God’s promises are always fulfilled, He is faithful and can never fail. So, if anybody wants to know of companionship, affection, closeness and fullness, let them embrace God within their souls, for it’s there where He has pleasantly fixed His abode.

There is a kind loneliness that consists in a pernicious individualism which God doesn’t want us to live; which is why “he who loves me will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and We will come to him and make our home with him”, that is, we will make one fellowship together with him: It’s not a dream! This is the real meaning of living with God and of God without measure, simply a foretaste of Eternity.




El «respirar» del Dios vivo en la hondura del alma


         Those who have not savoured God, feel Him to be distant because they never came to know of His company; and as they feel Him to be, so they communicate Him, misleading others. (22-6-68)

         Those who have savoured God, know that He is nearer than their very selves, because they perceived Him in the innermost recesses of the spirit; and even though at times they might not feel Him, they know, in a knowledge that is life, that God dwells within ourselves. This is knowing God or of God; everything else are cold ideas that make Him distant and strange. (22-6-68)

         How sacred it is to know, in silent savouring, that the Eternal He-Who-Is dwells in us and we in Him, through our participation in all that He is, in our tiny soul! (31-3-75)

        To me God is the living God; so much so, that I perceive His “breathing” within my soul. (3-10-74)

        I feel God as if He were “breathing” within me, and so much do I perceive this, that had I never heard about God, I would have believed in Him and would have known He is inside me, because I feel His “breathing” in my spiritual innermost being, through the loving action of His breathless beat of life. (3-10-74)

        What sweet mystery, always having Love so nearby, feeling the “breathing” of His breast and the sheltering caress of His deep gaze full of expressive mysteries, which are a gift requesting a response! Because God requests, from the one to whom He gives Himself, a response to His gift. (25-4-75)

         With Your right hand You show Yourself to me and with Your left hand You sustain me; show Yourself to me, Lord, for I am faint with love! I want to hear Your voice and to see Your face, I want to listen to the throbbing of Your breast… I want to perceive the “breathing” of Your being Yourself Life in the deepness of Your coeternal communication… (17-7-75)

         God “breathes” in the innermost depths of the spirit, being the living God who is alive the one leisurely resting within us. (4-10-74)

         How sweet it is to feel the “breathing” of the Eternal in the depths of the soul or in my silent tabernacle! Feeling His “breath” is a mystery of encounter, it is to know, through veils, of the living God. (3-10-74)

Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia,

From the book “Frutos de oración” (Fruits of prayer)

Immaculate Conception statue. Saint Mary Magdalen Parish in Dos Hermanas (Seville), town where Madre Trinidad was born.

My Model


     An incomparable model…!
I saw it;
and in sparkles of purity
I contemplated it,
with a bearing so simple,
as to enrapture
my subdued look
in her modesty.

     It was She, the Lady,
in simplicity,
who, as a delicate Child,
showed me
the model that, in her bearing,
I discovered.

     She was Virgin and She was a Child in love,
who showed, in her purity
overflowing with splendour,
the blush of a maiden
by the affectionate breeze
of Love.

     It was She, it was Mary
without doubting,
who said to me, in the model of her bearing,

     Since then I had been wanting
to imitate,
throughout my life,
her innocence,
that captured,
when I was a child,
my attention,
when I knew that She was the model
that I ought to imitate.

     She was a Child, She was a Virgin,
simpler than a flower.
And that was my model,
I don’t doubt it;

     The Lord showed it to me,
in the first years
of my gift.


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia.