“Why does Mother Trinidad love so much the consecrated persons?” This was the question formulated by a nun upon seeing with pleasant surprise her burning love for all those who live their vocation of “God alone”. A vocation that completely fills the most demanding aspirations and desires of the soul.

Because they are the bride-souls of Christ, whom He loves with madness and frenzy!, that’s the answer. And to prove this love of predilection, Mother Trinidad has prepared a special booklet which includes two short writings that want to be a tribute to those who live totally consecrated to God. We will savour it along this “Year of Consecrated Life” proclaimed by Pope Francis, which begins on the First Sunday of Advent.

Let all consecrated persons live the great joy of being a happy and fruitful People. One People that reflects Christ in an eminent way and makes the beauty of the Church shine through its words and deeds.



“Leave what is not in order to start truly possessing”


         Who are the ones who go safer along the way to the Kingdom of Heavens? Those who do not look foranything other than God and, when reaching their term, all they had has been left in order to meet Him. Therefore the one who has nothing walks more agile and, at his term, has nothing to leave, only to possess. (14-9-74)

         The one who, on earth, has everything, has to renounce all to find God; that is why he who is poor, on having nothing, finds all in the fullness of the Infinite Being. (14-9-74)

         God leans down over the poor and the helpless, because, in the poverty of having nothing, there lies the sure and straight way for the possession of the Infinite. (14-9-74)

         He who, on having all earthly things, thinks to be in the fullness of their possession, is the poorest of all, because he has no space for the Infinite Being, who is the only richness that can fully satisfy the cravings of our heart. (14-9-74)

         If I have God, I have everything in the whole of His possession, in the fullness of His life, in the plenitude of His happiness, in the richness of all He is. And, when I lose him, I find myself with my parched longings, in the emptiness of all that creatures contain for me. (14-9-74)

         God is my all; that is why, when I have something apart from Him, in that something, I am in the emptiness of the only Good. (16-7-71)

         Apart from God, I do not have any desire; and this is not for an emptiness of my being, who in God finds everything, but for the fullness of the divine will that fills me completely and makes me have everything in it, not needing anything, due to the fulfilment of my yearnings which seek only the savouring of God’s will fulfilled. (4-7-69)

         When I did not want anything earthly and sought the infinite richness from above, I found everything in God’s all; and, with His possession, I satiated my torturing yearnings for happiness, richness, love and fullness which the infinite Being had fashioned in me, only to possess Him. (14-9-74)

         God was born in a manger, without anything, being the infinite All. He died on the cross, without anything, redeeming us with the power of His eternal love. Thus He wanted to tangibly manifest to us that, in the emptiness of all that exists here, there lies the fullness of the possession of God. (14-9-74)

         There, in God’s all, everything will we possess without desiring anything. (10-8-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)