It is reasonable to ask oneself how the soul-Church receives loving wisdom. The answer is obvious: in its life of prayer and in its life of familial intimacy with God. That is why whoever knows and lives the dogma in a lively way, is also an excellent master of the spiritual life.

To understand that our need to pray and to live in intimacy with God is just a reflection of God’s desires to be with us means to live on divine wisdom. This is what we live for our being Church. And this is common living for everyone.


“God’s speech in Himself and for Himself,
and in outward manifestation of loving wisdom”


The life of God is a mystery of infinite conversation uttered by the Father, where everything is said in the plethoric exuberance of the Expression of the Word, so savourily, delightfully and restfully, that all the power been and possessed of the eternal Being by Himself breaking into fecundity of infinite and loving fatherhood is spelled out and savoured, without words from the here, in the substantial Word that wells up from the Father’s bosom, in glares of holiness, in an inexhaustible spring of conversation.

God is Himself to be able Himself to utter in His infinitely perfect, eternal and encompassed need to express Himself. But a Word that, by virtue of the perfection of His infinite explanation, has it all said in the outburst of wisdom which, flowing from the Father’s bosom, breaks into eternal and personal Saying through the Word: the Singing Word in consubstantial spelling out of infinite infinitude of attributes and perfections.[…]

All is already said in the Bosom-Love through a Word, eternal and infinite, of so much affluence that, being a Person, is Speech of God… […]

O if I were to say somehow, with my poor accent and in my coarse voice, what I glimpse when, transcended, God breaks into voices within my grasp…! […]

For I perceive the action of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, in the perfect oneness of their acting and in the personal and particular way of each one of the divine Persons. […]

And as marvellous the action of the Eternal One is in the marrow of the spirit, so marvellous also is the grasp that He instils into the profound and recondite depths of the soul in order to distinguish what the divine Persons say or do in the interior, each one in His way of being, of doing and of manifesting Himself. […]

And I know it because God manifests it to me and tells it to me, without words and without conversations of the here, in a saying whereby all that He is, lives and wants to communicate to me is worked and realized within me. […]

The action of God in the soul is a conversation that, penetrating us with His wisdom in the marrow of the spirit, gradually teaches us His way of being and of doing, enabling us to grasp Him. […]

God does not say anything in the way of the here; He makes Himself felt in passing by of Eternity. […]

How many times God wants to have His colloquies with the soul…! And He kisses it in the transcendent way of His coeternal and virginal perfection, infinitely distant and different from all things of the here… He feasts it… loves it… penetrates it… beautifies it, bedecks it… bejewels it… shrouds it, ennobles it and saturates it… rocks it in His lulling and caresses it in His bosom… […]

Mysteries between God and the soul, between the human creature and the Creator, between the All and the nothing…! […]

And these “footsteps” of the Being in the mystery of His passing by, kissing and alighting, that are most divers in their ways, manners and styles; are always a communication spirit to spirit in lovingly known wisdom, that gradually teaches the bride the saying, in mysterious acting, of her divine Consort… […]

And I wish, my Lord, to listen in my times before the tabernacle to Your Infinite Word, among veils, in this sublime and Heavenly manner in which You have willed to communicate Yourself to men…! […]

Because it is God who speaks to it –for in the tabernacle lies the Being–, and well does it perceive Him… for it is God Himself become man and hidden in the mystery of the Eucharist…! […]

And the soul-Church that lives on faith, full of hope and kindled in the burning and delightful flames of the Holy Spirit; in the recondite recesses of her heart, where God dwells in secret of mystery, and in savouring of loving communication in intimacy with the God of the Sacrament, close to the foot of the tabernacle; listens to eternal conversations at the proximity in passing by of the Infinite One in divine silences… that launches it, full of hope, into its tireless search towards the encounter with Him whom it loves. […]

That is why, give me, Lord, Your Thought to know You, Your Word to express You and Your Love to love You; and thus I will be able to fulfil, under the light of the Holy Spirit and the power that invades me, Your command inscribed in my soul and engraved, marked and sealed as though by fire in the deepest recesses of my heart:
“Go and tell it…!” “This is for all…!”[…]

I know Christ’s speech in the tabernacle, behind the sweet silence of the Eucharist, and the motherly conversation of Our Lady all White of the Incarnation sheltering my soul in Her loving bosom; as the song of the Holy Mother Church, immaculate Bride of the Lamb, in Her splendour full of holiness and refulgent with beauty, and the heartrending lament of Her painful sorrow piercing the inner being of my soul in the depth of my chest.

But what I do not know how to tell to others is how these communicative “conversations” between God and my soul are, because the infinite action of the Eternal Being does not fit into the human word…

That is why, the repose of my life is havened silently in my priestly posture, for, prostrating myself in reverent adoration, it makes me receive God; and, responding to Him, to repair for His insulted and offended infinite Holiness and to communicate Him to others in a repose of love; returning, in my universal mission, with the men of all times who have been, are and will be, to the Infinite Being as a hymn of praise and of glory that rejoices in that God is Himself in Himself, by Himself and for Himself, all that He can be, been, enjoyed and possessed, in infinite Conversation in copious eternal stream of flowing happiness. […]

Mother Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia
“GOD’S SPEECH IN HIMSELF AND FOR HIMSELF, AND IN OUTWARD MANIFESTATION OF LOVING WISDOM”(Collection “Light in the night -The mystery of faith given with loving wisdom” Booklet n. 16)
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Fragment of the video of Mother Trinidad “Living in perfection”, recorded on September 10th, 1988 (press PLAY):

God is Himself the concentrated perfection in sapiently loving communication in His Divine Family; and, as He is, He communicates and manifests Himself outwards; Himself being understood only by those who, penetrating with the light of the Holy Spirit into His way of being and acting, discover Him and are able to manifest Him in His mystery. (15-9-76)
God’s speech in the soul, is the infusion of His divine wisdom into the innermost part of our being, enlightening our understanding of the whys and wherefores of His being and acting. (19-4-77)
The infinite Word, in His utterance, gradually fashions Himself within the soul in the concert of His melody, saying nothing to the soul in the earthly manner, but with the most savouring “sound” and “murmur” of His sacred conversation. (18-8-73)