Why do you want to go to Heaven? Because you will be happy, of course. But, have you ever thought about what it will be exactly our happiness there? When we contemplate God in His light, in His greatness, in the wonder of His being, our greatest joy will be precisely that very greatness. This truth is so real that we will break with the angels and saints into a hymn of praise to God, and we will be joined to Him in an embrace of joyful adoration. That is to say, we will rejoice in the fact that God is what He is.

What if you could have now, here on earth, that same happiness…? Wouldn’t you run after it?

In this writing, Mother Trinidad teaches us the “formula for happiness” on earth and in Heaven: pure love. How fine, how deep and how true is to love God like that!




“Let us rejoice In the fact that God is What he is”


Eternity is the act of pure love, lived by God in the eternal intercommunication of the three divine Persons

God has His infinite joy in the perfect possession of Himself, being Himself in Him what He is Himself in one most blissful and Trinitarian act. […]

Eternity has the centre of its joy and the fullness of its beatitude in the fact that God is what He is and the way He is so. Because just as God, for the perfection of His nature, cannot essentially rejoice in anything apart from Himself, thus the soul, on finding itself in the participation of the very Infinite One, becomes adhered to Him in its way of seeing, in its way of feeling, in its way of rejoicing. God gives the soul His Gaze to look at Him, His Expression to sing Him, and His love to love Him. […]

And given that God essentially cannot rejoice but in what He is by the infinite perfection He encloses within Himself, even though He has also infinite capacity to infinitely rejoice, man, on being placed before God, […] feels replenished and overflows with the infinite inebriation that the contemplation of the eternal perfection grants him.

And, oh surprise! such a great mystery is performed: the creature, with its little mind accustomed to taking delight in created things, before the contemplation of the Supreme Good, in such possession of compete fullness, at that very instant of entering Eternity, is converted into an act of pure love that finds the plenitude and happiness of its joy in the fact that God is what He is through Himself. […]

God is as great and infinite as He is goodness, love, communication. And the greater we consider and see Him, the greater our joy will be, the joy that will be granted to us by contemplating God being what He is through Himself.

We will have a second joy in Eternity, this being that we will rejoice in the fact that God is in our soul, Himself being possessed and possessing it.

But even this very joy has two parts. The first one belongs to the essential joy, and it consists in rejoicing in the fact that God is being what He is in the soul, not because He is in the soul, but rather because He is Himself so and possesses us according to His will.

And the second part… Can there be a second part in the joy of the blessed? Can man, when contemplating God, turn around to rejoice in anything on his own? Is God so poor that He cannot totally fill us? No! What happens is that our mind is so tiny, that here on earth, when talking about possessing the Infinite One, if I do not present a joy in which man may be the main actor, his selfish mind on being accustomed to living for himself and by the bodily senses, on understanding everything in a human way, it seems that man remains empty; not understanding with his shallow outlook that there can be something greater than himself or that he can rejoice in somebody else’s joy, to the point of forgetting completely about himself. […]

God is infinite Gaze, eternal Contemplation, in such a rich and plentiful fruitfulness, that He breaks forth begetting in an outburst of such expressive Wisdom, that the infinite Explanation of this eternal Wisdom is one person. And this Person, the eternal Word, is so infinite, is such Explanation, that it is the whole infinite perfection in the eternal spelling out of itself. And this perfection of infinite Wisdom that breaks into Explanation between the Father and the Son, is such a perfect adherence and infinite intercommunication, that it gives rise, in perfect joy of eternal wisdom, to the infinite love in a Person Love, the Holy Spirit.

And God, being Himself like this and having His joy in His Trinitarian and personal way of being, gives us all He is, not for us to be so, because that is what makes God be Himself what He is and that is intrinsically His, but for us to possess it, and by becoming one with Him, we may rejoice in Him. […]

Today my soul wants to be a hymn of praise to God’s glory, due to the attraction I feel within me to rejoice always in the fact that He is happy, to seek always and only His happiness, to strive that all those who surround me may be repose for God. […]

When we try that people rejoice in the fact that God is what He is, we are giving them the greatest happiness, making them fulfil their end, […]

Thank you, Lord, because this feeling –You know it very well– is the breathing of my being […]. Thank you, Lord; thank you, Lord; thank you, Lord…! Thank you for Your way of being and acting, eternal, perfect and happy!

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing:“Let us rejoice In the fact that God is What he is”. Original Spanish Title: “Gocémonos en que Dios sea lo que es”.


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