The power of the images with which the Lord communicates Himself, and the impact that such communications impress on the soul, strongly characterized the messages and the manner to communicate them.

To avoid souls losing God everything seems insufficient to her, and this is why she tirelessly seeks the adequate ways for the beauty of the Church to be known, for God to be glorified and for souls to discover “the path of life” in all its transcendence and drama.


“They were falling into the Abyss…!”


What a mystery before the majestic discovery which the light of faith, full of hope and charity, received in Baptism through the life of grace, opens to my distressed heart…! What a dazzle of truth, plenitude and life…! What a communication of love and pouring forth…! What impulses of hope in swift soaring towards the encounter with the beyond…! […]

I know God, I understand His mysteries, I penetrate into His thought, I uncover His plan, I know His way of being and doing, and I feel worn out by the confusion and the desolation that, in dread of darkness, shroud the Church… […]

What does it matter to those who have not discovered the luminous thoughts of God…?! What does it matter that the Church shroud Her weeping amid sobs, if those who are not Church, with a furious and sarcastic guffaw at an apparent triumph that today is and tomorrow will sink into the hair-raising failure of death and desperation, go about hastily in the baneful task of Her destruction…?! […]

Today my being is sunken, and on the move as though lost, collapsed and terrified, along the hasty way of the encounter with the Father…

Yes… the way…!! My soul has surprised, in one moment, with the speed of a flash of lightning, penetrated by the light of the divine thought, a path that crossed before me: The path that leads all men to the blissful term of the light, of the peace and of love… […]

The exile is the way that leads us to Eternity. God, in His eternal plan, created us for Him, solely and exclusively for Him! so that, possessing Him, we might enter into His life, we might live on His happiness in the possession of His infinite joy, in the most blissful participation in His plenitude. And, with the affection and tenderness of a Father, He placed us on life’s journey, through which all, without interruption, would go to Him. […]

This is the real sense of life’s journey that God determined for each and everyone of us; but sin, rebellion, the “I will not serve You” of our first Parents in the earthly Paradise, stood in the way and brought about a “gap” in the term of our journey, between Heaven and earth, between the creature and the Creator, between life and death; where the Abyss lies, hair-raising consequence of the “I will not serve You” of Lucifer. An Abyss so unfathomable, so deep, and so insurmountable between earth and Heaven, which made it impossible for all men to introduce themselves gracefully, at the end of their pilgrimage along life’s journey, into the sumptuous and glorious mansions of Eternity. […]

But God, in His eternal wisdom, full of tenderness and compassion, wanted to establish again His friendship with men. The Infinite Love felt impelled in merciful compassion towards fallen man, in such a way that the Father sent His Only Begotten Son who, in and by the plenitude of His Priesthood, suspended over the Abyss, between God and men, extended His arms and, by the exercise of the plenitude of His Priesthood, letting out a heartrending cry of love and mercy, hanging between Heaven and earth, He exclaimed: “Come to Me, for I will introduce you into the Kingdom of Love”; not before opening wide again with the fruit of His bloody passion and His glorious resurrection, with His five wounds, the wide Gates of the Heavenly Jerusalem. […]

What is life…? A twinklingof an eye in the vertiginous race towards Eternity. […]

Only one meaning have I seen to the life of man: to run gracefully towards the goal in order to meet in the end with Christ and This One crucified and glorious by the triumph of His resurrection, and to be introduced by Him into the joy of the Father. […]

When arriving at that border, towards which vertiginously we go hastily, at the end of life –O surprise full of astonishment!– I discovered that some stopped suddenly: they are those who still are in time to reflect, those who, at the end of their journey in their vertiginous race, have discovered a flash of light.

Others, O horror!, in their vertiginous race, in their wild obstinacy, in their unconscientious wandering, fall into the Abyss –which was opened for Lucifer and his followers for their rebellion of “I will not serve You”– with the speed and shaking of a flash of lightning, disappearing in the chilling depths of the hollows of the open volcano, full of terrible howls out of the eternal desperation from knowing that they have fallen there without being able to stop, either to go back or to return, and forever!

And how they fell…! They fell…! They fell…! among anguished howls of death and of unimaginable desperation in that bottomless darkness… in that unfathomable Abyss, at which my soul, swift and terrified, tried to look; but could not see the end thereto, on account of its tenebrous and profound darkness…

They were falling into the Abyss…!

Whereas those who went with their gaze set on God, those who ran looking for the certain and safe path of the divine will coming to the frontiers of the Abyss, crossed it under the shade of the Omnipotent and the breeze of His proximity, passing in lordly manner, as in flight, over the unfathomable Abyss which, lying in the way to the life’s journey, separates us from the Light… […]

And this Abyss one has to cross it flying, with eagle wings that may ensure us a safe crossing to the mansion of Love… […]

How clearly I contemplated, grasping it under the luminaries of the suns of the divine thought, that the Abyss is hell where foolish men fall at the end of their vertiginous race, for saying “no” to God in their cry of rebellion in inconceivable impudence against the Creator!

The eagle wings are the supernatural outlook, the search for God, the fitting into His plan, and charity, the Sacraments, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, that make us move through earth as though flying without getting dirty in its mud; enabling us to run above the created things, with burning eyes, capable of discovering the eternal wisdom. Because the wisdom of God in the soul that possesses it, is like lighted flames, like arrows driven by love and like a sharpened arrow that lodging into the innermost depth of the being, penetrates the whole life of man, revealing to him the truth about the divine plan and providing him with the strength he needs to follow Him to the end. […]

We all race at the same speed, although not all will come to the same end, even though the end that God willed for all of us is the same; but only those can attain to it who, living on the supernatural through the life of grace and under the impetus of the Holy Spirit, have wings, and wings of golden eagles, that make them capable of crossing over the unfathomable Abyss that exists between life and death, between earth and Heaven. […]

How short is the way…! What a speed that of its wayfarers…! What a foolishness that of the immense majority of those that walk through it…!

Beloved soul, open your wings and widen the spirit, because God is close…!

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
An extract from the writing “Life’s journey”. Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom”  Booklet n. 13

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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad, “My sixtieth birthday”, recorded on February 10th, 1989 (press PLAY):

God wants you to totally fulfil the mission He has commissioned your soul, and to the extent that you do so, you will fulfil your being Church and you will be Christ; yet you will only achieve this through a deep and true spirit of abnegation that will make you die to all earthily things to live only from Him, for Him and for souls. (6-1-64)
Our first parents had it all and, in the possibility God gave them of adhering to Him with love or reject Him, they said “no” to Him. (9-1-65)
Terror…! What a bottomless Abyss that of condemnation…! He who falls into it will never be able to get out of the deep depths of the crevices of its bosom! (1-10-72)