Pure and unconditional love for God and, through Him, for all men is the overpowering force that shatters the petty logic of the world with its calculations. The cross – which very often we dodge but that everyone carries upon himself – becomes the greatest trophy for the soul in love. It is the very same proof God Himself chose in order to give us His ultimate demonstration of love and it is on the Cross where we are expected to reciprocate His gift with our love.

“Love requires crucifixion, and suffering increases love .”



The most precious gift for the soul in love is the cross of Christ, where He gives us His glory. (6-4-67)

The cross is the kingdom of love for those of us who seek and love Christ crucified. (22-4-75)

How can we say we really love, when we become frightened over the pain of the person loved and abandon him in his agonizing solitude? (16-8-77)

Love needs to give the Lord the ut¬most, and this, while we are on earth, is demon¬strated by remaining on Calvary with the divine Crucified. (1-2-64)

The triumph of love is the cross, since only on it is the love to the beloved person demonstrated. (16-8-77)


The greatest joy of the soul in love is to be able to suffer somehow for and with the beloved person. (6-4-67)

Do you say you love and flee from pain? Sorry, dear soul, you are getting confused. Love requires crucifixion, and suffer¬ing increases love. (30-10-61)

The bread of those who love is on the cross, where Infinite Love was given to us in blood-stained form to take us with Him. (14-4-67)

Thank You, Lord, for making me partici¬pate in Your agonies, solitudes, incomprehen¬sions and sorrows of death. Thank You, my Jesus, thank You! (22-4-75)


Madre Trinidad de la Santa Madre Iglesia