which all men on earth may come to drink and to live in the great banquet of the Head of the Household, that is being celebrated in the bosom of the pilgrim Church; in order to reunite later, as a triumphant Church, all Her children in the divine and most glorious Banquet of the eternal wedding of Christ with His Spouse, the New and Heavenly Jerusalem; where we will live eternally, intoning, in union with all the Saints and the Angels of God, the new canticle, the great canticle that God alone is able to sing to Himself; giving glory to the Father, glory to the Son and glory to the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing: “THE CHURCH, MYSTERY OF UNITY”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”
 Booklet n. 15)

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “The kindling clamour of my loving song to my Church of mine”, recorded on November 15th, 1994 (press PLAY):

The Bishops are to me in the Church the great Sacrament, because through them the Sacraments are extended and communicated to men. (15-11-68)
The priesthood of each one of us has its own proper style in the outpouring of the sacred anointment upon man, which, according to God’s will, occurs in one way or another for the realization of His eternal plan. (25-10-74)
I am Church, and, therefore, I love God and I seek all men to fill their souls with true justice and love. (17-12-76)